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Will had been in love for years when he lost Nico to fire.
Will had thought Nico would be his future. He had thought Nico would be his forever. The burning grip of death took that away from him, leaving Will nothing of his lover but ashes. And what good can come from ashes?

freaking jewish! percy is the only things that matters bc he gets so excited for passover and Hanukkah cause he gets to see his grandparents and his aunts and uncles and all his little cousins and he feels a part of the community and he finds hebrew better than english BECAUSE HE CAN UNDERSTAND IT catholic!leo probably being the alter boy at his spanished-centered church and being excited and turning to God when his mother died rather than to lose his faith and Buddhist!piper always trying to lead a good life and even though they know about the gods and all that they feel anchored by religion and stuff uwu

Religions (✿◠‿◠)

shesthemuscle  asked:

5 Times Pipsy surprised each other

Hello @shesthemuscle,

Thank you so much for your prompt! I’ve finally come around to working on it. Now to make it more fun (and to create more content for the B Squad Brigade ;) ), I’ve decided to spread out the five surprises over the next few days (plus a very short Bonus 6th surprise).

But to get you started. Here is a lovely Pipsy banner and under the cut your first surprise [or read on AO3].

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