piramide of giza

A man rowing on the Nile River with a gorgeous backdrop, the Giza Necropolis, 1900s. This complex of ancient monuments includes the three pyramid complexes known as the Great Pyramids, the massive sculpture known as the Great Sphinx, several cemeteries, a workers’ village and an industrial complex. The arrangement of the pyramids is a disputed representation of the Orion constellation in the Orion Correlation Theory.

A late nineteenth century photo of the partially excavated Great Sphinx of Giza, with the Pyramid of Khafre (left) and the Great Pyramid of Giza (right) behind it. The Great Sphinx started being excavated in 1817 AD. Its paws are already covered in restoration stones from Roman times and its head is obviously too small in relation to the size of the body, indicating it was re-carved at least once.