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Yeah, I’m a streetlight, chillin’ in the heat! I illuminate the stories of the people in the street. Some have happy endings, some are bittersweet. But I know them all and that’s what makes my life complete. We’re home!

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although weirdly enough out of all the people i can remember pete interacting with in the show, as far as i can tell, hes only taller than sonny and daniela,, which is weird to think about, he just seems really tall because he literally only stands by tiny tiny sonny

even so! he’s the perfect height,,

the perfect height difference for hugs and forehead kisses,, how lucky we all are

I think “I cried at the (reprise)” is the perfect summary of my life.

In The Heights Fact #2 :

After Daniela says “¡Ay Por favor! Vanessa don’t pretend that Usnavi is your friend, we all know that he looooooves you!” The Piragua guy says “Te cogieron”, wich is the Latino equivalent to a “Turn Down For What” (the literal translation is “She fucked you up”).

So yeah, the piraguero swears and swears like a sailor. 


Turns out in Mexico “Te cogieron” means something completly different that it does on Puerto Rico (in P.R It means “Busted”) ¿Netaaa? I Didn’t know that Te Cogieron means a different thing in different countries. Turns out that again, something really normal in a country can mean something really  dirty in other (just like Straw or Seashell).

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In the Heights Characters as things I heard in my high school theatre class
  • Usnavi: "I can't wait to graduate." *at graduation* "I'M NOT READY TO GRADUATE!"
  • Abuela Claudia: "You're all smart and I believe in all of you"
  • Benny: "Yeah, I speak Spanish. Bonjour bitch."
  • Vanessa: "Boys are dumb. Trains are cool."
  • Nina: "Is it okay if I do homework while we run lines? I can do both at once."
  • Sonny: "I'm starting to think I'm the only one who gives a shit about anybody else."
  • Carla: "Your hair is a disaster. We should just cut it all off and start over."
  • Daniela: "I don't like to talk about people, but he fucked my sister and that's messed up."
  • Kevin: "You look like you haven't slept in 8 months."
  • Camila: "Somebody around here has to get shit done."
  • Graffiti Pete: "This set looks like shit. Your spray paint game is weak."
  • Piragua Guy: "You'd all fall apart without me."

Yeah, some say I got the hood sanitized
They only scandalized, they ain’t never seen Hispanic guys
Without smackin’ their wives or packin’ knives,
Or havin’ real lives. I went online just to analyze

The rate of crime up in Washington Heights?
Yo the crime rate’s twice as high on the Upper East Side
[No!] Yeah! That shit was astoundin’ to me. I ain’t
Never seen no slangin’ or bangin’ in Woody Allen movies

Do me a favor, set the beef to the side
Is it alright for me to rep my people with pride?
Kids to see Latinos in a positive light?
For tourists to ride up to Washington Heights
Without lockin’ they car doors tight? Maybe buyin’

A piragua from the guy, you know, the man on the side of
Riverside Drive, and seein’ life through his eyes, he’s just
Like you and I, he’s just tryin’ to get by, he’s just
Tryin’ to move up and out and get in here

I want you to hear the music that I hear

Sorting Characters in Hogwarts Houses

•Usnavi — Hufflepuff, definitely
•Sonny — People think he is a Hufflepuff, Nope, he is a Ravenclaw
•Grafitti Pete — Slytherin, he is so ambitious, really
•Benny — Slytherin, “I’m the #1 Earner, the fastest learner”
•Vanessa — Gryffindor, just think about it.
•Carla — Hufflepuff (maybe Slytherin, is she a Slytherpuff?) “Dani…What would Jesus Do?”
•Daniela — Slytherin “Carla, DO I LOOK LIKE JESUS TO YOU?”
•Piragua Guy — Most people think he is a Hufflepuff, Nope, he is a Gryffindor, I know it deep in my heart.

[This is Just my opinion, ugh]

some musical asks

Serious: whats the biggest misunderstanding to ever happen between you and a significant other/friend/family member

Blood In The Water: who was the worse teacher you’ve ever had and why?

Take It Like A Man: whats the weirdest/most outrageous thing you’ve ever done/agreed to in order to impress someone you really admired?

I Love Play Rehearsal: are you/have you ever been in theater? if so what was your favorite experience about being a part of theater?

Two-Player Game: who is the one person that you know will always have your back and stick by your side when it matters most?

The Pants Song: have you ever forgiven someone whose hurt you in order to help them/be there for them? did they deserve to be forgiven? 

You and me (But Mostly Me): are you a team player or do you prefer to work alone? why?

Turn It Off: is there something in your life you’ve chosen to ignore instead of dealing with head on? what was it (only if your comfortable saying)?

Making Things Up Again: Whats the wildest lie you’ve ever told? why did you lie about it? did people ever find out?

I’m Breaking Down: how good are you at handling upsetting/stressful situations? what’s your go to coping mechanism?

The Thrill Of First Love: Have you ever been in love? Did you ever tell/date this person? how did it turn out?

The Baseball Game: how bad/good are you at flirting? Whats the cheesiest thing you’ve ever said to someone you were crushing on?

God, I Hate Shakespeare: Have you ever envied someone for their accomplishments? If so how did you deal with those feelings?

Will Power: Have you ever met a famous person you really admire? how did it go? If not, who is one person you’d love to meet and how do you think you’d react upon meeting them?

Piragua: have you ever been in a feud with someone? what did y’all do to try and one up one another?

The Club: Have you ever been to a party? was it fun or an absolute disaster? why?

Blackout: whats one of the scariest situations you’ve ever been in?

in the heights ask meme

(these might be a little personal!)

  1. In the Heights- How do you usually wake up? What’s your routine?
  2. Breathe- When was the last time you were really stressed? Bonus Points if t’s on revealing something
  3. Benny’s Dispatch- Have you ever been seen/heard on TV or Radio?
  4. It Won’t be Long Now- What’s a nice feature of where you live or where you want to live?
  5. Inútil- Is there something evidently common in your family?
  6. No Me Diga- What’s the funniest/juiciest piece of gossip you’ve ever gotten?
  7. 96,000- What would you do if you got $96,000?
  8. Paciencia y Fe- Do you have a motto you live by?
  9. When you’re Home- Where’s your hometown? Did you move away? If so, did you ever go back?
  10. Piragua- What’s your favorite beverage to drink when it’s hot?
  11. The Club- Have you ever been the awkward date at a party/club?
  12. Blackout- What would you do if your town lost power?
  13. Sunrise- Does anyone you know speak Spanish? Do they teach you terms? Or are you the one that knows Spanish?
  14. Hundreds of Stories- How would you split your money if you needed to?
  15. Enough- Have you ever had to stop a fight? 
  16. Carnaval Del Barrio- What do you do when you’re bored? 
  17. Atención- Have you ever had to lose a loved one?
  18. Alabanza- How do you think people would react when you vanish?
  19. Everything I Know- Do you have any embarrassing pictures you’re willing to share?
  20. Piragua (Reprise)- What’s your favorite Reprise ever in any musical?
  21. Champagne- When has someone stood by their word/promise?
  22. When the Sun Goes Down- Have you ever had to deal with a Long-Distance relationship?
  23. Finale- Have you ever commissioned an artist? Did you like it?

in the heights au: everything is the same except sonny is actually invited to ninas dinner