Orange is the new black  quick fanart

Nicky or “the lesbian who doesn’t brush her hair” (that’s how I named her)

My favorite character!! :D I love her rude sense of humor!


Fanart de Orange is the new black

Nicky o “la lesbiana que no se peina” (que es como la llamo yo)

Mi personaje favorito! :D me encantan sus bromas bastas! XD

iveofficiallygonemad asked:

Activists!! Rachel, Grover, and juniper try to save rare species and keep the earth clean! Reyna helps people who've had to deal with abuse. Annabeth and piper focus on helping kids with different sexualities, genders, romantic orientations that the social norm

ok ive had the piper one for so long and i LOVE  all the other ones!! percy helping kids with adhd + dyslexia. nico focuses on kids with depression + anxiety, and jason advocates for peace!! frank focuses on animals, and hazel focuses on natural resources! leo helps kids with traumatic pasts. 

send me pjo headcanons!!

  • what she says:i'm fine.
  • what she's thinking:what does piper do with all the ramen noodles? if she's giving out the flavour packets she must be left with a huge stack of dry, tasteless noodles. why doesn't she just give people the whole ramen packet? why just the flavour? if they only wanted the flavour they could take it out themselves, or eat the noodles. is she using the leftover noodles as a mattress or something? how long before the guards notice that her locker is literally stuffed with flavourless noodle packets and start asking questions? why doesn't she trade them with red for her to use in dinners etc.? will she try to get rid of them by throwing them out? won't someone notice? maybe she'll flush them? will they block the toilet? wHAT IS PIPER DOING WITH THE LEFTOVER RAMEN NOODLES??
What I hope happens in OITNB season 4:

• Red and Healey discover true Russian love with each other

• Pennsatucky and Boo stick it to Officer Coates. Literally.

• Bennet returns and has been preparing an ideal life for his new baby; not abandoning them like we think.

• Piper realizes she’s an obnoxious idiot

• Alex realizes that Piper is useless and finds someone sexy and intelligent instead

• Nicky returns from Max and seeks sarcastic revenge on Luschek

• Stella’s backstory is revealed

• SoSo and Poussey become girlfriends and give each other the love they both have been looking for.

•Suzanne and Maureen fall in crazy love. Forever.

• Norma Christ retrieves her voice and stands up for herself

• Lorna and her new husband plan their dream life together with all of their kids

• Daya gets early release and can begin raising her family

• Inmates are given an ironic chicken farm

• Pornstache gets released and attempts to get his job back at Litchfield

• Caputo can begin being warden of the prison. While also rocking out in his spare time