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Hi! That dragon egg craft you shared is amazing! I've made like seven eggs! Have you got any more dragon crafts? Thanks so much I'm addicted to you blog lol :-)

Any chance I can get chance to see these eggs?? Because I’d love to see some follower creations. Maybe I should get submissions going?

Anyways, I’ve found some dragon crafts for you!!

DIY Dragon Jar

DIY Dragon Eyes

DIY Pipe Cleaner Dragons

DIY Sock Dragon

sew-much-to-do: a visual collection of sewing tutorials/patterns, knitting, diy, crafts, recipes, etc.

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Would you do a tutorial on how you did your Thranduil cosplay? Or crown? It's the best ones ive seen UwU

I kind of did for the last coat I made, it’s step by step photos. I’ve been meaning to put together a cohesive post because I get a lot of similar questions.

Part One, Part Two

It covers the process I took to put the coat together, but not the actual sewing techniques used. If you need basics like setting a sleeve/installing a collar/piping seams, youtube sewing tutorials will probably be the swiftest and most helpful means of acquiring that info.

See also: Original coat pattern, Original coat finished

I’ve made all my Thranduil coats out of relatively inexpensive brocades from Joann’s. I have, however, sprayed them all to alter the fabric. Either metallic gold spray dye/silver glitter spray, or just a very light hand and good old Rustoleum spray paint for the mottled silver-gold effect. It’s overlaid with metallic mesh, in either silver or black, from Joann’s, 6.99/yd.

If you know how and have the time, I highly suggest making your own piping. It really does not take that long, and it will look much more cohesive than buying the generic black/grey cotton piping strips from the store.

Sparkle Mesh Fabric Here

Thranduil’s over-robe

Fabric found, Making the robe

The lining is just a cheap costume satin from Joann’s. I used 12 yards of the wide Upholstery fabric, and 16 of the lining. It’s very big.

Making Thranduil’s Staff

One, Two, Three 

It’s not super in-depth as it’s not an easily followable process unless you already know how to resin things. If you’re not casting, I suggest a big dowel rod or PVC pipe, and either Instamorph or Apoxie Sculpt for detailing.

Thranduil’s crown

Convenient Reference photos

Making the original, Finished Original, Making more, More finished, Detail shots

I used a 14 gauge copper wire for a base form of the main branches, sculpt is Instamorph. To achieve the wood-grain effect, I just dragged a sewing needles through the Instamorph as it cooled. It’s painted in BASIC brand acrylics from Michaels, I bought all the browns and mixed multiple tones.

Berries are from Joann’s, and the leaves are as well: Leaves here 
pro-tip: it’s hard to find leaves in red that look right, and most plastic leaves do not hold paint, it all flakes right off. Use Meltonian leather spray paint in dark red/maroon. You can buy it online. Secondary choice; Angelus leather paint. It’s made to bond to leathers and vinyls, so somehow it bonds very nicely to the plastic used for faux plants.

See also, step-by-step crown tutorial by celebrationgeneration We have a different process for making the crowns, I do the whole base first and then sculpt over it instead of individual branches, but both have very similar results Tutorial Here

Edit: Easy BotFA crown step by step photos

Wig I use for Thranduil from Wig Is Fashion (direct link)
Best Thranduil ears from Mad House FX Studio

Hopefully this is helpful to some people and can streamline your process. If you’ve found this in any way helpful and make a Thranduil cosplay, send me an Ask please, I’d love to see it :)

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Have you decided what to make with your special sugar? I just came across a tutorial on how to make individual cakes baked in origami balloons made of parchment paper (that's pretty much the entire tutorial: pipe cake batter into balloons, then bake) and thought it was the perfect intersection of your interests.


It’d have to be a pretty thick cake batter but yeah I can see doing this no problem.

TOMORROW MORNING. I’MMA DO IT. THANK YOU CAKE ANON. They shall be called AnonCakes in your honour.