Track 2- Pipotrons
Track 2- Pipotrons

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Well mister lyrical paragraphs your tracks make me laugh
You fronted a microphone, you didn’t pass math
In science, the main ingredient; to be the finest of the fittest
you did it and yo, I ain’t with it.

You failed all the lessons, wanna remain in the top ten?
Stop, look. and listen, give props to the light skinned
Knowledge is the key to be the best of a black man
Wisdom understands the ways of a Deutsch land

Devilish attitudes that really make me rude
It’s Friday the thirteenth, you’re all fuckin’ doomed
It’s Jason, and Michael Meyers, and Freddy all combined
You say we’re the savages, but look who eats swine

The pig, there’s only one vein in the body
I’m at the Hot Vocka and I want me a Swanee
Bring him along, I hear a bell, what the hell?
I’m tortured, the emcees, they promised not to tell!

Oh swell, I got too many styles you can get with
What’s up Doc? Like Bugs Bunny with his carrot
Sing him a song, I wanna rock about the babies
It won’t be long until you’re pushing up daisies.