pippa art

practicing how to draw looks based on age w eliza :O!

I was thinking about doing more of those, of the other schuyler sisters and the sons of liberty and turn them into stickers


Its been a while since i did a portrait, i stopped bc i wanted to make the colors blend more smoothly than i previously did

But now, im pretty satisfied with the blending, the shading and everything

Here’s a portrait of Phillipa Soo from her new musical Amelie, hope you guys like it!

eliza in historical dress?? sign me up

Other War Portraits

I decided to draw 20 of my favorite queer girls to celebrate 1 year of marriage equality in the US!

A Great and Terrible Beauty is a marvelous book series featuring a lot of diverse issues in the Victorian era but most importantly it has QUEER LADIES. Pippa and Felicity broke my heart and I will never move on. 


A betrayal scene from my campaign. Happened off-screen with Pippa and Cassius; when the party found out, they were all so pissed at Cassius. It was fantastic. She was actually unconscious when the party kicked the cultists’ collective ass, but it’s whatever

(For context on the whole “come and get it” thing: Pippa has a pan flute necklace that can be used to call the party for aid, or vice versa, and she didn’t want Douchey McGlasses to ambush them with it lol.)