One of my favourite anecdotes about the first Golden Age of Piracy is that, at one point, Captain Henry Morgan left England in one ship, and arrived in the Caribbean commanding a completely different ship, and nobody knows why. What happened to the first ship and how he acquired the second one are entirely unrecorded.


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Please fire me. I was hired as a graphic designer and I was told before I started that they had all of the design software for me to use. On my first day, they told me they needed a poster designed by the end of the day. When I turned on the computer, all they had for me to use was Microsoft Paint.

Patron Reward: Toadie for Alex Garrison

A sultry, pirate-catboy Toadie, all growed up and ready to steal treasure and hearts alike. He’s got to pay for that wardrobe somehow! This one was a ton of fun to draw, especially that mane of hair.

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Final Fantasy XIV © Square Enix
Artwork © Shamine Athena King
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