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“For Gods sake, Travis Stoll, you live in a Cabin with tons of other demigods, you can’t just make out with your girlfriend in front of everyone”

Yeah, it’s easy for you to say, Jason is the only member of Cabin 1″

Piper McLean to Travis Stoll, when she entered the Cabin to say something to one of the children of Hermes.

Billie Piper Appreciation Week 2017

Hullo darlings! September 22nd is Billie Piper’s birthday and you know we have to celebrate our wonderful queen ♥

🌹  How you can participate!  🌹

🌹 From 9/17 - 9/23 there’ll be themes for each day of the week to use as inspiration however you see fit. You can put up as many posts as you like. :)  

Tag your Billie Piper appreciation posts with #bp appreciation week in one of the first five tags (tumblr doesn’t track after five). All original posts with this tag will be reblogged here for everyone to enjoy! 

🌹 Anyone can participate with photos, gifsets, edits, fan art, fanfic, meta, headcanons, experiences, discussion, anything Billie related. Don’t be shy dears! The more the merrier!

🌹 IMPORTANT: Please be respectful to all fanworks creators by not posting content that isn’t yours.

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Each day has a character or a theme for that day. Pick one or the other to use, or both if you see fit. (The themes and characters aren’t related.) These are merely suggestions and I fully support any sort of Billie appreciation so tag them all and post how you’d like. :) 

The overall themes for the week are:

Favorite Billie moments in 2017, or Thirteen x Rose free-for-all

🌹 9/17  DAY ONE:

Theme: Billie Fashion

Character: Hannah Baxter / Belle de Jour (Secret Diary of a Call Girl)

🌹 9/18 DAY TWO:

Theme: Badass, dorky, happy, or sad Billie moments 

Characters: Brona Croft, Lily Frankenstein (Penny Dreadful)

🌹 9/19 DAY THREE:

Theme: “Billie x ___ ”

Character: Holly (True Love)

🌹 9/20 DAY FOUR:

Theme: Baby!Billie (pre-Doctor Who)

Characters: Alison Crosby (Canterbury Tales), Angel (The Calcium Kid), Jenny (Spirit Trap), Vicky (Things to Do Before You’re 30)

🌹 9/21 DAY FIVE:

Theme: Billie’s hair and/or eyes appreciation

Character: Shelley Stevens (City of Tiny Lights), Her (Yerma), Grace (BEAST)

🌹 9/22 DAY SIX:

Theme: Happy Birthday Billie!

Characters: Rose Tyler 

🌹 9/23 DAY SEVEN:

Theme: “Billie Piper makes/made me ___”

Character: Sally Lockhart (The Shadow in the North and The Ruby in the Smoke), Betty (A Passionate Woman), Fanny Price (Mansfield Park)

“Hey! Pipes, hon, do you want me to help you with your make up? Because I think you missed a spot right th-”

“I’m not wearing make up, Drew”

“Oh, what a shame then. But, as a friend, I think a little make up would do you no harm”

“A natural look wouldn’t do you any harm, either”

Drew Tanaka after offering Piper “help with her make up” for the bonfire.


“Hear now the words of the witches, the secrets we hid in the night. The oldest of gods are invoked here, the great work of magic is sought. In this night and in this hour, I call upon the ancient power. Bring your powers to we sisters three. We want the power, give us the power.”

We’re the protectors of the innocent. We’re known as the Charmed Ones!


October 7, 1998

It’s officially been 19 years since the world was blessed with the greatest show of all time: Charmed…

This will forever be my favourite show ever…I grew up with Charmed and it will always be that one show I will never forget or ever get tired of…

Most iconic fantasy show of all time…most iconic siblings of all time…most iconic opening of all time…Charmed is just the greatest at everything…

No other show will ever compete for me…oh my heart…Charmed was literally my entire childhood and it’ll always be with me…

Happy 19th Anniversary, Charmed!!!


Pink Floyd performing “Astronomy Domine” live on the Tienerklanken music show in Belgium, 1968. x