conservagal  asked:

Hello, I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog and your sarcasm. That response to that anon who was being a f***wit himself, was brilliant. I'm polyamorous and my bff is a lesbian and we both have very similar political views as you. Especially me. And so that's why I totally get how exasparated you get when idiots can't realize why the economy and national security are more important than marriage/union rights that will be sorted out regardless of president. So- thank you!

No, thank you!

It’s always nice to get some love on here. My followers and supporters are so nice to me when I’m having a day filled with detractors.

Glad to find more conservatives in the slightly more non-traditional areas. I run gaypeoplecanbeconservativetoo.tumblr.com, which you might want to check out as well