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The Dakota Access pipeline has already leaked 84 gallons of oil

  • The Dakota Access pipeline has already leaked 84 gallons of oil, mere months after Native American protesters warned about the dangers of such a spill. 
  • The leak sprung at a pump station north of Crandon, South Dakota, on April 4, the local Aberdeen News reported Wednesday.
  • “This spill serves as a reminder that it is not a matter of if a pipeline spills, it’s a matter of when a pipeline spills,” Dallas Goldtooth, a campaigner with the Indigenous Environmental Network, said in a statement.
  • State officials said the leak was contained and cleaned up quickly, according to the Guardian, and NBC News reported that the runoff stayed within a designated containment area. 
  • But the incident serves as a dire reminder of how valid indigenous-led protests have been this past year. Read more (5/11/17)

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Canada oil pipeline spills 200,000 liters on aboriginal land

A pipeline in the western Canadian province of Saskatchewan has leaked 200,000 liters (52,834 gallons) of oil in an aboriginal community, the provincial government said on Monday.

The government was notified late in the afternoon on Friday, and 170,000 liters have since been recovered, said Doug McKnight, assistant deputy minister in the Ministry of the Economy, which regulates pipelines in Saskatchewan.

Oil pipelines are viewed by the oil-rich provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan as a critical lifeline to move crude to the coast, but they have drawn fierce opposition from environmental and indigenous groups.

The spill came seven months after another major incident in Saskatchewan, in which a Husky Energy Inc pipeline leaked 225,000 liters into a major river and cut off the drinking water supply for two cities.

It was not immediately clear how the current incident happened or which company owns the underground pipeline that leaked the oil.

McKnight said Tundra Energy Marketing Inc, which has a line adjacent to the spill, is leading cleanup efforts.

“There are a number of pipes in the area,” he told reporters in Regina. “Until we excavate it, we won’t know with 100-percent certainty which pipe.”

Tundra, a privately held unit of Canadian grain trading and energy conglomerate James Richardson and Sons Ltd, released a statement saying it is cooperating with all levels of government and will ensure “the affected land is restored appropriately.”

The incident happened in the lands of the Ocean Man First Nation 140 km (87 miles) southeast of the provincial capital of Regina, according to the province.

McKnight said the spill has been contained in the low-lying area in which it was discovered. Ocean Man Chief Connie Big Eagle said the spill was 15 meters (50 feet) in diameter on Friday.

Ocean Man has 540 residents, one-third of whom live on the reserve, Big Eagle said.

She said an area resident who had smelled the scent of oil for a week located the spill and alerted her on Friday. The chief said there are no homes near the spill but it is about 400 meters (1,320 feet) from the local cemetery.

“We have got to make sure that Tundra has done everything that they can to get our land back to the way it was. That can take years,” she said. “They have assured me that they follow up and they don’t leave … until we are satisfied.”


A new oil spill near Standing Rock just proves protesters’ point

  • A leak in the Belle Fourche Pipeline has spilled “more than 176,000 gallons of crude oil” into a nearby Belfield, North Dakota creek.
  • The leak occurred just 150 miles from where members of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and their allies have been camping.
  • The leak was discovered last week by a landowner rather than the monitoring device which should have detected it. 
  • Wendy Owen, a spokesperson for True Cos., the company that owns the pipeline, told CNBC that it has not yet determined why the equipment didn’t detect its own leak. Read more

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Sign from the Kinder Morgan Pipeline protest in Vancouver today:

Few Recent Oil Related Spills in Canada (in litres):

2011- Little Buffalo, 4.5 million

2012 - Red Deer River, 461,000

2012 - Elk Point, 230,000

2013 - Cold Lake, 1.5 million

2014 - Slave Lake, 70,000

2014 - Red Earth Creek, 60,000

2015 - Peace River, 2.7 million

2015 - Long Lake, 5 million

2016 - Prince Albert, 250,000


Peruvian Amazonian Indigenous Peoples Protest Oil Pipelines

The Indigenous people in Peru are protesting the 10th oil pipeline leak that is devastating the Peruvian Amazon causing severe health problems, crop damage and massive contamination.

Pipeline spills 176,000 gallons of crude into creek about 150 miles from Dakota Access protest camp
North Dakota officials estimate more than 176,000 gallons of crude oil leaked from the Belle Fourche Pipeline into the Ash Coulee Creek.
By Tom DiChristopher

A pipeline leak has spilled tens of thousands of gallons of crude oil into a North Dakota creek roughly two and a half hours from Cannon Ball, where protesters are camped out in opposition to the Dakota Access pipeline.

Members of the Standing Rock Sioux and other tribes, as well as environmentalists from around the country, have fought the pipeline project on the grounds that it crosses beneath a lake that provides drinking water to native Americans. They say the route beneath Lake Oahe puts the water source in jeopardy and would destroy sacred land.

North Dakota officials estimate more than 176,000 gallons of crude oil leaked from the Belle Fourche Pipeline into the Ash Coulee Creek. State environmental scientist Bill Suess says a landowner discovered the spill on Dec. 5 near the city of Belfield, which is roughly 150 miles from the epicenter of the Dakota Access pipeline protest camps.

The leak was contained within hours of the its discovery, Wendy Owen, a spokeswoman for Casper, Wyoming-based True Cos., which operates the Belle Fourche pipeline, told CNBC.

It’s not yet clear why electronic monitoring equipment didn’t detect the leak, Owen told the Asssociated Press.

Damaged Peru pipeline leaks 3,000 barrels of oil into Amazon region
Jungle covered in black sludge after a landslide caused the country’s main oil pipeline to rupture, polluting rivers relied on by eight native communities

Two rivers that native villages rely on for water have been contaminated. 

Peru’s health ministry has declared a water quality emergency in five districts near the spill. 

I’m very judgmental because I believe that once you know the results of an action, you cannot repeat that action and claim you did not intend the results.

- We know that pipelines burst and spill, contaminating any water near them. You cannot build a pipeline near water and claim you do not intend to poison the water. That is the known result of your actions.

- We know that outlawing abortion doesn’t lessen the number of abortions, it just raises the number of dead women. You cannot outlaw (or effectively outlaw) abortion and claim that you do not intend for women to die. That is the known result of your actions.

- We know that repealing the ACA will cause thousands of poor and chronically ill people to die from lack of healthcare. Our lawmakers cannot repeal the ACA and claim that they do not intend for thousands of people to die.

- We know that strict gun laws lower the rate of gun violence significantly. Our lawmakers cannot oppose these regulations and claim that they do not intend America to have more victims of gun violence.

I could go on.

mansdal-deactivated20170701  asked:

Why are so many celebrities using their voices to prevent oil pipelines? Clearly they are the safest and most environmentally friendly way. Greener energy is the way the future. I agree fully with slowly transferring to a new way in an appropriate time. Also why should I listen to a "celebrity" and not a regular person? Is using your fame to alter minds ethical? If you are against oil and gas, are you willing to take all oil products and bi-products out of your life completely and live hippy?

Pipelines are leaking constantly and explode and burst, we hear about it in the news once a month but there are thousands of incidents a year. The problem is there proximity to water sources. Once and aquifer is contaminated it’s always contaminated. There is no going back. We simply can not drink oil water is essential for life, oil is not. 


We all understand that Climate Change is real and man made. The sooner we stop burning oil and facilitate it the sooner we transition to Renewable energy. There is a lot each one of us can do without living like “Hippys” we can start making the transitions ourselves by leasing solar panels or updating our homes to be more energy efficient which we can do and have the savings we get from doing this pay for the upgrades. It’s called on bill efficiency upgrades. 

When celebrities get involved with a cause they believe in it’s usually because the people who started it aren’t being heard. A lot of people don’t want pipelines in their communities. It’s as simple as that. You probably wouldn’t want one going through your water supply like the folks in Standing Rock I am sure. Especially when you look at how many of them leak burst and explode. The CEO of Energy Transfer Partners Kelcy Warren  says so himself in a recent interview.


He says he will not win an argument on pipelines failing but that is exactly the argument he must win when we are talking about the most essential element to all living things, Water. 


Pipeline spills in the US; data is beautiful even when its ugly.

We need to protect our waters & everyone is connected to water. It’s how we live. Too many pipelines have spilled thousands and thousands of gallons of poison, ruining Reservation land, and our water supply.  And it can’t be undone. But we can prevent more from happening. We’re all connected to this water supply, so we must protect it.

fishermod  asked:

What impacts do you yhink cancelling the KM pipeline will have on the economy? My mom thinks the voiding of all these contracts will cause a big recession, and KM will just ship the oil by truck and make the environmental situation even worse than it would with the pipeline. I'm suspicious, but don't have any hard data to counter it with.

It won’t have any immediate effect, because Construction will still take several years to build the pipeline. Any economic benefits from the twinning of Kinder Morgan’s pipeline are years away. And no province is dependent on any 1 single project. That holds true for Alberta too.

Also one of the major arguments of oil pipelines to the coast is to sell oil overseas, but that has shaky economic logic:

Kinder Morgan Approval Insults Democracy, Science and Economic Logic

Economist warns insufficient oil demand hinders Trans Mountain pipeline

Eco-tourism worth billions trumps value of Kinder Morgan project, new report argues

Kinder Morgan pipeline spill could cost Vancouver $1.2 billion

Plus, Oil Spills from Bitumen pipelines like Kinder Morgan cannot be effectively cleaned up:

Review of 9,000 Studies Finds We Know Squat About Bitumen Spills in Ocean Environments

Nobody ships oil by truck in any capacity. Fear mongering over oil by rail is also a misnomer:

Pipeline Versus Rail ‘Debate’ Sticks Canadians With A False Choice

How the Spectre of Oil Trains is Deceptively Used to Push Pipelines

Also its not as if Alberta has a shortage of pipelines, besides Kinder Morgan, Line 3 and Keystone XL has been approved, and Energy East could come online too (along with the many other pipelines Alberta already has online right now). And Kinder Morgan’s pipeline already exists. Its already sending oil.

Also Alberta doesn’t need Kinder Morgan to meet capacity:

The ‘Canada Needs More Pipelines’ Myth, Busted

“In the briefing, titled “Canada Not Running Out of Pipeline Capacity,” authors Adam Scott and Greg Muttitt point out that there’s around 400,000 barrels/day of unused capacity in the network, easily accommodating exports for projects currently operating and under construction.

This calculation was derived from the organization’s Integrated North American Pipeline model, which then concluded the network was 89 per cent full.

As a result, the only reason that new pipelines like Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain and TransCanada’s Energy East would be required is if there’s a massive expansion of the oilsands, a move that would arguably undermine the Paris Agreement and other international climate commitments (an argument also made by David Hughes in his thorough June 2016 report for the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives).”

pastelingo  asked:

Yo nice blog, from what I had heard from other sources there were a lot of good regulations on the trans mountain pipeline, of course any pipeline is most likely going to be incredibly negative, but was everything pretty much entirely unreasonable ?

Its not reasonable.

This government wants to reduce its Climate Change emissions 30 per cent before 2030. That’s virtually impossible with this pipeline as it will emit more CO2 than they’ll save with their carbon tax or the phase out of Coal, combined.

Also the PM has no social license to proceed with this project. BC’s major cities, the majority of First Nations and 91% of people who showed up at hearings rejected this project.

In Burnaby this pipeline will go right through a wildlife conservation area, and right through a big University (SFU).

There’s also a very real chance this pipeline could spill causing billions of dollars and risking Thousands of jobs in British Columbia. And as the diesel spill in Bella Bella shows we are not capable of cleaning up oil spills, even small ones.

And if that weren’t worse enough this pipeline is predicted to make the Southern Resident Killer Whales go extinct.

Economically, it’s not a job creator. Most jobs it will create are temporary, construction based. Permanent jobs total: 50. Which is a joke. That’s not a wise investment of money. Spending almost 10 billion dollars for 50 full time jobs is laughably bad.

I’ll cite my sources below. I encourage you to read them.

Trudeau, Climate Leaders Don’t Build Pipelines (Contains stats on Climate emissions from this pipeline)

Approving Kinder Morgan Would Make Coal Phase-Out Irrelevant

Kinder Morgan Approval Insults Democracy, Science and Economic Logic

Environmentalists predict pipeline expansion will lead to extinction of orcas

Big oil v orcas: Canadians fight pipeline that threatens killer whales on the brink

Burnaby Public Town Hall – 100% Opposed to Kinder Morgan

Kinder Morgan pipeline, tankers endanger thousands of B.C. outdoor jobs and potentially billions in future revenue

Eco-tourism worth billions trumps value of Kinder Morgan project, new report argues


Independent scientific assessment rejects Kinder Morgan pipeline

Leak from proposed pipeline would devastate bird, wildlife population

Kinder Morgan pipeline spill could cost Vancouver $1.2 billion

An estimated 336,000-gallon oil spill just caused Alabama to declare a state of emergency

A massive Colonial Pipeline oil spill in Shelby County, Alabama, caused four states — Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina — to declare a state of emergency this week. Excavation work is underway to dig up and repair a broken segment of pipe in the rural community. The leak has brought oil prices to a staggering high.
There's Been HOW Many Pipeline Spills in Alberta in The Last Four Months??

External image

Alberta, Canada is basically a petro state. Oil and gas production rule everything and it’s happening everywhere in the north of the province. Pipelines criss cross most of Alberta. As a result, leaks of wells, facilities and pipelines are a constant thing all over the province.

West Coast Native News (WCNN) has been quietly keeping tabs on all the spills and leaks. What they have found is shocking!! Read more HERE