piper x larry

Piper: And I have a girlfriend.

Piper’s mom: Does that mean you are now officially…

Piper: It means that I oficially have a girlfriend.


Bisexual! That’s the word you are looking for. It’s bisexual! 

Same as she was when she first started dating Alex, same as she was when she dated Larry, same as she is now. She is officialy bisexual. 

She is not now “officially gay”, she wasn’t an ex-lesbian, she isn’t now ex-straight. She is, and always has been bisexual!!!

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Orange is the new black

send me a fandom   &   i’ll tell you.   .  .   ( accepting!!  )

         the first character i ever fell in love with   :   nicky nichols
         a character that i used to love/like,   but now do not   :   stella
         a ship that i used to like/love,   but now do not   :   n/a
         my ultimate favorite character™   :   nicky   &   taystee
         prettiest character   :   daya   &   sophia
         my most hated character   :   every guard   &   co
         my otp   :   piper   x   alex,   flaca   x   maritza,   nicky   x   lorna
         my notp   :   piper   x   larry   &   pennsatucky   x   that gross guard
         favorite episode   :   storm-y weather   (  i can’t stop thinking about it  )
         saddest death   :   POUSSEY WASHINGTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
         favorite season   :   one   &   four
         least favorite season   :   three
         character that everyone else in the fandom loves,   but i hate   :   stella??   idk if everyone loves her tho
         my   ‘  you’re a piece of trash,   but you’re still a fave  ’   fave   :   luschek
         my   ‘   beautiful cinnamon roll who deserves better than this   ’   fave  :   poussey
         my   ‘   this ship is so wrong,   nasty,   &   makes me want to cleanse my soul,   but i still love it   ’   ship   :   i’m not sure there is one on oitnb????
         my   ‘   they’re kind of cute   &   i lowkey ship them,   but i’m not too invested   ’   ship   :   i highkey ship every ship on this show   &   am greatly invested in them all tbh

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For the fandom ask même : how about Orange is the New Black ?

ASDGFAJDS THANK YOU!! i finally have a chance to yell about this show!

Favourite Female: it’s so hard to pick just one omg

i’ll say Nicky

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Favourite Male: Luschek 

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3 8 Other Favourite Characters: 3 is not enough lol

Alex, Daya, Red, Lorna, Susanne, Gloria, Maritza, Sophia, Marisol

3 OTPs: Vausemann, Nicky x Lorna, Poussey x Brook ;-;

Notp: not a fan of Dogget and what’s his face, Piper x Larry

Funniest character: Tasty <3 Danielle deserves an oscar for her performance this season!

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Prettiest character: i’m in love with Maritza *-* omg 

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Most Annoying Character: Piper omg

i mean i like her but she can be hella annoying lol

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Most badass character:

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Character I’d like as my BFF: can i say everyone omg

Female Character I’d Marry: Maritza again 

she fine <33

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Male Character I’d Marry: Bennett! 

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Character I hate/dislike/least like: 

those fuckers Humphrey and Piscatella ugh

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Piper still cheated on Larry and literally nobody remembers it. I feel like this hate is a lot of shippers talking, even though Alex is ten kinds of damage and poison. I'm not saying that Larry/Piper is healthy, because it's not, but neither is Alex/Piper.

No one’s forgotten that Piper cheated nor have they forgotten what Alex has done. Both Piper x Larry and Piper x Alex are very tumultuous relationships, but it doesn’t take away that Larry is a terrible person.

  1. Larry cheated on Piper with her best friend. Piper also cheated on Larry, and I’m not justifying her actions, but Larry didn’t even know Alex.
  2. Larry also tries to mold Piper into something she’s not; he wants to make her this perfect thing that she will never be.
  3. Larry put Piper’s life at risk by doing his radio broadcast. Not to mention the fact that he brought Piper back to ground zero.
  4. Alex didn’t ruin Piper’s life with the drug trafficking. Why? Because Piper was a consensual adult; she agreed to it. The only thing that comes close is Alex doing the complete opposite of what she told Piper to do

There’s no denying that I’m a Vauseman shipper and that my opinion towards Larry will never be the best, but you can’t ignore the facts; and Larry has a lot more against him that Alex or Piper do.