something that had literally not crossed my mind before wttm: skating fans haven’t gotten to see Victor skate all season, they had no idea he was gonna skate with yuuri like imagine being a victor fan in that audience, you haven’t gotten to see victor skate since he retired to coach yuuri and you honestly don’t know if you’ll ever get to see him skate again when suddenly !! in the middle of yuuri’s exhibition victor fucking nikiforov skates out onto that damn ice to go do a pairs skate with his fiancé like what !! people must have lost their damn minds omg

holy shit i saw all the shitposts about 2d’s playlist having careless whisper by george michael on it and i didn’t recognize the song name so i was like whatever it’s probably some random song that just sounds not great and then i. played it just now and i got three seconds in before the sax hit and im fucking. im cryign stu hoNE Y please. stu blease im fucking pissing myself why are u like this


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🦄Highway Unicorn Macarons🦄 

john hunger:  i saw the fullness of time, i pondered eternity and was the first person and only person to successfully visualize its treacherous arc. erasure or contentment or revival, any of them are fine as abstract concepts, but eternally, merle, eternally? you can’t possibly conceive of the length of eternity, merle, I have! it’s maddening and hopeless but it’s this burden we’re all saddled with from the moment of our creation, it’s a finish line that by its definition will never arrive, it stretches forever and ever it’s too ambivalent to even taunt those trapped behind it, it is the cruel price of existence merle and it is too horrible to bear once you’ve seen it. existence, merle, life, merle? is horrible! to exist, to live is horrible!

merle: I SaW ThE FuLlNeSs oF TiMe, I PoNdErEd eTeRnItY AnD WaS ThE FiRsT PeRsOn aNd oNlY PeRsOn tO SuCcEsSfUlLy vIsUaLiZe iTs tReAcHeRoUs aRc. eRaSuRe oR CoNtEnTmEnT Or rEvIvAl, AnY Of tHeM ArE FiNe aS AbStRaCt cOnCePtS, bUt eTeRnAlLy, MeRlE, eTeRnAlLy? YoU CaN’T PoSsIbLy cOnCeIvE Of tHe lEnGtH Of eTeRnItY, mErLe, I HaVe! It’s mAdDeNiNg aNd hOpElEsS BuT It’s tHiS BuRdEn wE’Re aLl sAdDlEd wItH FrOm tHe mOmEnT Of oUr cReAtIoN, iT’S A FiNiSh lInE ThAt bY ItS DeFiNiTiOn wIlL NeVeR ArRiVe, It sTrEtChEs fOrEvEr aNd eVeR It’s tOo aMbIvAlEnT To eVeN TaUnT ThOsE TrApPeD BeHiNd iT, iT Is tHe cRuEl pRiCe oF ExIsTeNcE MeRlE AnD It iS ToO HoRrIbLe tO BeAr oNcE YoU’Ve sEeN It. ExIsTeNcE, mErLe, LiFe, MeRlE? iS HoRrIbLe! To eXiSt, To lIvE Is hOrRiBlE!