Happy Christmas to myself! Got an awesome shipment in from P&C today with tons of tasty treats (some to sample and some to cellar).

You can probably sense a theme to my current tastes in tobacco with the exception of that one little outlier…

When I was still smoking cigars, my brand was CAO so, when they started putting out pipe toby, I was understandably interested. Unfortunately, they’re almost all super-aromatic (cherry, vanilla, etc.). The black seemed the most approachable of the bunch for a non-aro guy… we’ll see.

On the other hand, look at all the great Virginia and Virginia-Perique blends!!

Also, a couple of pipe rubbers (since I tend to clench like a bulldog), a tamper (can you ever have too many?), and pipe cleaners. Because rule #1 is never not buy pipe cleaners.