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2015 WSL World Tour

#11 | Josh “Kerrzy” Kerr

Kerrzy is still one underrated surfer. He’s so good in every type of wave it makes it hard to believe he never won a CT in his career.

In 2015, he kept his consistency managed to snag a 3rd place result, his best of the year, at Bells. Had also a slip up at Fiji, which is not very usual of him.

He ended the year at Pipe with a quarter final which was enough to move him up one spot in the rankings, but not enough to crack the Top 10.


High With Ashton *submitted*

“You’re holding it wrong, here,” I watched his face bend in concentration while he leaned forward and adjusted my grip on the pipe. His hair peaked out of his bandana, unruly and tickling his forehead. I admired it for a moment before he caught my gaze and smirked.

“Now put your thumb over the hole – yeah, like that – and inhale. Make sure you hold it in for a bit, okay?”

I nodded. My first time smoking weed with Ashton was much less intimidating than I thought it would be. He sat cross-legged in front of me on my bed, leaning towards the open window.  For the longest duration of our friendship I had refused to smoke weed and always scowled at him for doing it, but as of late I had randomly changed my mind. My best friend was the most out-going person I knew, and I was anxious to see how he was on drugs. 

The pipe was clear and only a few inches in length. I studied the little orange designs on it and the small bowl of green substance at the end. I looked up, noticing Ashton’s lip was caught between his teeth. My insides fluttered unexpectedly. 

“Look, I know I’ve been an ass about it but you don’t have to smoke it if you don’t want, Y/N,” he muttered. He shifted closer on the bed so that his knees touched mine.

I cleared my throat and ignored his words, holding the pipe between my lips with my thumb on the hole, like he said. I nodded to him and he smiled, using his slender fingers to hold the lighter upside down and ignite the weed.

Instantly the pipe filled with smoke and I inhaled quickly, mostly out of fear. He watched my face, his eyebrows wide in anticipation. When he could tell I had sucked in too much too fast, he snatched the pipe from my lips. 

“Christ, Y/N, settle down a bit.” 

I allowed the drugs to fill my lungs before exhaling quickly right into Ashton’s face. He laughed that stupid laugh and waved the smoke away. I thought it was amusing until my throat burned and my eyes watered and I began to cough.

“I can’t- fuck,” I gasped, covering my mouth with my hands. Ashton’s face fell and he reached over, grabbing the slushie he got earlier from the 7/11 and shoving it into my face.

“Drink, it’ll feel better, I promise,” he urged.

My throat was on fire but the cold drink soothed it instantly. I slurped through the straw in a panic, my eyes wide while I stared at Ashton. He grinned lazily and lit the pipe for himself. I was jealous at how easy he made it look, inhaling and holding it in for a moment before leaning away and blowing the smoke out the window.

Minutes passed before I was able to catch my breath and relax. I felt fine, however, like the weed had no affect on me.

Ashton noticed. “Want some more?”

He had a hand on my knee, his thumb rubbing in gentle circles. As my best friend he’d always been touchy, but before tonight I’d never thought I’d enjoy as much as I was. I licked my lips.

“Yeah, let me have another go,” I said.

“Alright but this time just go easy.”

He passed me the pipe again and I repeated the steps I’d done earlier, holding it between my lips and covering the hole with my thumb. I leaned forward, expecting Ashton to light it for me. Instead he was staring at me with an amused look on his face.

I frowned. “What, what are you looking at?”

Instead of answering me, he sighed with a smirk and rubbed his lips with his fingers. “Nothing, nothing. Give it a go,”

Shrugging it off, he lit the pipe for me again and watched me. I inhaled gently this time, filling my lungs with just enough weed before I let go of the pipe and held the smoke in. I had enough time to lean over towards the window before I exhaled, this time not coughing.

We were silent for a minute. Ashton excitedly shook my shoulders, his dimples prominent with that cheeky grin. “Hey, you didn’t die this time! Good job!”

I blushed and shoved him off. “Alright, your turn.”

He smiled down at the pipe, running his thumb over the lighter a few times before looking back up at me. “I’m gonna try something different, alright? Don’t be…. Freaked out,” he said.

I shrugged and watched him. He lit the weed and inhaled before letting go of the pipe and placing it on the nightstand. I watched Ashton hold it in with his mouth closed, beckoning me closer.  I leaned forward, unsure of what he wanted. But when he grabbed my neck and pulled me in, I had no time to even consider the possibilities.

His lips were on mine. Christ, Ashton was kissing me.

I had barely enough time to register what was happening before his tongue found mine and I tasted it, the weed. He exhaled into the kiss and let the remainder of the smoke into my mouth.

My eyes shot open and I leaned back, gasping slightly. Ashton’s eyes were glossy and his lips puffy. I stared at him expecting him to look apologetic. But he looked exactly the opposite, with a lazy smirk. 

“Ash…” I breathed out slowly. I knew the kiss was only a few seconds long but everything felt very slow. My eyes were heavy and my insides were fluttering again. 

“I’ve just always wanted to try that,” he said. 

“Oh,” I said dumbly.

We stared at each other in silence before he offered me the pipe. “Want the last hit?” 

I was still thinking about his lips. In fact, I was staring at them when he interrupted my thoughts. “Y/N?”

“Right, yes,” I shook my head. 

“Are you high?” he asked with that familiar grin.

“I dunno,” 

“Your eyes are a little red.”

“Are they?” 

“Want the last hit?” he asked again. 

I nodded. Everything was slow motion but my senses were heightened. I couldn’t tell if I was enjoying this or if I was freaked out. All I knew was that I wanted his lips again.

Holding the pipe, I leaned forward one last time and let Ashton light the weed. He was biting his lip again. I loved it when he did that. Since when did I love that? 

I inhaled, closing my eyes and feeling the drugs take over my body. It was unlike anything I’d felt. I wasn’t drunk, I was floating. There was a difference. Was there?

I set the pipe down, mimicking Ashton’s movements from before and felt myself holding the smoke in longer. His eyes were wide with curiosity and suddenly I was grabbing his face, pulling him towards me and kissing him. It wasn’t even soft like he had kissed me. I was full on snogging him.

I worried he might push me away but instead I felt his hands in my hair, on my neck, all over. He was on his knees in an instant, pushing me back onto the bed. Everything was slow motion. I felt every kiss a hundred times more than I would have normally, and the only thing on my mind was Ashton. And for some reason, this didn’t feel weird. It didn’t feel like I was kissing my best friend. Well, it did, but in a good way. It felt like maybe this was supposed to happen- 

“Y/N?” Ashton was staring down at me, giggling like a little boy. “You alright?

“Of course,”

“You were moaning.”

I swallowed. “You were kissing me!” 

He laughed, burying his face in my neck, his curls tickling my cheek. I noticed his bandana was sliding off of his head, so I pulled it off, throwing it on the floor and running my fingers through his hair. When he immerged from my neck, he was blushing. Rarely did Ashton ever blush.

“No, I mean, nothing wrong with moaning, it just caught me off guard is all,” he explained, tucking a hair away from my face.

“Sorry,” I mumbled, looking away.

He sighed and kissed my jaw, cheek and then my ear. His breath was hot and caused the goose bumps all over my body. “Keep doing it,” he said. 

I grinned as his hands roamed my sides. My fingers were tangled in his hair while he kissed me again, and I flinched when I felt him lifting the hem of my shirt up my stomach. Cold air attacked my bare skin and I shivered, despite being under him.

“I’ve always wanted this,” he whispered.

“Don’t be a cheese ball,” I groaned before shifting my knees so that he was comfortably between them.

“I’m-not,” his breath hitched when I lifted my hips up to grind against him. Ashton looked down at me again, this time with a different kind of gaze. He was… serious. Determined. Aroused?

The weed gave me a sense of confidence I normally never had. My eyes examined his dimples, his lips, and his eyelashes. Every small detail that I had so often looked over but now I was suddenly aware of.

I flipped us over quickly so that I straddled him, earning a surprised groan from Ashton. I could feel the heat radiating between our groins and I was sure he could, too. I locked his lips with mine again, forgetting that he was my best friend, forgetting that he’s seen me in my ugliest, drunken states and everything in-between. And now he was going to see me naked.

His hands found the hem of my shirt and quickly ripped it off of me. He wasted no time in skillfully reaching around me and unclipping my bra. I let go of his lips and stared at him, quietly panting. 

His smirk was devilish. “I’m good with my hands, alright?” 

“Prove it,” I dared.

I was kissing him again, this time with one of his hands wrapped in my hair and the other slowly creeping its way down my torso. He pinched my nipple, earning a surprised groan from me, and grazed a finger down my stomach. When he reached the button of my jeans, he simply undid it and slipped his finger lower, until-

“Fuck,” I breathed, detaching myself from the kiss. Ashton had only just placed a finger between my legs and I was already a mess. His forehead leaned against mine, his curls tickling my eyes while he concentrated, hard. 

“I’ve wanted to do this for a while,” he said. “Make you come.” 

I tried to reply but instead I whimpered embarrassingly. He was grinning, the bastard. My legs felt like mush and the more I thought about how his finger was rubbing me, the harder it was for me to control myself. 

“How does it feel?”

I never imagined Ashton to be vocal during sex. I never imagined him, before tonight, during sex at all. But I quickly realized that he needed reassurance of his performance. And I was more than happy to oblige. 

“G-god, amazing,” I gasped. I was moving my hips against his hand while he slipped one, two fingers inside me. I squealed. “Sorry- shit,”

“Don’t be sorry,” his lips trailed over mine, then across my jaw and to my neck. How he could multitask so well, I would never understand.





His hand sped up, curling his fingers to hit that one spot while managed to use a thumb on my clit. I was unraveling, my hair a mess and my chest flushed. But I wasn’t self-conscious. His actions got faster until I was riding his hand, gasping and biting my lip hard.

“Are you gonna come?” he spoke into my ear. His voice was raspy, his accent thick.

My hand gripped his bicep and squeezed when I felt it. My body trembled and I buried my face in his neck, crying out while my first (or second) high shook me. “Ashton…” 

His other hand grabbed my neck and pulled me in for a kiss while I came. I kissed him feverishly, completely unaware of anything but him.

“You’re sexy, you know that?” He said, pulling his hand out from my jeans and whipping it on his leg. “Like, really fucking sexy.”

“Stop,” I blushed. His eyes were slits, red and squinty from the drugs. But his smile was as cheeky as ever.

“Listen,” he said, leaning back on his arms. I stared at them. “I want to fuck you.”

I laughed, taken aback. “Then fuck me-”

“But not now.”

My shoulders fell slightly. “Okay…”

Ashton giggled childishly and rubbed my back. “I mean, I want to do this when we’re not high.”

“But it’s fun,” I said quietly, running a finger down his chest.

“I need to know it’s something we both want, sober.” He squinted at me, cocking his head. “Okay?” 

I sighed and kissed him once more. “Fine. Can I have my shirt back then?”

“I dunno, I’m kind of enjoying this view.” He stared at my boobs and I crossed my arms over my chest.

“Don’t be an ass, give me my shirt!”

He smirked and passed it to me, watching while I tossed it on. We rolled over and laid down facing each other. 

“So was that the first time a guy’s fingered you?” he asked.

I shoved him. “Does it matter?”

“Well I’m just saying… You seemed to enjoy it quite a bit,”

“Who wouldn’t?” I grabbed his hands and played with them, examining his fingers. “These bad boys are a work of art.” He laughed and hid his face in the pillow. Ashton was blushing. “Don’t be embarrassed!”

He resurfaced and scanned over my face. “Can we make this a regular thing?” 

My eyelids drooped heavily and Ashton tucked a hair behind my ear. “What, you fingering me? I’m down.”

He laughed. “Of course. And smoking together.”