Everything Is Going To Be Fine by Mattatatta

At long last, I have something to share with you all.

Yes, my top secret project has been creating artwork for HeyLasFas’ upcoming album, Destiny: A Tale of Unicorn Wings! This is the promotional poster, drawn entirely in scratch by myself with HeyLasFas providing the vision. I am also making the album’s cover, so when it releases, be sure to drop by here to view it, and then head over to bandcamp and grab yourself a 2-disc album of awesomeness! Full resolution provided on deviantArt, enjoy! Textless version in St.ash: Clicky

heylasfas and I were in the vendor hall yesterday at EFNW and we saw that a little girl was helping out at one of the booths and making cute drawings. Heylasfas had the idea to commission the girl, whose name is Ella, for a drawing of Pippywish. After a little wrestling with the internet, we gave her a reference and left her to work on it. We came back an hour later and were absolutely floored by her work. Her attention to detail is really good and thoughtful, and I especially love how cute and adorable Pippywish is. The mane, the little tufts, even the heartbeat lines I draw in eyes are present!

Pretty pone named Pippywish, ringing a bell for Xmas Hearth’s Warming.

Still WIP, since I’m only done with flats, but I love how she is looking right now.

Shout out to heylasfas, the first fan of Pippywish and afaik the only person who owns a plushie of her.

(There will be socks, I just wanted a no-socks alt to practice fluff and fetlocks with)

Enough doom and gloom, time for my honestly favourite thing to draw: CUTE PONES

Here, have a cute, festive Pippywish!

“I decided to help raise money for charity this year! It’s very cold most nights, but I get to ring the bell as much as I want so that makes it okay. When somepony drops a bit or two in the bowl I get so happy that I have to ring the bell even more!”

Well, no, not exactly.

Pippywish knew that there was once a pony who loved the night very much, and somehow, that pony found herself in the moon where she could gaze upon stars and planets and everything! She could even see what this planet looked like up there!

After learning that there was a pony living in the moon, young Pippywish spent many an afternoon playing make believe. With her friends, they played out daring adventures to the moon, divine teaparties with the mare that lived there, and always came down in their applejuice-powered lunar ship just as the schoolbell rang.

Oh, how wonderful would it be to actually meet her! The pony up there must know everything about the stars! Maybe she’d like to have a visitor who’d ask lots of questions? Maybe Pippywish could take her own telescope and stagaze on the surface of the moon - that sounds like so much fun!

The mare in the moon could be Pippywish’s best friend forever!


‘I’m not sure if you’ll want to meet her, Pippywish, she’s actually very, very mean' 

A few seconds of wriggling later, and the Earth pony’s head popped out from the duvet and plopped onto the pillow. As the door opened and light from the hall poured in, Pippywish shut her eyes and feigned being asleep.

The heavy hoofsteps immediately told her that her father was home now, but she didn’t move - it would give away the act!

Pippywish’s father, a plump but strong stallion, smiled at his fellow stargazer and gently brushed a stray lock of her mane from her face. He nuzzled her gently so he wouldn’t wake her, and then carefully plodded over to the window - avoiding the creaky floorboards as Pippywish noticed. A low thunk dropped onto the floor, followed by the stallion’s ‘hmph’ of approval, and a moment later Pippywish’s father walked out and closed the door behind him.

It wasn’t until Pippywish heard the last hoof leave the bottom of the stairs that she sat up in bed once more. She stared across to the window on the opposite wall, landing her gaze on the three little stars she could usually see from her bed. In a blink of an eye, a shooting star leapt between them and traced a purple streak in the sky. The little pony smiled, and then looked at what her papa had left behind.There, propped up against the window sill, was a box.

With a furrowed brow, Pippywish slipped out of bed and crept over to the box. The moonlight brought out the deep purple and gold colour scheme as near-black and pale yellow, and with a similar night-tinted sheen over the lettering, Pippywish quickly deciphered the text on the mystery box.

The Earth pony flung her hoof over her mouth before she could squeal in joy. Her father had given her a brand new telescope - the one that she had been told was too expensive for him to afford.

Taking this as a sign of divine intervention, Pippywish cast an excited and giddy look up to the moon, mouthing 'thank you’ to her new best friend. She looked back at the telescope and then out to the stars that would soon feel much closer to her now.

Light flickered in her room, and without knowing better Pippywish whirled around expecting to see that a falling star had landed in her room. She was wrong, and the light grew from behind her and then winked out with a metallic jingle.

Pippywish glanced back, seeing only the wall beside her window. Something was different, though, and it wasn’t until she stepped into the moonlight that she realised that it was her who was different.

She had earnt her Cutie Mark.

Pippywish’s stocky hooves could not hold her happiness back.