The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn x Reader

It was at the battle of Helm’s deep; Saruman’s army of Orc’s and Uruk-hai were getting closer and closer to the gate the separated the innocent from the evil. No one knew that you were a woman, and you intended for no one to find out. This was a battle for men; people who could fend for themselves. Well you were one of those people. It was no lie that you were horrified of what was to come, but as your father had taught you, “faithless is he who says farewell when the road darkens” your faith was important to you and you were not about to say goodbye without putting up a fight.

To comfort yourself you thought of your childhood home in Rivendell and all your childhood friends, many of which I grant you were elves, but there was one in particular who stood out among the rest; Aragorn. He much like yourself was orphaned from war and was raised by the elves that lived there. You often played together in the royal gardens as young children, to then later be lovingly scolded by Lord Elrond. You also trained with swords and bows that Lindir had lent the two of you as long as you both promised to behave.

As you two began to get older, you both started to notice deeper feelings for one another. It made you feel ashamed and embarrassed. How could Isildur’s heir, king of Gondor, return the same affections for you? Although you hadn’t known it, you were sent away to live with the elves of Lothlorien days before Aragorn could confess his feelings towards you.

The roar of enraged cave trolls brought you back to the calamitous battle that was going on around you. You heard a loud battle cry come afar and knew that it was your time to fight. You unsheathed your sword and pierced it into the chest of an orc that was climbing up a heavy iron latter. When most of the orcs were slain from the top of the gate, you decided to go out to the keep and help to destroy the Uruk-hai before they could enter into the city.

You slayed as many of the foul beasts as you could, but you were becoming exhausted and you did not know how much longer you could last; and that’s when it struck you. A large cave troll’s mace sent you flying into the stone wall, as you let out a loud cry of pain.

Aragorn pulled his blade from the orc as he heard a scream of agony. There is only one person he knew who had that scream and he could not believe his ears. He ran in the direction of the cry and found a man suited in armor being cornered in by an infuriated cave troll. This did not make sense to him; it could not possibly be her… it could not possibly be (Y/N).

Once the cave troll was killed Aragorn ran to the body that now lay limply up against the wall. As he turned the person over his eyes widened in shock and they began to tear.

“(Y/N)…” He breathed.
“Aragorn, I’m sorry…I was afraid…” You said as tears streamed down your face.
U-moe edaved (Y/N), everyone is afraid of battle, we will survive this.” He said searching your face for some kind of hope.

U bedin o gurth ne dagor” You said as your eyes began to close.
O man pedich?” He said worriedly.
“Loving you…Noro…save the others” You strained as it hurt to speak.
“I will not leave you to die (Y/N), Ci velethril nin” Aragorn said as he picked you up bridal style and carried you to the somewhat safety of the city walls, vowing to never let you leave him again.


U-moe edaved (there is nothing to forgive)
U bedin o gurth ne dagor (it is not death in battle that I speak)
O man pedich? (What do you speak of?)
Noro (run)
Ci velethril nin (you are my love – to a female)


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