pippa art

practicing how to draw looks based on age w eliza :O!

I was thinking about doing more of those, of the other schuyler sisters and the sons of liberty and turn them into stickers

Hamilton Lockscreens and Wallpapers

I got some computer and phone wallpapers for y’all pls reblog or like if you’re gonna use them and also if you wanna request for one 

(you have to download i think for better resolution)

(Updated 11.18.17)


Its been a while since i did a portrait, i stopped bc i wanted to make the colors blend more smoothly than i previously did

But now, im pretty satisfied with the blending, the shading and everything

Here’s a portrait of Phillipa Soo from her new musical Amelie, hope you guys like it!

I decided to draw 20 of my favorite queer girls to celebrate 1 year of marriage equality in the US!

A Great and Terrible Beauty is a marvelous book series featuring a lot of diverse issues in the Victorian era but most importantly it has QUEER LADIES. Pippa and Felicity broke my heart and I will never move on. 

eliza in historical dress?? sign me up

Other War Portraits