the stars are out tonight and remind me of you
no one has ever stayed - no one has ever lasted,
just like these stars in our galaxy - the relationships burn out
some in a super nova explosion -
though most often they fade to a gentle dim - and vanish 
and just as we don’t notice the stars disappear for light years
we don’t realize the end we’ve reached for some time

this is what they remind me of
not so much the twinkle in your eye or the countless reasons i love you
but of the endings - of the deaths of something beautiful

i couldn’t cease my own wonder …
how long this time?
until you realize?
until you get stolen away from me?
until we explode in our own super nova?
or burn out slowly - before either of us notice?

i could only hope the life of this star was no shorter than my own
because you were the brightest star in my galaxy -
but the brightest prove closest to an end

—  galaxy; unshared after thoughts {a potential series of gay poetry between a. ham & j. laur}

Wanna good read? Then go check out Fallout: Zootopia. This incredible fanfic combines the alternate world of Fallout with Zootopia. And it is really interesting for those who have played the games and for those who haven’t. ( I haven’t, but it sure is captivating)
Check it out
*There is a maturity warning just as a heads up*

Title: 29 Years
Author(s): patchfire & raving_liberal
Artist: FreakingPotter
Pairing(s): Finn Hudson/Noah Puckerman, Finn Hudson/Rachel Berry, Noah Puckerman/Original Character(s)
Rating: E (Explicit)
Genre(s): Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Domestic
Warning(s): Violence, some homophobic language and internalized homophobia
Wordcount: 41,767
Summary: Nearly eleven years after believing they had parted ways for good, in the most hurtful and painful way possible, Finn and Puck lay eyes on one another again in an elementary school classroom in Santa Monica. Their daughters, Pips and Moxxie, instantly become best friends, forcing Finn and Puck to finally look at the ways they’ve hurt each other and the ways they can heal. Precocious Parent Trap–style matchmaking is just icing on the cake.

29 Years by patchfire & raving_liberal 
Digital Art by FreakingPotter

We’d like to thank everyone for another great year of the Fuckurt Big Bang. The writers and artists for this year’s bang produced a dozen fantastic new works for the Glee fandom. As we come to a close, participants are now welcome to crosspost their work.

The twelve final works submitted to this year’s Fuckurt Big Bang are: 

29 Years by patchfire & raving_liberal
41,767 words – Finn/Puck – E (Explicit)

Nearly eleven years after believing they had parted ways for good, in the most hurtful and painful way possible, Finn and Puck lay eyes on one another again in an elementary school classroom in Santa Monica. Their daughters, Pips and Moxxie, instantly become best friends, forcing Finn and Puck to finally look at the ways they’ve hurt each other and the ways they can heal. Precocious Parent Trap–style matchmaking is just icing on the cake.
Digital art by FreakingPotter

Battle Scars by AJ4668
47,648 words – Finn/Puck – E (Explicit)

Finn leaves the army with his mind, body, and soul shattered, and goes home to Lima to try to repair the damage. The only thing missing is Puck, who no one has seen or heard from for four years. When Finn searches for his long lost friend, he is surprised at what he finds but their love for one another may just be strong enough to heal them both.
Digital art by FreakingPotter

The Beat by Gleennui
9,883 words – Finn/Puck – E (explicit)

Puck’s rookie year with the Mets is equal parts exhilarating and terrifying, but it gets a little bit easier when he slowly starts up a relationship with brand-new beat writer Finn. Together, they navigate their feelings for each other in a public way that neither of them could have really prepared for, all while trying to prove that they both belong right where they are.
Graphics by raving_liberal

Roadside Attraction by patchfire & raving_liberal
20,520 words – Finn/Puck – M (Mature)

When Puck asked Finn to come with him to LA, Finn turned him down, and he still stands by that decision – but driving cross-country with Puck to help him move his stuff and then flying alone back to Lima doesn’t count as going with him, right? With the back of Puck’s jeep crammed full of all his belongings, Puck and Finn set off for California. Their carefully-mapped journey goes awry when Finn sees a flier at a rest stop for the Big Brain with Smart Lighting in Bloomington, Indiana. Their plan is further derailed when Puck insists it’s only fair that if Finn got to see the Big Brain, he gets to see the Giant Copper Indian. The Crookedest Street in the World, the McDonald’s Museum and Store #1, a series of questionable motels… The anticipated three day drive to California stretches beyond a week, and in the midst of hokey Americana and increasingly bizarre roadside attractions, Finn and Puck begin to realize that they’re both looking for reasons to delay the inevitable end.
Digital art by mapgirl

So Tyrannous and Rough in Proof by nubianamy
94,321 words – Kurt/Puck – E (Explicit)

Noah Puckerman is not only Kurt’s secret boyfriend, but he’s also an accomplished actor. When Kurt transfers to Dalton to avoid homophobic bullying, he has to decide if their relationship is worth the secrets he’s been asked to keep. (tl;dr: Love is complicated and messy.)

Suddenly!A Kidnapping Story by coincidental_penalties & watchforwalkers
10,792 words – Finn/Kurt – T (Teen and Up)

Finn and Kurt find themselves unexpectedly kidnapped and held hostage by two of the most inept separatists Ohio has to offer. From the old-fashioned use of ether to lack of bathroom provisions, the kidnappers provide ample opportunity for Kurt and Finn to turn the tables. Plots are foiled and secrets are revealed as the boys work to free themselves from this absurd situation.
 Fanmix by Gleennui

That’s Me in the Corner, That’s Me in the Spotlight by knittycat99
10,884 words – Kurt/Puck – T (Teen and Up)

Following a difficult junior year in high school, Kurt Hummel is ecstatic to be back at his summer home, Allegheny Theater Festival. He expects nine weeks of fun and hard work, but the past year has taken its toll. Noah Puckerman is the New Kid at Allegheny. An accidental actor, Noah attracts attention all over camp, but refuses to let anyone get too close. When Noah and Kurt are cast opposite each other in The Normal Heart, everything changes. As they grow closer, all the parts of their lives they’ve been trying to forget are suddenly staring them down every day in rehearsal. Living out fear and pain onstage may be great for their acting, but it might break them both in the process.
Fanmix by patchfire

This Life We’ve Got (It’s Good) by mapgirl
10,295 words – Finn/Puck – M (Mature)

Two boys, working hard through the ups and downs, good times and bad. It’s been a long road, but this life they’ve got - it’s good.

Time in a Tapestry by knittycat99 & nubianamy
19,026 words – Kurt/Puck – T (Teen and Up)

After Kurt confides in Puck at his dad’s wedding, Puck makes it his personal mission to rehabilitate Dave Karofsky. Kurt and Puck’s long-distance friendship is complicated by Kurt’s feelings for Finn, but even over time and distance, the three manage to find ways to stay connected.
Graphics by mapgirl

Two is Love, Three is Super by accio_remus
17,494 words – Finn/Kurt/Puck – M (Mature)

The night the particle accelerator at Star Labs exploded Noah Puckerman was outside cleaning pools. His new powers put him directly in the path of rookie cop Finn Hudson, who might just be what Puck and his partner Kurt have been looking for. Fanmix by Gleennui

Us Ones Inbetween by pletzel
49,779 words – Finn/Kurt – M (Mature)

When Rachel’s desperate attempts to gain admission to NYADA result in a restraining order, she’s forced to put her New York plans on hold and stay in Lima to coach Glee. At least that way, she’ll get to spend another year with Finn, and probably Kurt, too! Unfortunately for Rachel, Finn and Kurt are making New York plans of their own. Or: the Season 4 AU where Kurt and Finn are roommates in New York.
Fanmix by raving_liberal

have y'all seen that Kraft Mac and Cheese commercial where the kid stole all the pots and pans so his parents couldn’t have Mac n Cheese without him??

because can you just imagine

Thomas Jefferson sitting there during a cabinet meeting, “The last time I went to a cabinet meeting, my boyfriend had Kraft Mac and cheese without me.” Cut to Madison climbing up onto the counters back at home to search through cabinets, all of them empty, then back to Thomas dumping out a bag of pots and pans in front of Ham man and Washington. “So this time I took precautionary measures.”