Character theft and abuse

Okay so today I found out that “themidnightkeron” on instagram/webstagram and more people associated with them have drawn and roleplayed characters of “The Devil Fish Tribe”, there’s even horrible fanfiction that mischaracterizes our characters.

I am the creator and owner of Pirarah and Venini and do NOT approve of these people using and making fanworks of my characters. The problem is that I do not understand how these sites works but really want the works in question taken down immediately.

How the hell do I tell these people off?


One of my favorite abilities in Psychonauts is Clairvoyance, which lets you look through another character’s eyes, usually to see how they view Raz. I sorta did a similar thing, but it’s always from the same character’s point of view.

The first is of Inkla, occasionallyeldritch’s jackal gal, from the POV of one of my older OCs (Egyptian god kind of dude). The rest are Hikiki’s, FOR NOW


This is me screwing around in Photoshop CS2’s gallery of FILTERS.

I’ve never personally used any of the filters, but some of them give nice effects…keyword being “some”. It takes a lot of toying with.

The first slide is the original, done with airbrush/brush combo in SAI.

CS2 filters [left to right]: Watercolor, Posterize, Paint Daub, Angled Strokes, Crosshatch, Ocean Ripple, PLASTIC WRAP

Which is your favorite? Personally, I really like how Paint Daub came out. :D

Character Solidifying Sunday

Okay it’s Sunday again and my buddies decided to do this thing so I’ll jump on the bandwagon this week too. 

Here’s my characters, I guess I forgot to add in Kinunu, but I’ll do that next time, kinda busy atm.


 Part of the DFT, a Keronian/Piranha hybrid teen who due to the terrible conditions he was brought in has a bit more of a child-like mentality than others his age. Quiet and thoughtful but also responsible when the times call for it, especially when his big brother figure Nagogo drags him along on some stupid adventure.

Venini: Another DFT member who is generally a bit of an ice queen but can also be rather fierce if angered (which she often is). She’s the “law upholder” on the ship and makes sure that others does their work and doesn’t break the rules (WELL SHE TRIES). She’s very protective of the crew though, even if she sometimes steps over the line herself, something that she’s been working on fixing. May or may not have a sort of love-hate relationship with a certain bumblebee look-a-like. (the may or may not part is actually kind of silly since we’ve been calling it the “citrus ship” for years and it’s one of the established OTPs of the DFT).

Taikoko: This guy’s a bit trickier, he’s the most “normal” Keronian I have and it’s a sort of dual-verse thing whether or not he remains so. In either case he’s a pretty laid back 18 year old with some family issues (not to bad, he just disappointed them by purposefully failing at the military training and getting discharged), and for now he’s living on his own while trying to figure out what road in life to take. He is also a fairly talented drummer, a hobby that he loves, and has a caffeine addiction that keeps him awake for days on end until he eventually crashes hard. Also he is the only one of my Keronians that has natural hair instead of wearing a hat like the specie traditionally does.

Alternate universe for Taikoko is the above plus a sort of dormant supernatural side in him being a raijin to-be, though his powers are severely limited at this point and he doesn’t really know much about the mythological aspects of the world or himself.


Only one in this category for now would be Osamu, my koi hengeyokai sorcerer. His goal in life is to find a way to become a true dragon, but is interested in pretty much anything dragon-related he comes across. I guess you could say he tries to be one of the more serious people of the group but isn’t really succeeding well at it as he’s too easily bothered/annoyed/angered by most things that his crewmates does (especially a certain frog). He is supposedly a childhood acquaintance of Stella, Kazak, Morgan, Pompeii and Belgarath, though their ages probably differ wildly. Hengeyokai also age slower than humans in general so he’s 45 but probably around the early 20s of a human. Also he may or may not have a weakness for cute puppies/dogs, it’s still up in the air.

And that’s pretty much it for now I suppose.