Character theft and abuse

Okay so today I found out that “themidnightkeron” on instagram/webstagram and more people associated with them have drawn and roleplayed characters of “The Devil Fish Tribe”, there’s even horrible fanfiction that mischaracterizes our characters.

I am the creator and owner of Pirarah and Venini and do NOT approve of these people using and making fanworks of my characters. The problem is that I do not understand how these sites works but really want the works in question taken down immediately.

How the hell do I tell these people off?


One of my favorite abilities in Psychonauts is Clairvoyance, which lets you look through another character’s eyes, usually to see how they view Raz. I sorta did a similar thing, but it’s always from the same character’s point of view.

The first is of Inkla, occasionallyeldritch’s jackal gal, from the POV of one of my older OCs (Egyptian god kind of dude). The rest are Hikiki’s, FOR NOW


This is me screwing around in Photoshop CS2’s gallery of FILTERS.

I’ve never personally used any of the filters, but some of them give nice effects…keyword being “some”. It takes a lot of toying with.

The first slide is the original, done with airbrush/brush combo in SAI.

CS2 filters [left to right]: Watercolor, Posterize, Paint Daub, Angled Strokes, Crosshatch, Ocean Ripple, PLASTIC WRAP

Which is your favorite? Personally, I really like how Paint Daub came out. :D