She’s mine,” he said quietly, but viciously enough that Devlon and his warriors nearby heard. “And if any of you lay a hand on her, you lose that hand. And then you lose your head.” I tried not to shiver, as Cassian and Mor showed no reaction at all. “And once Feyre is done killing you,” Rhys smirked, “then I’ll grind your bones to dust.

(ACOMAF pg. 444)

GUYYSSS this is everything. The fact that Rhys is threatening them, and it sounds like he’d kick their asses if they hurt her

BUT THEN you realize he’s talking about Feyre and how she’ll be doing the ass kicking while he cheers her on from the sidelines

BECAUSE his mate is a BAMF and she is a weapon who can handle herself.

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Feysand Compliments
  • <p><b>Rhys:</b> Your lips are so gorgeous<p/><b>Feyre:</b> *Blank face*<p/><b>Rhys:</b> I can't stop looking at you<p/><b>Feyre:</b> *Blank face*<p/><b>Rhys:</b> Everyone in this room wants you<p/><b>Feyre:</b> *Blank face*<p/><b>Rhys:</b> Those clothes really suit you<p/><b>Feyre:</b> <p/><b></b> Then one day...<p/><b>Rhys:</b> "Am I supposed to deny," he drawled, but something sparked in those eyes, "that I find you attractive?" ( ACOMAF 367)<p/><b>Feyre:</b> "You've never said it." (ACOMAF 367)<p/><b>Rhys:</b> ........<p/></p>
Feyre and Mor Meet

“Feyre,” Rhys said smoothly, “meet my cousin, Morrigan. Mor, meet the lovely, charming, and open-minded Feyre.”

“I’ve heard so much about you,” she said, and I got to my feet, awkwardly jutting out my hand.

She ignored it and grabbed me into a bone-crushing hug.“

(ACOMAF, Pg.59)


Can we flashback to this moment for a second please? This is right after Rhys brings Feyre to the Night Court for the first time, when he took her from that horrible wedding.

And they are squabbling when Mor arrives to meet her. Rhys somewhat reluctantly introduces them but Mor is soo excited.

When Feyre offers to shake her hand, Mor just pulls her into a hug. It is the start of a beautiful friendship. Yet let’s think of why Mor is so happy to meet her.

When Rhys came home from Under the Mountain, Mor, his closest confidant finds him first. Before she can even embrace him, he blurts out ‘she’s my mate’.

It’s the only thing he can think of, and he is so broken as he tells Mor about this girl. The girl he let go, who loved his enemy. This star in the middle of his darkness.

So she is honest: she’s been waiting to meet the girl she’s heard so much about. The girl who stole her cousin’s heart. His mate.

Thus there was Mor, embracing this stranger like a pal, like family, because she knew what Feyre was to Rhys, even if Feyre didn’t know it herself.

And they would be the best of friends.

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Pine and Snow
  • References to Pine&Snow in the ToG Series:
  • The Assassin's Blade:
  • "She walked until a surprisingly cold breeze swept past her. She halted.
  • Slowly, Celaena turned north, toward the source of the breeze, which smelled of a faraway land she hadn’t seen in eight years. Pine and snow— a city still in winter’s grasp. She breathed it in, staring across the leagues of lonely, black ocean, seeing, somehow, that distant city that had once, long ago, been her home." (Pg. 44)
  • "Her trembling paused for a heartbeat. She knew that breeze.<p/> She knew the chill bite beneath it, knew it carried the hint of pine and snow, knew the mountains from which it hailed. A northern breeze, a breeze of Terrasen.
  • She must stand up.
  • Pine and snow and lazy, golden summers— a city of light and music in the shadow of the Staghorn Mountains. She must stand, or be broken before she even entered Endovier." (Epilogue)
  • Throne of Glass:
  • "Of all the things he could have said, that was what she had least expected. 'My freedom?' At the sound of the word, she saw a land of pine and snow, of sun-bleached cliffs and white-capped seas, a land where light was swallowed in the velvety green of bumps and hollows— a land that she had forgotten." (Pg. 15)
  • Heir of Fire:
  • "She didn’t open her eyes, but she breathed in the smell of him, the pine and snow, and her pain settled a bit." (Pg. 373)
  • "The scent of pine and snow wrapped around her, and she turned to find Rowan standing against a nearby tree. He’d been there for some time now, giving her space to work herself into exhaustion." (Pg. 423)
  • Queen of Shadows:
  • "Aedion palmed his fighting knives as the male’s scent hit him— unwashed, but with a hint of pine and snow. And then he smelled Aelin on the stranger, the scent complex and layered, woven into the male himself." (Pg. 232)
  • "She would not apologize, nor say it was her fault. Because his death wasn’t her fault. And tonight … tonight she would settle that debt.
  • She wiped at her face with the back of her sleeve and got to her feet. The sun dried her tears. She smelled the pine and snow before she heard him, and when she turned, Rowan stood a few feet away, staring at the headstone behind her.
  • 'He was—'
  • 'I know who he was to you,' Rowan said softly, and held out his hand. Not to take hers, but for a stone." (Pg. 327)
  • "The scent of pine and snow hit her, and she realized how they had survived the fall. Aelin got to her feet, swaying." (Pg. 574)
  • "And the smell— of pine and snow … How had she never realized that Rowan’s scent was of Terrasen, of home? Rowan came close enough to graze her shoulder and murmured, 'I feel as if I’ve been looking for this place my entire life.' ” (pg. 645)
  • Summary:
  • It all started the day she arrived in Endovier, when the scent of pine and snow reached her from the wind. It reminded her of her past, of home.
  • Years later when she met Rowan, she realized he had the same scent. He too, became home. He reminded her of her decision to survive even the darkest of times.
  • That comfort had been with her all along, from the beginning to the end.
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