Piranha Plant Headcanon

((Male Piranha plants will produce varied species and colours of flowers depending on what region they hail from as well as subspecies. 

Example of region: a fire piranha plant may produce a five-petaled rose-like bloom if they live in the mushroom kingdom but a flower more reminiscent of a hibiscus if they are from Delfino.

Example of subspecies: An ice piranha plant might produce a Hellebore or Snowdrop whereas an Inky piranha plant might produce a form of lilly (I say lilly due to them often dripping nectar)

Males will show their flowers as a male beta fish might use it’s tail, to show sexual prowess or maturity. However, a young piranha plant might still blossom but more as a sign of contentment or even stress.

Female piranha plants do not produce flowers as the males do but are often the larger of these species, much like a snake.))

((As some of you might remember I made a pair of twin Piranha Plants a few months back and had a whole blog set up for them. I recently deleted that blog though, because I didn’t want the burden of trying to run two blogs at once. However, I still love them dearly and have other plans for them, so keep an eye out! ♥))