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Yeah, I’m a streetlight, chillin’ in the heat! I illuminate the stories of the people in the street. Some have happy endings, some are bittersweet. But I know them all and that’s what makes my life complete. We’re home!

in the heights au: everything is the same except sonny is actually invited to ninas dinner


Piragua (Reprise) performed by David Baida (National Tour cast)

In The Heights Fact #2 :

After Daniela says “¡Ay Por favor! Vanessa don’t pretend that Usnavi is your friend, we all know that he looooooves you!” The Piragua guy says “Te cogieron”, wich is the Latino equivalent to a “Turn Down For What” (the literal translation is “She fucked you up”).

So yeah, the piraguero swears and swears like a sailor. 


Turns out in Mexico “Te cogieron” means something completly different that it does on Puerto Rico (in P.R It means “Busted”) ¿Netaaa? I Didn’t know that Te Cogieron means a different thing in different countries. Turns out that again, something really normal in a country can mean something really  dirty in other (just like Straw or Seashell).

Thanks @arinsaffron

I think “I cried at the (reprise)” is the perfect summary of my life.

In the Heights Characters on Halloween
  • Usnavi: Tries very hard to throw a Halloween party so he can invite Vanessa
  • Vanessa: Looks amazing in every costume. Really, give her a sheet and she'll look great.
  • Nina: Finds a very scary and impressive costume
  • Sonny: Takes Halloween VERY seriously. Plans routes on maps of how to get the best candy, plans costume months in advance, and doesn't tell anyone but Pete what he's going as. When he does go, he's got the best costume in the state.
  • Pete: Just follows whatever Sonny's done and puts an artistic twist on it.
  • Benny: Finds a pretty cool costume and acts like Halloween isn't that big of a deal but deep down he is obsessed™ with it.
  • Carla: Finds the most adorable and flattering costume and goes trick or treating every single year, even though people think it's "immature" for people her age to do that.
  • Daniela: Dresses up with Carla against her will, and makes sure that Carla doesn't eat too much candy in one night because her sugar rushes are the absolute craziest. Once Carla woke up on a bench on 42nd street.
  • Piragua Guy: Gives out the BEST CANDY EVER MY GOD
Sorting Characters in Hogwarts Houses

•Usnavi — Hufflepuff, definitely
•Sonny — People think he is a Hufflepuff, Nope, he is a Ravenclaw
•Grafitti Pete — Slytherin, he is so ambitious, really
•Benny — Slytherin, “I’m the #1 Earner, the fastest learner”
•Vanessa — Gryffindor, just think about it.
•Carla — Hufflepuff (maybe Slytherin, is she a Slytherpuff?) “Dani…What would Jesus Do?”
•Daniela — Slytherin “Carla, DO I LOOK LIKE JESUS TO YOU?”
•Piragua Guy — Most people think he is a Hufflepuff, Nope, he is a Gryffindor, I know it deep in my heart.

[This is Just my opinion, ugh]

In the Heights characters and sleep

Pete: Doesn’t sleep a lot. Doesn’t really feel the need to. He always sleeps with music blasting super loud. Sleeps at the weirdest hours, not nearly a full night, generally a lot during the afternoon.

Usnavi: Twitches a lot in his sleep, breathes weird, makes little sounds like a tiny animal, a squirrel or something. Wakes up very early, morning person more by habit than natural predisposition.

Piragua guy: Always a smile on his face even in sleep. Excellent sleeper, always wakes up super early and perfectly rested.

Claudia: Sleeps in a tiny ball, rolled into herself, like a baby. Old people style, she doesn’t need a lot of sleep and often just knits in the middle of the night, or watches TV novellas.

Kevin: Extremely heavy sleeper. Snores very loudly too. Impossible to wake up, would sleep through a hurricane.

Camila: Complete opposite. Wakes up if a fly scratches itself three floors below. Often grumpily leaves their bed to go sleep on the couch because Kevin’s snoring is too loud. Cannot stand any clock in the room. Very grumpy in the morning.

Daniela: Rumor is that she doesn’t even need sleep. No one has ever seen her sleep, heard her talk about sleep. Does she sleep? Who knows.

Carla: Needs very little sleep, she’s just a little ball of sunshine and energy. Super morning person, just finds ten things to do before going to work. Drools a little bit in her sleep.

Sonny: Loooooves to sleep. Loves to sleep late. Sleeps in the most ridiculous positions, all sprawled out across the bed, kicks in his sleep if he shares your bed.

Benny: Very consistent sleeper. Falls asleep face down, lies there like a lug for maybe 7 hours, does not move, does not snore, does nothing at all. Just sleep. When he’s had enough rest he stands up and is completely ready for the day, he has basically zero sluggish time. Morning person.

Vanessa: Doesn’t necessarily love sleeping, but hates being awake. Sleeps late if she can, very grumpy in the morning. Talks in her sleep, the most random things, sometimes violent stuff. NOT a morning person whatsoever.

Nina: Horrible sleeper. Has had insomnia since early childhood, can never sleep a full night. Tired during the day but pushes through. Neither morning person or night person, just kinda middle of the afternoon person.