when the night comes has an image gallery! @traitor-of-the-void alerted me that when you scroll over each character’s pic in the gallery their expression changes! i have decided this change is based on your hunter walking directly up to them and kissing them smack on the cheek with no warning or explanation.

  • you kiss omen on the cheek. he is delighted! you’ve made his day! his week, even!
  • you kiss august on the cheek. they are a little bit suspicious. what exactly have you done? are you trying to butter them up? what is your ulterior motive, here, exactly. that was super random after all.
  • you kiss ezra on the cheek. he is instantly flustered, but in a good way. suddenly he can’t stop smiling. he’s probably also laughing at you for being silly.
  • you kiss piper on the cheek. she pulls a knife on you until you back off, and then glares at you until you explain yourself. (maybe then she chills out a bit and blushes slightly. she’ll glare harder to cover it up but with less genuine heat)
  • you kiss alkar on the cheek. oh, he says? well, he’d no idea you felt this way.  he smirks at you until somehow you’re the embarrassed one even though you’d been perfectly confident going into this. (probably internally he just has a monologue of sensory data imprinting on his brain for every millisecond of you kissing him on the cheek)
  • you kiss finn on the cheek. he catches your arm when you pull back and studies your face. whatever he sees must be satisfying to him, because his expression softens and he lets you go without saying anything

in conclusion,,, i love wtnc and all the characters and im really excited abt this game

What Can We Learn from the Universe’s Baby Picture?

If you look at your baby photos, you might see hints of the person you are today — a certain look in the eyes, maybe the hint of your future nose or ears. In the same way, scientists examine the universe’s “baby picture” for clues about how it grew into the cosmos we know now. This baby photo is the cosmic microwave background (CMB), a faint glow that permeates the universe in all directions.

In late September, NASA plans to launch a balloon-based astronomical observatory from Fort Sumner, New Mexico, to study the universe’s baby picture. Meet PIPER! The Primordial Inflation Polarization Explorer will fly at the edge of our atmosphere to look for subtle patterns in the CMB.

The CMB is cold. Really, really cold. The average temperature is around minus 455 degrees Fahrenheit. It formed 380,000 years after the big bang, which scientists think happened about 13.8 billion years ago. When it was first discovered, the CMB temperature looked very uniform, but researchers later found there are slight variations like hot and cold spots. The CMB is the oldest light in the universe that we can see. Anything before the CMB is foggy — literally.

Credit: Rob van Hal

Before the CMB, the universe was a fog of hot, dense plasma. (By hot, we’re talking about 500 million degrees F.) That’s so hot that atoms couldn’t exist yet – there was just a soup of electrons and protons. Electrons are great at deflecting light. So, any light that existed in the first few hundred thousand years after the big bang couldn’t travel very far before bouncing off electrons, similar to the way a car’s headlights get diffused in fog.  

After the big bang, the universe started expanding rapidly in all directions. This expansion is still happening today. As the universe continued to expand, it cooled. By the time the universe reached its 380,000th birthday, it had cooled enough that electrons and protons could combine into hydrogen atoms for the first time. (Scientists call this era recombination.) Hydrogen atoms don’t deflect light nearly as well as loose electrons and the fog lifted. Light could now travel long distances across the universe.

The light we see in the CMB comes from the recombination era. As it traveled across the universe, through the formation of stars and galaxies, it lost energy. Now we observe it in the microwave part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which is less energetic than visible light and therefore invisible to our eyes. The first baby photo of the CMB – really, a map of the sky in microwaves – came from our Cosmic Background Explorer, which operated from 1989 to 1993.

Why are we so interested in the universe’s baby picture? Well, it’s helped us learn a lot about the structure of the universe around us today. For example, the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe produced a detailed map of the CMB and helped us learn that the universe is 68 percent dark energy, 27 percent dark matter and just 5 percent normal matter — the stuff that you and stars are made of.

Right after the big bang, we’re pretty sure the universe was tiny. Really tiny. Everything we see today would have been stuffed into something smaller than a proton. If the universe started out that small, then it would have followed the rules of quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics allows all sorts of strange things to happen. Matter and energy can be “borrowed” from the future then crash back into nothingness. And then cosmic inflation happened and the universe suddenly expanded by a trillion trillion times.

All this chaos creates a sea of gravitational waves. (These are called “primordial” gravitational waves and come from a different source than the gravitational waves you may have heard about from merging neutron stars and black holes.) The signal of the primordial gravitational waves is a bit like white noise, where the signal from merging dead stars is like a whistle you can pick up over the noise.

These gravitational waves filled the baby universe and created distinct patterns, called B-mode polarization, in the CMB light. These patterns have handedness, which means even though they’re mirror images of each other, they’re not symmetrical — like trying to wear a left-hand glove on your right hand. They’re distinct from another kind of polarization called E-mode, which is symmetrical and echoes the distribution of matter in the universe.

That’s where PIPER comes in. PIPER’s two telescopes sit in a hot-tub-sized container of liquid helium, which runs about minus 452 degrees F. It’ll look at 85 percent of the sky and is extremely sensitive, so it will help us learn even more about the early days of the universe. By telling us more about polarization and those primordial gravitational waves, PIPER will help us understand how the early universe grew from that first baby picture.

PIPER’s first launch window in Fort Sumner, New Mexico, is in late September. When it’s getting ready to launch, you’ll be able to watch the balloon being filled on the Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility website. Follow NASA Blueshift on Twitter or Facebook for updates about PIPER and when the livestream will be available.

Make sure to follow us on Tumblr for your regular dose of space: http://nasa.tumblr.com.  

Frank: Oh, my God! Reyna’s wearing pink! Reyna’s wearing pink!

Piper: Are we sure it’s not a white shirt that’s just been bloodied in a motorcycle crash?

Hazel: Maybe it wasn’t her.Does she have a twin sister?

Percy: If Reyna had a twin, she would have eaten her in the womb.

Leo: Wait. Hold it. Stop.How come none of you teased her about it?

Jason: It’s Reyna. She’s scary.

Leo: You guys are unbelievable.I once wore a tie with a splash of purple.You guys called me Mr.Grapes for two years.

Annabeth: Oh, Mr. Grapes. I forgot about Mr. Grapes.

Leo: If I wore a pink shirt, you’d tear me to shreds.

Frank: Well, yeah, but you’d look like a My Little Pony with a gun.

Piper: Let me guess. Your theater club is putting on Grease, and you’re playing a pink lady.

Reyna: What are you guys laughing at?

Jason: If Leo was wearing a pink shirt.

Reyna: I get it. That’s hilarious.

Leo: What’s happening? Reyna is the one wearing pink.

Reyna: And?

Leo: It’s gorgeous.I wish I could pull that off

Reyna: Dream on Strawberry Shortcake


One thing is making me sad in this game actually :

You can’t have characters with different height. But my art side isn’t ‘cuz it’s like “ok go imagination”. Here you are my interpretation of companions size & look (don’t know so much DLC’s characters so I didn’t add them, sry). Why are they naked ? Don’t know, don’t care, don’t you ?

one of the funniest / saddest moments in the last olympian is when percy and annabeth are sitting together , happy and newly in love and they are talking about the prophecy . 

“Could be a problem for another generation of demigods,” I agreed. “Then we can kick back and enjoy.” 

Poor thing doesn’t even know what’s in store for him …

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Old Longfellow:

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Sole Survivor:

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  • [Reyna trying to understand everyone better]
  • Reyna: Tell me about the Argo II crew.
  • Hedge: Jackson, Levesque, and Grace. Children of the Big Three. They’re pretty much worthless. But they make good nectar.
  • Reyna: Copy that.
  • Hedge: Now the good ones. Annabeth Chase: tough, smart, hard to read, and scary as hell.
  • [Flashback]
  • Annabeth: Tell me who has me for Secret Santa.
  • Frank: No! That takes all the fun out of it.
  • [Annabeth stares daggers at him.]
  • Frank: It’s Nico. He got you a scarf. It’s blue and ugly. I’ll make him return it.
  • Hedge: Frank Zhang. He’s a grinder. Not the most brilliant camper, but he works harder than anyone else. He’s not the most physically... gifted.
  • [Flashback, Frank unwraps a muffin, then drops it on the ground.]
  • Frank: Awww man! My muffin!
  • [As he picks it up, he smacks his head on the desk.]
  • Frank: Ow! My head! My muffin and my head!
  • Hedge: Piper McLean, daughter of Aphrodite. Gets underestimated because of her looks, so she’s always trying to prove she’s tough.
  • [Flashback, Piper puts hot sauce on her sandwich. She looks up to see Percy watching her.]
  • Piper: You think I can’t handle this much hot sauce? I can handle way more than this. [She empties the hot sauce on her sandwich and takes a bite.]
  • Piper: (in agony) In... your... face.
  • Percy: ...I didn’t say anything.
  • Reyna: Tell me about Valdez.
  • Hedge: Leo Valdez is my best engineer-- he likes putting away bad guys and he loves solving puzzles. The only puzzle he hasn’t solved... is how to grow up.
  • Reyna: That’s very well put.
  • Hedge: I’ve talked a lot about Leo in my mandated therapy sessions.