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It’ll be up to Tommy to demonstrate to his family that he hasn’t betrayed them and that he has a bigger plan. And the question is what that bigger plan is. Who is he gonna call? What’s gonna happen to the family? Can he ever get that level of trust or love back again? Because of what happened to him in the First World War it’s kind of…it’s never gonna stop. He’ll always be this man searching for something — Cillian Murphy on what’s in store for Tommy Shelby in Peaky Blinders S4

Sometimes You Just Gotta Murder a Guy

(Scout gets drunk at an impromptu party and gives Piper an interview on what their very first stupid thought was upon meeting some of the companions. Hancock braces himself for something about his face, but they get really sweet on him instead and everyone has to leave the room because they’re such mushy, sappy babies. 3,723 words, some T language)


Scout was pleasantly drunk, the kind of drunk where they wanted to get cuddly with whoever was nearby and their voice volume was permanently on max. Luckily, all their other friends were various stages of drunk—or just a little bit high, in Hancock’s case—so their own snuggly intoxication wasn’t too embarrassing.

“So you’d just come out of the Vault, yeah?” Piper said, smiling with flushed cheeks.

“You already did this interview, Pipes,” Scout replied with a giggle.

“No, no, no, not this interview,” Piper protested. “I wanna—I wanna know what you first thought about us. Prezzy’s the first you met, right?”

The Minuteman in question tipped up his cowboy hat with the neck of the beer he held so he could see what was going on when he heard his name. He’d been leaning back against the wall of the big shack Scout had insisted on building and then never done anything with. To be fair, things had been busy lately, and this large empty space turned out to be a perfect gathering spot for the impromptu party. Scout scooted away from their spot against the wall to get closer to Preston and nearly ended up falling in his lap.

“Yeah, this guy,” they said, patting his face with their hand and almost knocking off his hat. “I met ‘im, and then I met a deathclaw. He was a lot nicer.”

“Ooh, I can see the headline now,” Piper said, spreading her hands out in the air in front of her. “Preston Garvey, nicer than a deathclaw.”

Nick and Hancock snickered at that, while Danse kept quiet and nursed his beer. He didn’t know how to proceed at a civilian party, and his body felt all out of proportion without his power armor on.

“What’d you think of that, kid?” Nick asked.

Scout turned and blinked at him. “The deathclaw?”

“No, no,” Piper cut in. “I’m asking the questions here. What’d you think of Preston? C'mon, give me your first thought, the very first thing that went through your head.”

Scout didn’t even have to think about it. “OK, so cowboys still exist.”

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[Note: I’m really sorry that I couldn’t upload this fic sooner, due to a few issues (school being the biggest). It isn’t exactly what you asked for… Hope you enjoy it though! It’s a long fic (to compensate for the delay :P)]


“Hey, look! (Y/N) is here”, declared Benedict as you approached him and your co-stars.

They had been waiting for you at the backdoor of the venue of the Interview-cum-fan-meet.

He embraced you, causing a shiver to run down your spine.

You had joined the cast of ‘Sherlock’ only two years ago, to play the protagonist’s love interest on the show for season three.

The cast and crew had welcomed you with open arms. You had only done a few advertisements and shows before, but Moffat saw potential in you and had recruited you.

You were an instant hit with the audience. Your acting was fantastic and your on-screen chemistry with Sherlock made the show a bigger success.

You grew close to the lovely cast in no time. They always supported you and were like a second family.

However, you saw a certain someone as more than just a great friend. The certain someone had managed to capture your heart.

That person was Benedict Cumberbatch.

He was an absolute gentleman, and such a sweetheart, that you couldn’t help but develop a crush on him.
As the two of you bonded over time, the crush bloomed into something else. The intimate moments you shared with him on-screen, as his love interest, only fueled this.

Before you knew it, you fell in love with Ben.

Ben was always kind and sweet to you, but he was like that with everyone else so you weren’t sure if he felt the same way as you did.

You wanted to tell him that you loved him and would like him to be the person you woke up to but you were scared. Afraid that he wouldn’t reciprocate those feelings.

Hence, you decided to focus on your career, and chose being the best of friends with him, rather than risk losing his friendship and making things awkward between the two of you.

You gazed at his beautiful eyes, that looked different every time you saw them. They’d hold the icy blue of the ocean one day, or the mixed hues of a swirling galaxy on another.

“Good to see you, Y/N,” he smiled, pulling you out of your thoughts.

“You too,” you said, turning to Louise to hide your blush.

You embraced the rest- Martin, Mark and Rupert- and exchanged greetings too.


The stage had been set for the six of you. The audience and the interviewers along with their camera crew had already assembled.

You followed Benedict onto the stage, to the applause of the audience and dozens of shouts from the fans.

You waved at them, smiling.

Once you’d settled into your seats, Benedict spoke first.

“Hello,” he said simply. He smiled his widest smile, his eyes crinkling, which made him only cuter.

Just because you didn’t tell him how you felt, didn’t stop you from falling for him everyday, again and again.

The simple “hello” threw the audience into a frenzy. They applauded and screamed. Dozens of shouts of “I LOVE YOU BENEDICT” filled the air, and it only made the actor blush even more.

It took several minutes for the audience to calm down. Once they did, the interview began.

Most of the questions were for Benedict and you marvelled at the way he answered them. The confidence, the grace. Some of his answers were hilarious too.

Boy, were you in love.

“Miss (Last Name), what’s working with Benedict and everyone like?”, an interviewer asked you, his pen at the ready.

You smiled at the interviewer.
“Well, I never really expected to be a part of Sherlock. Everyone on the set is so brilliant at what they do. They’re also very supportive and always encouraging. I have a second family here and I love them. I can’t really describe what being a part of this show means to me. I-..I’m just really glad to have met such wonderful people,” you answered.

You hadn’t really thought over the answer, you’d just let your heart speak. You hadn’t really said much, but you hoped it was enough.

The fans applauded, of course, and Benedict cast a reassuring look at you. You did well, it said.

The fans asked you a few questions too.
(“(Y/N) you’re brilliant! I’m a huge fan. Is there a SherJane wedding I see?”; “Benedict’s fans are called cumbercollective. What do you think your fans should be called?”; “ Do you have a crush on a female celebrity?”)

The questions were brilliant as well as hilarious and you answered them with confidence.

The fans were lovely. They were very sweet and you wished you could thank each one of them personally.

“You’re really beautiful (Y/N)! Can I have you number?”, one blond male fan asked.

You were really taken aback with this question and didn’t know how to answer it. Benedict came to your rescue by saying, “Sure you can, but her phone’s always with Sherlock so I don’t think it’d be of much use if you had her number.”

He winked at the fan and everybody started to laugh at his answer.

You smiled at him, thanking him quietly.
He smiled back, making you feel a little giddy.

“Benedict and (Y/N), you share an amazing chemistry on-screen, is it possible that the two of you are dating off-screen too?”, an interviewer piped up suddenly.

The audience went dead quiet at this. Your cheeks reddened, your mind unable to comprehend anything. You could swear you were blushing furiously and looked down to hide your face.
Then you looked at Benedict and mentally smacked yourself. Wrong move. There was nothing, then why’d you look at him?

Benedict, however was looking at the interviewer, his lips forming a thin line. His cheeks were a little red and his hands were clasped tightly together.
Then he just chuckled, before drawing the microphone closer and whispering, “That’s actually a great idea.”

A second later the audience burst out laughing.

“Is that a yes?,” the interviewer pressed on, to which Benedict replied, “I don’t know, is it?”

He looked flustered. But why?

You looked at Benedict like he’d gone bonkers. He didn’t so much as glance at you and it only confused you more.
He was known for his sense of humor but this? Why hadn’t he just said no?

The fans would obviously talk now, heck, it’d be all over the newspapers and celeb-news and what not.

He’d only made matters worse. What if things got awkward between the two of you?

You’d have to ask him later, you thought and forced a smile, trying to hide your emotions- confusion and a little hope? What if he liked you too?

The fans calmed down after what seemed like ages.

The interview/meet or whatever this was, finally came to an end.

After signing autographs and taking dozens of selfies you finally got into the car with rest, to head to Mark’s house where you were going to have dinner.

All of you trudged into his living room, the events of the days had tired you a little.

Dinner was served as you joked and laughed with the everyone. The food was ravishing.

You hadn’t had a chance to talk to Benedict at all today. You didn’t want to talk now because for some reason you were pissed at him.

Everyone got up to get drinks while you decided to walk around. You stood at a window, gazing at the star studded sky.

Out of nowhere, a hand grabbed your arm, pulling you into a secluded dimly-lit corner.
You looked up to find Benedict’s face inches from yours.

You, naturally, gasped in alarm.

“Shh! I’m sorry to have scared you but I wanted to talk about something,” he whispered.

You felt angry at him and scowled, causing him to back away a little.

“What the hell Benedict?! You first declare to the world that dating me isn’t a bad idea and now you drag me into the corner of the room, scaring the daylights out of me?!” you blurted out.

Benedict only blinked at you and then slowly started to smile.

“That’s what I wanna talk about!” he said.

“Fine. Say it and quit wasting my time.”

Benedict looked a little taken aback by this and you realise you’d been rude.

“Sorry, I just-”

“It’s fine. I understand. I know what I said in the interview was weird but I uh-” he rubbed his neck, not quite able to find the words.

“I uh- here goes nothing - I um - (Y/N) I like you and I mean like you as in- I uh - more than just a friend. I was taken aback by the question too so I just blurted something out but it’s the truth- I uh,” he looked at you helplessly.

You, meanwhile, only stared at him unable to understand what he was saying.

Benedict sighed and took your hands in his. He looked at you sheepishly. It made him look really cute and your anger melted away.

“I love you (Y/N),” he said simply, sending a jitter through your body. Your mouth dropped open.

Your stomach did a double flip but you somehow managed to beam at him. Benedict loved you? You were still shocked but your happiness knew no bounds.

You stepped closer to him and put your arms around his neck. He blushed furiously, as he put his arms around your waist.

“I love you too,” you whispered, hugging him tightly. He was warm and solid and smelled like cinnamon and the ocean all at once. You sighed into his chest.

This, you could get used to.


Later that night as you headed home, after spending some time with him; your phone lit up with a text from Benedict:

“So date tomorrow?”

You grinned at the text.

Bless that lovely interviewer.


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Proud Dad: The Interview

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Read the first three parts of the Proud Dad series here –123

A/N:The parts in this series are super long my bad


Sebastian made his way up to the little studio where the interview was being filmed. Ava held his right hand as the two of them skipped through the hallway. You couldn’t help but laugh as Seb nearly tripped over one of his shoelaces. He quickly righted himself, pretending nothing had happened. When he reached the door to the room, he knelt down to Ava’s level and took both of her tiny hands in his.

“Daddy has to go do some work now, sweetheart. Can you stay here with mommy and be a good girl?” Ava pouted, her eyes filling with tears as she threw herself into Seb’s arms.

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“Cami has set some boundaries up with Klaus…”

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“…she has agreed to work with him as a therapist…”

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“…and a therapist only…”

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…so none of this funny business, no more complicated feelings…”

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“… it’s very cut and dry…”

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“…very black and white, no complications whatsoever…” 

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“…and it’s going very smoothly!” 

(Leah Pipes in an interview with TVFanatic back in October)

My favorite thing about this Leah Pipes interview thing, or any related actor/character business, is that if you’re criticizing (or straight up trashing) the character/actress, that’s your right to have an opinion, that’s free spech. But the moment the actress stands up for herself, or complains about having her social media flooded with rude comments, she’s unprofessional, she’s a whiny bitch. Like somehow she’s supposed to just take it and never have any negative feelings about it. 

“Free speech” goes both ways. And freedom of speech is not freedom of consequences, it doesn’t mean you’re not going to get called out on your opinion, it doesn’t mean everyone has to sit back and not say anything when someone says something they deem insulting. The right you have to express an opinion about an actress or a character, it’s the same right this person has to defend herself or her job.

Complain about characters all you want, have a negative informed opinion about a character from a show you watch. You’re even allowed to criticize something you don’t watch or base your opinion on gifs/opinions out of context, that’s your right. You’re entitled to an opinion, you’re also entitled to an uninformed opinion if that’s what you want. 

But don’t be a hypocrite and deny someone else the same right you want to have, don’t deny someone the right to stand up for herself against criticism if that’s what will make them feel better. There’s no right way to respond to negativity, some people can just ignore it and go on with their lives, some people feel better standing up for themselves. It’s not our place to decide how someone deals with the negativity that people throw their way. 

Actors are not robots, they don’t get a class on how to not get their feelings hurt, some actors may have to deal with worse, but since when bad stuff is okay as long as it is in a smaller scale? It’s never okay, ever. If you’re as rude as some people are to any other professional, you will be called out on it, so what exactly makes it okay when it’s someone famous on the other side? 

You are allowed to speak up for what you believe, as long as you’re not being racist, misogynist, etc., because then you’re just being a douchebag, so don’t deny someone else the same fundamental right you want to have.