Hey Guys, I just wanted to do a little intro to this blog and give my story to how I got started with pipe smoking.

So first a little background on myself. I am 19 years old and a college student studying computer engineering at Minnesota State University located in Mankato, Minnesota. I’m currently the Lead Vocalist and Guitarist of the blues-rock band Riptide in Albert Lea, MN (My Hometown).

I got started in the tobacco world when i was a junior in high school. Yes, I was under 18. One of the guys in the band turned 18 and he bought us all cheap cigars from the local tobacconist. When I say cheap I mean it. As soon as I lit the cigar I noticed that the wrap started unraveling. Even though the cigar was quite bad,  I really enjoyed the atmosphere of sitting around on a nice spring day in the woods and puffing on a cigar while having a nice conversation with friends.

After that I had tried a couple of other cigars by the time I turned 18. When i had finally turned 18 I bought quite a bit of decent cigars and soon noticed how expensive it was getting as my taste developed. This is what originally got me into pipe smoking. It was simply a cheaper alternative. I went down to my local tobacconist and bought a $20 Chinese pipe with a metal insert and god only knows what type of wood it was made of, and a pound of the good stuff cigarette tobacco. Little did I know at the time what a bad idea that was. Especially since I had no clue how to properly light it.

Obviously this almost immediately shut me down to the world of pipe. It was about another 6 months before I decided to pick up my first briar pipe and some good tobacco. After sampling some higher quality tobacco I was immediately drawn to pipe smoking. Ever since (about 6 months) I have been trying all the tobacco I can get my hands on to broaden my palette. I have also been watching all the great videos that people post on YouTube and have decided to finally begin my presence as a pipe smoker on the web.

With this blog I plan on reviewing some of the pipes, tools, lighters, accessories, and tobacco that I try as well as using this as a personal blog to share what I am doing in my life at the moment. I also plan on uploading pictures of my things and smoking spots I have been enjoying.

I will also do my best to share with you what my club, The Pioneer Park Pipe Club has been up to.

If you like what you see, share with your friends. Im excited to start blogging