piper & alex - the night we met


alright so I know a lot of people hate vauseman and think it’s unhealthy and toxic. well yeah, honestly I agree. In the past it was definitely unhealthy, especially season 3. Yikes that shit was wack. But in season 4, Alex and piper both went through stuff that changed them. Alex killed someone, piper was ostracized and branded. When they got back together, it wasn’t like all the other times they did. They relied on each other, and actually built a foundation of TRUST this time instead of resorting to sex every 2 seconds. and in season 5, we see a much healthier, happier version of vauseman, and i think it will stay that way. they changed as people, and they learned that they really do need each other. im honestly rooting for them, it’s so relieving to see how much they’ve grown.