pipes you see pipes you don't

Sometimes I just want to start my own publishing company and sign all the amazing fanfic writers I have discovered over the years.

Myself, a bard: “I cast summon instrument and summon a pipe organ.”
DM: “……. I’ll allow it only because I take pity on all your shitty rolls today.
You are in full cover, so the giant can not see or directly hit you.”
Me: “I use bardic performance to fascinate the giant.”
DM: “It has to see you for that to work, but you’re behind a pipe organ; I’ll let you reconsider your action.”
Me: “Fuck, in and out of character!”
Me: “…”
Me: “…”
Me: “Alright, fuck it. You guys enjoy the fight. I cast daze on myself.”
DM: “You have five hit dice. It only works on creatures with four or fewer.”
Me: “FUCK!!”
At this point the paladin is laughing his ass off, the rogue has disappeared, and the Druid is two turns from death.


thedreamcomparison’s TOP 20 ALBUMS OF 2011 PART 1: 20-11

20: Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks “Mirror Traffic” (Domino)

19: The Capstan Shafts “Kind Empires” (Self-Released)

18: Kid Icarus “American Ghosts” (Big School)

17: Pipes You See, Pipes You Don’t “Lost In The Pancakes” (Cloud Recordings)

16: Low “C'mon” (Sub Pop)

15: The Antlers “Burst Apart” (Frenchkiss)

14: The Ladybug Transistor “Clutching Stems” (Merge)

13: BOAT “Dress Like Your Idols” (Magic Marker)

12: The Drums “Portamento” (Moshi Moshi)

11: Kurt Vile “Smoke Rings For My Halo” (Matador)


So Peter Erchick from the Olivia Tremor Control had a band called Pipes You See, Pipes You Don’t and this is their cover of Hot in Here by Nelly.

last.fm top 15 (overall) 9.7.2011

1.The Olivia Tremor Control (515)
2.Guided By Voices (492)
3.The Sixth Great Lake (357)
4.The Gerbils (355)
5.Pipes You See, Pipes You Don’t (262)
6.Beulah (221)
7.Sloan (210)
8.Pavement (196)
9.The Apples In Stereo (189)
10.The Essex Green (187)
11.The Wave Pictures (168)
12.Circulatory System (154)
13.Neutral Milk Hotel (149)
14.Love (133)
15.Marbles (129)

top 10 records of 2011 (so far)*

(out of what i have listened to, which is admittedly not as much as i’d like, here are my favorite records of 2011 SO FAR):

1.Pipes You See, Pipes You Don’t - lost in the pancakes

2.Kurt Vile - smoke rings for my halo

3.Girls - record 3: father, son, holy ghost

4.Low - c'mon

5.Fishboy - classic creeps

6.The Antlers - burst apart

7.The Music Tapes - purim’s shadows (the dark tours the world)

8.Brown Recluse - evening tapestry

9.The Ladybug Transistor - clutching stems

10.Telekinesis - 12 desperate straight lines

(I have A LOT more to listen to)