pipita quedate

Pipita quédate.

Quédate por todos los madridistas que te apreciamos, amamos y respetamos. El Real Madrid es un equipo fuerte, pero si te vas, nunca va a ser el mismo. Tú nos has dado la felicidad con esos grandes goles, con esas grandes jugadas, que nos han hecho saltar, gritar y llorar de emoción, y estoy segura de que vas a seguir haciéndolo… Tal vez has perdido protagonismo, tal vez no has jugado mucho, pero cada vez que lo has hecho, has demostrado lo maravilloso que eres en el campo. Yo sé que si te vas, será una gran decepción para todos. No vamos a estar decepcionados contigo, vamos a estar decepcionados con el hecho de que te has ido… Queremos lo mejor para ti, pero sé que si te quedas vas a ser aún más feliz. Has demostrado el gran potencial que tienes durante estos 6 largos años en el equipo, y estoy segura de que puedes seguir mostrándolo. Sólo de pensar en que te puedes ir hace que mis ojos se cristalicen … Me gustaría que leyeses esto, porque tienes que saber lo mucho que te necesitamos... Pero creo que ya te diste cuenta, cuando el domingo en el Bernabeu gritamos cuánto queremos que te quedes… Así que por favor, escúchanos, y quédate.

Buenas nuevas...

Fede Higuaín nos trae buenas nuevas: 
“Mi hermano Gonzalo no se va a ir del Real Madrid”.
“Le dije a mi hermano que venga a Colón, acá va a pescar más que en Madrid, je”.
“Gonzalo está muy cómodo y super tranquilo en el Real Madrid donde es muy querido. Por el momento no se va a ir”.
“La prensa está muy desvirtuada. No todo lo que dicen los diarios es verdad”. Por la supuesta pelea de Mou con Gonzalo.

Nota realizada por Adriel Driusi [@adridriusi] esta tarde luego del entrenamiento de Colon de Santa Fe. La nota completa saldra mañana sábado.

With all the highs that come with supporting a successful football club, there are the inevitable lows. Naturally, the loss of an important game or trophy can send daggers through a supporter’s heart but there is truly nothing more heart breaking than the departure of a beloved player.

This evening’s game may have been all about Mourinho for the media, but for Madridistas it will be remembered as the final game of our much loved Pipita. 

I had hoped that this day would never come. Last season the Bernabeu persuaded him to stay but, alas, this year there has no been no such miracle and Gonzalo Higuain will leave Real Madrid this summer after a season of turmoil, both for himself and the club.

I firmly believe that Real Madrid has not done this player justice. He arrived with huge potential and lived up to that potential but somehow for the suits he was just never good enough. Apparently one league winning goal wasn’t enough, nor was a second in consecutive seasons and nor were the 55 goals he scored over the last two years.  

It is normal for a supporter to have favourites and for a long, long time, for me, that position was taken by the iconic Raul…and when Raul left, it was Higuain I turned to. Not Casillas, whom I had long adored, and not Sergio Ramos who fought and continues to fight incessantly for the team, but Higuain. He reminded me so much of Raul; he kept his head down, worked hard and scored goals. Important ones too. And he celebrated each one as if it were his first.

I remember his first game so clearly. It was just after he and Gago had arrived in Madrid, and all the hype was around Gago being the next Redondo; but it was Higuain who made an impact in his first game against Zaragoza, with a great assist to Ruud van Nistelrooy for the game’s only goal. His first goal didn’t come much later, this time across town against Atletico Madrid. A leap in the air in celebration was similar to the euphoria he showed after every one of his 122 goals for Real Madrid.

That first season, in the spring of 2007, he was still just a kid. A kid who would come off the bench and score wonder goals, and weren’t they just wondrous. It may have been at the very beginning of his career at Real Madrid but there is a moment, a goal, that remains in my heart forever and which I believe captures the essence of what he gave to every team and under every coach whilst at the Bernabeu.

On as a substitute in an enthralling game which would give Real Madrid pole position in the league fight against Barcelona, if they were to win. His team had come back from 2-0 and then 3-1 down against Espanyol to bring it level at 3-3 and in the dying minutes it looked as though the match was destined to finish equal. That is until Raul played what seemed like a lost ball to Higuain, who slid in to win the nothing ball, deliver a beautiful one-two pass with Jose Antonio Reyes and before anybody knew it, Pipita had put it in the back of net.

Never have I seen a celebration like it.

Higuain had stripped his white shirt off in elation and Ruud van Nistelrooy celebrated the moment by holding it aloft his head in front of the fans whilst Fabio Cannavaro was waving the corner flag in the air in celebration and Iker Casillas had sprinted the pitch to join his teammates in what seemed like, prematurely I must say, title celebrations. But it wasn’t a far off notion as the win would take Real Madrid to the top of the table for the very first time that season and it was not a position they would relinquish, going on to win their 30th title and Higuain first of three.

For me, it was a precious moment that ensured Gonzalo Higuain would remain in my heart forever.

He was often criticised for his poor finishing and begrudgingly I must agree. On many an occasion he would do all the hard work to get himself into a fabulous position with a brilliant chance to shoot, only to miss the target or force a save in a shot that should have gone no where other than the back of the net…but I often said to myself that I would rather have a player that got into the positions and missed occasionally that not appear at all. And he appeared plenty of times, scoring 122 goals in 266 games over the course of six and half seasons.

As he wore the captains armband tonight, I looked at him with pride and love but knowingness that whatever happened from here on in, it was unlikely I’d ever see him play in white again.

Gonzalo ‘Pipita’ Higuain, you have been a loyal servant to our great club and I wish you had felt more adored but believe me, you really were. Wherever your future endeavours take you, do us proud and never forget that we’ll always be here to welcome you home. It is with tears in my eyes that I accept your decision but the great moments will never fade - particularly the beautiful goal scored against Levante this spring, which I was privileged enough to witness from the upper tiers of the Bernabeu.

Muchas gracias Pipa y hasta pronto. 

Pipita quédate.

Stay for all the Madridistas who appreciate, love and respect you. Real Madrid is a strong team, but if you go, we’ll never be the same. You have given us happiness with those big goals, those big plays, that have made us jump, scream and cry of excitement, and I’m sure that you are going to continue doing it… Perhaps you have missed more importance, you haven’t played so much, but every time that you’ve done, you have shown how wonderful you are on the field. I know that if you go, be a great disappointment to all. We won’t be disappointed with you, we’ll be disappointed with the fact of your going. We want the best for you, but I know that if you stay here you will be very happy. You have shown the great potential you have for these 6 long years in the team, and I know you can keep showing it. Just thinking of that you can go makes my eyes crystallize…I wish you could read this, because you have to know how much we love you…But I think that you noticed, when the Bernabeu on Sunday shouted to show how we want you to stay… So please, you have to listen us, and stay.