‘Books are expensive’ has always been my least favorite of the excuses people use when they pirate books. 

Books are, in fact, the most cost effective form of entertainment we have today. In our economy, it’s frequently said that time equals money. If that’s true then let’s break it down. 

Concert Tickets = $120/Concert Time = 3-4 hours – $30-40/hour

Broadway Tickets = $50/Show Time = 2 hours – $25/hour

Movie Tickets = $15-20/Running Time = 1.5-2 hours –$7.50–13.50/hour

Cup of coffee at starbucks = $4.50/drinking time = 1 hour –$4.50/hour

One Young Adult Book (300 Pages) = 17.99/Reading time 5-10 hours – $1.80–3.60/hour

Plus, you get to keep a book forever. If you read it more than once the cost per hour goes down even more. 

So don’t complain that books are expensive. We drop money on these things that expire hours after we buy them and cost much more without a thought. So why do books take the bad rap? Don’t pirate. Buy your books. 

Tumblr: I have a million asks about whether or not I’ll be going on tour for the Raven King next spring, and if I’ll be going to x city or y state. 

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: how extensively Scholastic tours me for the series has to do with how profitable a tour/ the series will be. I don’t pay for tours. Scholastic does. Most authors don’t get to tour; the privilege of having your butt sent on the road is hard-won. Tour costs add up fast, even for someone who travels lean as I do — avocados eaten in the front seat of my own car sitting outside of an airbnb shack I’ve rented in lieu of a hotel.  As an author, seeing my readers — whether or not they’ve bought the latest book — is nice: it feels like a way to reward literary devotion. For a publisher? A tour is not a reward. They cannot afford rewards. They can afford business decisions. 

The TRC fandom here has grown hugely in the last year: my sales numbers haven’t. The tags are full of pirate copies. I’m tagged in posts with pirate copies. Guess what publishers look at when they make decisions? Not favs on Tumblr.

I make a buck or so off each copy sold. Scholastic uses the rest to run a company. And send me on tour. There’s a difference between selling enough books for me to pay my mortgage and selling enough books to make it profitable to send me on tour. I should bold that. I am going to bold that. Because I’m not trying to tell you that the future of the series is in your hands, buy! buy! buy! I’m only telling the readers who ask to see my face in Arizona, Boston, California, Minnesota, Maine, Florida, etc etc etc, that if you want this series to be huge enough for me to tour, you’ve gotta pay for your books. Because I run on whatever money comes to me and the joy of readers’ delight. Publishers run on numbers.  

ETA: because there is confusion in my inbox: libraries and publishers work in close concert — library copies are paid for and accounted for by publishers. Making them a good, free-for-you way to support a series. 

Far Cry 4, the latest entry in Ubisoft’s “setting things on fire in exotic places” series, has an option called Field of View Scaling that is more essential than it sounds – if the FOV level isn’t configured properly, something as simple as taking a ride on a scooter can turn into a drug-fueled nightmare. However, when the game was released on PC, some players noticed that this feature was mysteriously absent from their copy: If they went into the settings menu, an empty space would mock them from the spot where the FOV option should be.

Naturally, outraged players took to places like Reddit to lambast Ubisoft for this irresponsible oversight … just as the company planned it (this one time, anyway). Turns out the developers intentionally left out this option from the game, adding it on release day through an update patch only lawful players could get. The result? Pirates accidentally outing themselves and getting publicly shamed by Far Cry 4’s director on Twitter.

6 Hilarious Ways Game Designers Are Screwing Over Pirates

Last night’s ‘Game of Thrones’ was illegally downloaded 2.2 million times in 12 hours.

Congratulations, HBO. Game of Thrones is now the most-pirated TV show on the planet. This week’s episode beat the previous one-day record set by the series’ season four premiere, which registered 1.86 million separate illegal downloads within a 24-hour period following its air date. Not that HBO should be worried.

I want to be the MC. To have any Voltage Inc. MC’s life.from any game.

Not for the attractive men, or the convenient love stories. Not for her small frame, perfect body and general convention beauty. I don’t want her unique lifestyle or her job.

I want her friendships that seem to last foreverand help her through her ups and downs. I want a place I feel safe with a family and loved ones just as she always has or find. I want the feeling she has from being wanted, needed, and welcomed everywhere. I want my hard work noticed and appreciated for what it’s worth. I want the ability to know what to say no matter the situation. I want to know a love so profound as she learns.

But I think most of all, I want her problems. They are nothing compared to my real life beyond my phone. She doesn’t talk about having depression or anxiety or really any mental illness. She’s never had a panic attack or period of dissociation. She doesn’t go to the doctors every month check in or have to get evaluated by a team of psychiatrist for a diagnoses. She doesn’t take medication so that people find her tolerable and sane. She doesn’t cry herself to sleep because she had to fake a smile all day as to not worry those around her. She never does or even considers self harm. She doesn’t have a bad habits or coping skill like smoking, biting nails or over eating. She never think of what she would include in a suicide note or if she would like to leave one behind. She’s never suicidal or felt like she would die.

I’m terribly jealous of her that. And yet, I still want to be her and Voltage Inc. and other otome games give me that chance. I want to be her so bad I save pennies to justify rewarding myself by buying another route next month so for a few hours I may escape my world to try out her’s.

So when I hear there are people who are demanding free routes or asking for people to pirate them, I’m more upset. Voltage Inc. has done so much for me, and I can image so many other people all over the world. I am not poor, but I certainly don’t really have a disposable income to speak of. But I know every time I buy my $3.99 +tax CDN route that I’m giving back to the people who help me get through my day.

I know my less than 4 dollars is being spilt up between a group of hard workers who put tireless hours into something that has changed my life positively. That my little dent in my wallet is putting food on someone else’s table as compensation for their work.

I’m not going to make the point I’ve seen else where and tell someone not buy coffee for a day to be afford a route. I know if you’re anything like me, you never had the money to buy the coffee in the first place. I’m telling you there are other ways to go about it. Voltage Inc. Party routes, Sweet Cafe (bonus games everything you buy money, who wouldn’t do that), other otome games are available beyond Voltage Inc. which are amazing in their own right.

If people keep stealing from Voltage Inc., then they are stealing from my life to the little glimmer of hope every night as I read a chapter before bed. They steal every chance on the weekend I can queue up this blog with fandom inspired creations from people who love the stories too. They steal from me, from other fans of the Voltage Inc.brand and future fans. The more people steal from them, the more likely they well be forced charge more to make up for the losses or just stop business because their giving away free model is unprofitable.

Please, this is not a victimless crime. I’m not asking you to pity me or anyone. Just realize that every time you steal, demanding free or pirated games you are not just getting a free game, you are just pushing the costs elsewhere.

PSA to some of the people reblogging my Do Not Pirate post:

A game being subjectively “bad” in your opinion does not mean you get to pirate it. A game being sexist in your opinion does not mean you get to pirate it. A game having a “weak” protagonist does not mean you get to pirate it.

You are not entitled to the game. Period.

Hey pirates looking to stream live TV: Your prayers have been answered.

Monday morning, a streaming site called cCloud TV relaunched. Like the pirated-media-streaming app Popcorn Time but for live television, cCloud TV lets you stream up to 500 live channels from across the planet (with a few radio feeds mixed in). It sounds too good to be true, right? It’s real — and highly illegal.


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This “MultiForm3D” user on Etsy is ripping off my design and refuses to stop. I made this cubone skull design for fun and shared the file through thingiverse under a creative commons non-commercial license. This guy Alex Farlow downloaded it and violated the non-commercial rule by printing it out and selling them. I only found out because a friend on facebook shared a dorkly article that used to link to his store as if it was his creation! (thanks to dorkly for fixing that quickly) Then when I confronted him on etsy messages, he lied saying the license wasn’t non-commercial, then accused me of switching licenses to somehow try and swindle him?

He is stealing my art and selling it! I don’t have money for lawyers and Etsy said they wont stop him unless I do DMCA takedown notices and that would expose me to legal liability? I don’t even have enough money to see doctors I’m like really struggling and this guy is getting rich off my hobby?!

Of course I do not want to have a business relationship with someone who lies to me and accuses me of effectively being a scammer! His store says at the time of writing 1,330 sales of all the things he prints and sells, so if this is one of the most popular he must be ripping me off a lot??

I love Nintendo and Pokemon and I don’t think it’s right to sell plastic toys based on their designs while Nintendo have financial difficulty, which is why I don’t sell this design myself. If you want one of these, get a friend with a 3D printer to do it for you, or if you don’t know any, you can upload the design to shapeways and order it yourself. Don’t give money to people who rip off indie artists like this guy!!

But he didn’t take it down - he just gouged out a couple of marks and left it up even at the same link. Then he changed the credits to lie and say that he got the model from ClassyGoat but it is clearly not classy’s version - classy’s isn’t hollow inside and isn’t smooth, is based on a different pokemon game and a completely different shape with a much bigger nose, and if it was hollowed out, classy’s cut out sections go much deeper than the one pictured on etsy.

This is really upsetting and I don’t think I want to upload anymore designs to thingiverse if this is what will happen. I can’t believe etsy is so happy to profit off this guy’s piracy. Fuck you etsy. Fuck you Alex Farlow.

In 1998, Hugo Chavez won the Venezuelan presidential elections, and our interviewee Juan Lopez got to learn what 14 years under a veritable dictatorship does to the gaming scene.

3 Shocking Things You Realize as a Gamer in a Dictatorship

#3. Most Games Are Straight-Up Illegal, So Piracy Is Rampant
In 2009, Wilmer Iglesias, a deputy for the National Assembly, supported a law prohibiting the development, circulation, and sale of toys and video games with violent content. Do you know how many games have some form of the seriously ambiguously worded “violent content”? … Shooters, fighting games, RPGs – all illegal. A retailer faces fines of up to 260,000 bolivares ($20,000 U.S.) and 5 years in prison if the authorities catch them selling banned games.

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anonymous asked:

Would you think less or look down on those who pirate books? I can't afford ebooks or an ereader and net galley won't approve me for books. Online PDFs are the only way for me to read...

You can get the Kindle app or Nook app for free, and a lot of books are only $1.99 and most of the classics are totally free, either there or on Project Gutenberg. Certain NetGalley publishers will approve literally anyone. I have a hard time believing it’s the only way to read. I’m not going to look down on you, but I’m not going to high-five you for pirating books—that’s a decision I will probably never agree with.

Trust me. I sympathize with not having money to throw around at the bookstore. I’m not on a book-buying ban because it’s fun; I’m on a book-buying ban so I can afford to feed myself. Ultimately it’s up to you but I’m not going to tell you it’s okay.

Freedom Flotilla Detained by Israel on International Waters
The ships were carrying humanitarian aid for Gaza.

The Israeli military intercepted the Freedom Flotilla on Sunday, on international waters, while it was trying to reach Gaza with much-needed humanitarian aid. 

The Israeli forces said it was a short operation free of any casualties. The boat has been seized by Israel and is currently en route to Ashdod port.  

Members of the Freedom Flotilla issued an SOS video-message from within the ship, Marianne, in which they warn that the crew has been unlawfully attacked by the Israeli army, calling upon activists and supporters to stay alert over their fate. 

“Don’t pirate! It’s against the law! uwu”

if the worst consequence of breaking a law is “i’ll get busted”, it’s a worthless law that deserves to be broken

murder is illegal because someone dies in the process. Physical theft is illegal because someone loses their stuff in the process. Piracy is illegal because ??? ??? bloated corporations and rich people want more money ???


The Infamous Dan Seavey, Pirate of Lake Michigan,

When one typically thinks of pirates, a peg legged, eye patched, Long John Silvers type Caribbean pirate comes to mind.  After the all the most famous pirates tend to follow the stereotype, Caribbean pirates such as Blackbeard, Bartholomew Roberts, Captain Kid, and Jack Rackham.  However pirates come from many different backgrounds and many different eras in history.  For example, around the 13th century BC large migrating groups of ancient Semitic and Indo-European sea raiders called the “sea peoples” sacked entire cities and looted empires with bronze weapons.  The Vikings were pirates too, raiding and looting as far north as Scandinavia and as far South as Egypt.  In the Indian Ocean today, pirates have traded in their cutlasses and flintlocks for assault rifles and RPGs, raiding large cargo ships such as the famous Maersk Alabama.

Like most other bodies of water, the Great Lakes too become a hotbed of piracy.  In the early 20th century a little known freshwater pirate named “Roaring” Dan Seavey earned a reputation as the greatest pirate on the Great Lakes.  Born in Portland, Maine in 1865, Seavey never seemed to have much luck as also of his business ventures failed miserably.  In 1898 he left his family in Milwaukee in search of fortune during the Great Klondike Gold Rush.  He returned as broke and broken as ever.  It was then that Seavey somehow acquired ownership of a schooner named Wanderer, originally built for the Pabst family of the Pabst Brewing Company.  At first Seavey was an honest man, transporting cargo across Lake Michigan with his ship, but then Seavey began to realize that he could make much more money by turning to crime and piracy.  While Lake Michigan might not seem as treasure filled as the Spanish Main, in reality there were a lot of riches to be had, as ships imported precious goods such as animal pelts and liquor from Canada, gold shipments between banks in Chicago and Michigan, and payroll shipments to the iron mines in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.

Between 1900 and 1908 Roaring Dan Seavey sailed across Lake Michigan, raiding and plundering with the law on his tail. At first Seavey would merely sneak into ports at night, stealing cargo from warehouses and docked ships.  Then he adopted a more aggressive approach, raiding and boarding ships in the open waters.  One of his most famous tactics was a trick called “moon cussing”, where he would alter the lights on his ships to look like guide lights, causing ships to crash on the rocks or become grounded on sandbars.  He would then forcefully board the ship, steal the cargo, and resell then cargo elsewhere.  Seavey also made money in other seedy trades such as smuggling bootleg liquor and believe it or not, illegal venison.  Some of his greatest profits were in illegal poaching and the smuggling of venison.  When  a company called Booth Fisheries tried to cut into the illegal venison trade, Seavey sank one of their ships with cannon, killing all on board.  Seavey was not a good man by any means, typically any women who were captured were sold into illegal prostitution, and there are stories that Seavey often abducted women from ports and isolated towns for profit.

In 1908 Seavey made his biggest score yet with the capture of the Nellie Johnson.  He and his fellow pirates plied the crew with whiskey and liquor.  When the men of the Nellie Johnson were good and drunk, he and his pirates threw them overboard and stole the ship.  The plunder of the Nellie Johnson was Seavey’s last big score, on September 8th, 1908, he and his men were arrested by the US Revenue Cutter Service (the precursor to the Coast Guard), and hauled in chains to Chicago for trial.  Amazingly, the prosecutors could make few of the charges stick, and when the owner of the Nellie Johnson failed to appear in court, the law had no choice but to set Seavey free.

After his arrest, Dan Seavey finally did go straight, ironically become a US Marshal in order to fight piracy and smuggling on the Great Lakes. He retired in the late 1920’s, and died in 1949 at the age of 84.