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  • Imagine Nico Getting all tangled up with Today's music and Bands (one of the few pluses of dating a son of Apollo)
  • And then one day...
  • Percy: So niks what is your favorite band?
  • Nico: uhh I Think Fall Out Boy, why?
  • Percy: Did You mean....
  • Percy: Fall out..
  • Percy: BOI
  • leo: *from across the camp* OH SHIT WADDUP
  • Nico: ....
  • Nico: i'm...
  • Nico: I will kill all of you

David Tennant, Billie Piper, and Russell T. Davies at the BAFTAs in 2006 (for Throwback Thursday)


The teens and dads head downstairs for another round of failed bowling, Piper and Louis are being anti-social, and the moms are KILLING IT at the arcade. 

  • Jason: bro do you know what's my favorite album?
  • Percy: no bro
  • Jason: it's "i like it when you sleep,for you are so BROtiful yet so unaware of it"
  • Percy: brO

thatloserkian  asked:

For the ship thing: ~solangelo~

who hogs the duvet: Nico have you met the boy

who texts/rings to check how their day is going: Oh a normal day it would be like Nico checks in once and Will checks in twice but if Nico even has like the slightest cold Will texts him on the hour to make sure he’s not dead lmao

who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts: Nico will spend so much time trying to come up with a meaningful and creative gift and just can’t do it and ends up feeling bad while Will just always has the best ideas or knows exactly what he needs lol

who gets up first in the morning: Will gets up at fucking dawn whether he wants to or not. This ends up being a good thing because if left alone Nico could probably sleep three days straight lmao

who suggests new things in bed: they are fetuses

who cries at movies: Will tears up but doesn’t full out cry. Nico acts like it doesn’t effect him but he’s crying inside every time he hears ‘I’ll never let go, Jack’ 😂

who gives unprompted massages: Will tried that once. He was not expecting to startle Nico so badly. Demigod reflexes. Elbow to the face. Never again.

who fusses over the other when they’re sick: Obviously Will lmao that’s all we’ve seen him do so far in the books 😂. On the flip side though, I feel like Will would be SUPER dramatic whenever he’s not feeling well and would start diagnosing himself with the most ridiculous deathly diseases while Nico just rolls his eyes at him like ‘You have allergies and a paper cut calm down” 😂

who gets jealous easiest: They both do but Nico is way more obvious about it whereas Will’s the kind of ‘smile and talk to you in a friendly tone while holding intense eye contact and aggressively chopping vegetables with a butcher knife’ guy lmao

who has the most embarrassing taste in music: Will Solace listens to country music and Nico almost dumped him when he found out.

who collects something unusual: Will has like 30 rubber band balls for no reason whatsoever. Nico has an entire drawer filled with random bones that poke out of the ground at him and he just decided to keep. Nico is certain that Will’s collection is much weirder. He also refuses to admit that he still collects mythomagic cards even though he has like 5 different special cases for them and everything shoved into his closet lmao.

who takes the longest to get ready: They’re both pretty fast I mean Nico only owns like 3 outfits and the only thing that takes Will time is double checking he’s got everything in his travel first aid kit

who is the most tidy and organized: Will’s more organized but Nico is surprisingly the cleaner of the two

who gets most excited about the holidays: WILL. Nico is more excited to see him dork out than he is about the holiday itself

who is the big spoon/little spoon: Has anyone ever been more of a little spoon that Nico di Angleo

who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports: They’re both competitive to disturbing and unpredicted degrees so usually they just team up together to avoid drama/destroy their friends

who starts the most arguments: They don’t argue much but if it happens it’s probably Nico’s fault lmao

who suggests that they buy a pet: One day Nico just came home with a stray cat he found and before Will could even ask he just said “this is mine now”

what couple traditions they have: Every last Friday of a month, date night is replaced by ‘trying to kill each other in Mario kart’ night.

what tv shows they watch together: CUTTHROAT KITCHEN AND KIDS BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP. Nico also likes to put on medical dramas so he can laugh when Will gets annoyed and starts yelling about inaccuracies

what other couple they hang out with: Percy and Annabeth are the most, like, low maintenance couple to chill with so they usually go for them. Like if they hang out with Jasper, Jason will just want to know EVERYTHING while Piper tries and fails to subvert the conversation off them. Frazel, the entire evening will be spent with Frank deathly afraid of somehow invoking Nico’s wrath while Hazel gets progressively more annoyed. Caleo wouldn’t  work bc neither of them were ever actually friends with Leo and those two just want to spend 80% of their time going on adventures. Meanwhile, you go hang with Percabeth and they’re like “what if we ordered four pizzas, marathon reruns of Castle, and blatantly ignore any urgent iris messages until the gods take the hint” and that’s like a PERFECT double date for Nico and Will lmao

how they spend time together as a couple: Sarcastic banter, going to Panera Bread at least once a week, and cuddling while watching Harry Potter movies

who made the first move: I’m positive it was Will I don’t think Nico would’ve quite had the nerve to do it

who brings flowers home: Will. Nico tried to bring some home once and the entire bouquet died in his hands so he called it quits lmao

who is the best cook: After three years of Will burning dinner every single night, Nico decided to make Will an authentic Italian meal for their anniversary and Will almost got mad like what the fuck do you mean you could cook this entire time???? He refused to go into the kitchen for like a month after that lmao

YouTubers AU

-Percy’s channel(Aquamancabin3) is all over the place the boy is a mess he has no clue what he’s doing

-A lot of it is food tasting, story telling, and his mom

-His viewers love Sally so much she’s so nice and he makes videos with her and posts then every monday(it’s definitely named Momma Monday fight me)

-He does a lot of collabs with his friends and makes up ship names for them all

-Jason(Saving-Grace) has a schedule that he follows very closely he hardly ever strays from it

-Also does lots of collabs too but without the ship names

-He tries to do tutorials but usually fails

-Piper is on his channel a lot bc he loves his girlfriend

-Annabeth(Wisegirlmusings) teaches her viewers how to do things

-~Diy queen~

-She does all of the diys all of them and slays

-She has Percy over sometimes and he fails but she just smiles and says “Good job, seaweed brain”

-Piper(BeautyandBeast) slays too she does sfx makeup and kills the Halloween game

-She uses her friends as models all the time and gets them all ready for Halloween

-Her Halloween vlogs are killer funny and cute ‘cause everyone is together partying and getting ready and goofing off

-Hazel(Diamondintherough) has a very nice child friendly channel that is mainly vlogging

-Her videos always end with her struggling to work the camera

-She gets Frank to help her edit and upload her videos because she can’t figure it out

-She has Nico in her videos with her the most and they’re the cutest

-Her most watched are “The Sibling Tag” and “My Brother Gets Me Ready For A Date”

-Frank is second most

-Frank’s channel(Beastboyx-treme) (he let Leo name it) is half work out videos half cute girlfriend

-He also does some song covers with Hazel and she talks Nico into joining in with a piano sometimes

-Every year on their anniversary he posts a video full of clips of him and Hazel being cute

-Leo(Supersizemanprize) does lots of pranks and video games

-He tries to act tough but the horror games scare him so much he falls out of his chair

-He sets things on fire a lot and everyone loves it

-“I’m glad you guys enjoy me nearly burning my house down”

-Nico(GhostkingdiAngelo) explores abandoned places and tells ghost stories and conspiracy theories and stuff

-He gets really serious during story time and it’s really scare it don’t watch at night

-He does things with Hazel all the time and they’re so cuTE I CANT STRESS THIS ENOUGH THEYRE ADORABLE

-He does piano covers sometimes and sings along and gets really into the music like he cried once when he did Ave Maria and a few days later made a video to explain why(*coughmamadiangelocough*)

-Will(Doctor Sunshine) does videos on what’s good food and what to do to stay healthy

-He gets Nico to 'pretend’ to be his patient in the videos but let’s be real Will’s actually doctoring him there is no pretend

-He plays the ukulele a lot and appears in some of Nico’s cover videos

-He also does an anniversary thing for him and Nico

                             “We Got All The Ways To Be


                                               Indie Multi Muse for CWs Arrowverse 

                                                                Penned by Amy

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Consume my Wine, Consume my Mind - HindsightHero - Raven Cycle - Maggie Stiefvater [Archive of Our Own]
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Relationship: Colin Greenmantle/Piper Greenmantle
Additional Tags: First Meetings, Sommelier lingo and general pretentiousness surrounding wine, Pre-Series, Drunk Colin Greenmantle, Piper is always in control, Alcohol, Like a lot wine
Colin takes in a breath, and Piper’s skin smells like she rotates between five different perfumes - each of them Floral. Herbal. Dark. And Colin is drowning in it so deep it’s almost as if the air between them has an alcohol content of 16%.

Admittedly, it probably does.

(Colin meets Piper after failing his Master Sommelier exam)

anonymous asked:

Yo I need an au where Piper is failing math or physics or smth and Jason is assigned as her tutor. What do you think?

Not exactly what you asked for but it’s close?

Never has a tiny study room that smells like old socks and refried beans been Piper’s idea of an ideal location to spend her Friday night. Piper had expected more time spent laying in her dorm room watching Netflix and less time in a room that had carpet mostly held together my mashed in old gum. Making friends with Annabeth “I’ll study until my eyes bleed” Chase had quickly shattered all her dreams of wasting entire nights hunting for the best vegetarian pizza in town. With the blonde it’s all work and more work, only taking breaks to read or flirt with her high school sweetheart. Neither option something Piper enjoys much, though right now she’d take Percy fawning over Annabeth over this.

“Five chapters, that’s all you have to cover,” Annabeth says easily.

“Oh is that it?” Piper grumbles, fidgeting with the corners of her textbook.

“It wouldn’t be that much if you’d been studying all semester,” the blonde chides.

“I’d have jumped off the roof by now if I’d been studying all semester,” Piper shoots back.

Annabeth huffs, her breath scattering a mess of blonde curls. “How about we focus?” There’s the first hint of annoyance in her voice.

“How can I focus when there’s something so much more interesting to look at,” Piper grins and bats her eyes, testing to see how long she can drag this out.

“Fine,” Annabeth says quickly, her cheeks a slight shade of pink. “Then I’ll find something to help you study.”

“See if it comes in a size bigger than a Venti,” Piper quips. “What’s Italian for a liter?”

Annabeth ignores her question and flicks the faded wood paneled door open and swings it shut just as quickly, leaving Piper to suffer alone.

“Statistics for Psychology,” Piper grumbles. “What the hell does that even mean?”

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