2005 tv movie with Jemma Redgrave, Robson Green and Pippa Haywood. I got my hands on this hard to find DVD and then WHOOPS my hand slipped. Enjoy

  • Julie Dodson: I am lying next to a hot, steaming body.
  • Gill Murray: Oh, good god woman, keep your dirty little sexual fantasies to yourself!
  • Julie: Well I would Gill but I know it's the only excitement you get this side of Christmas.
  • Gill: Excuse me lady, I've got a toyboy!
  • Julie: Ah, yeah we've heard about this. You know your mother's paying him to go out with you don't ya?
  • Gill: Is that the stink of jealousy I detect?
  • Julie: No love, it's pity. That was you looking like a knob on the news the other night?
  • Gill: You're so funny I've just fallen over laughing. What d'you want anyway you fat arsed bitch?
  • Julie: Your radiant fragrant presence down here now. I've been instructed to liase. Why else would I lower the tone of my joyful existence by ringing you, you mad cow?