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“You want to be come an Avenger?” Your dad asked Stiles. Today you were going to have your boyfriend meet Stiles, knowing that with both their kid like personalities, they would get along just fine. 

Stiles nodded. It was after school and Clint had offered to come pick you up. “I’m not the best at defending myself, Coach says I have the body type of a half cooked noodle but I can come up with plans very well.” He spoke, you nodded in agreement to both parts. 

“Okay,” Clint said, thinking for a moment. “Someone hurts Y/N what do you do?”

“Beat them severely with a metal pipe wrapped in barbed wire or knock them with chloroform and throw them in a lake.”

You looked at your dad, who just nodded in approval. “I’ll talk to Furry when I can.”

There are some parts you just don’t see on custom bikes nowadays. Like mirrors, center stands, fork reflectors, and—heck—even fenders. They all end up in the bin faster than you can order a roll of pipe wrap.
But this restomod BMW R65 by Pedro Pires and @redondamotors has all of those things. Plus decent sized lights, touring handlebars and a cushy seat.
And with orange highlights inspired by a late 60s BMW Alpina car, it looks incredible.
Head over to the main site for the build story and more beautiful images by @bernardolucio.photography
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angels and cobras

[Tuesday, February 14th, 2017. 11:21 p.m.]

cobras lay dormant in pipes under beds
wrapped tightly around your ankles
to keep you bound and alive
before sinking their teeth into your feet
to suck you dead
attack at angles where anger always deflects
and is kept at bay
ignore the craze of angels in trees in baby seats
trumpeting about the dangers forthcoming
they are just underlings to a bored god
but this is what life is made of
part cobras and their venom the sweetest kiss
you will ever taste
slow acting and stalking and reminding you
what power truly is
to the powerless
who cannot prowl about on their own
and yearn to be fearless
and part angels and their dogmas made of
gold and smoke the heaviest load you will
ever swallow and choke on
controlling and guiding and bringing you
down to your kneeling knees
in surrender
cheating surrender
of a soul that is better left guarded by the body
and not given to the liars
who will eat it in hopes of pleasing
their maker


“Cover your crystal eyes, and feel the tones that tremble down your spine.
Cover your crystal eyes, and let your colours bleed and blend with mine.

Remember that old dirty buck skull that my friend gave me, that had his antlers sawn off?

Just because something seems broken doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful again.

I started out using a dremel to drill five holes where his antlers would be, before using wire to form a pair of antlers for him. I then used pipe cleaners and wrapped it around the wire to give the crystals something to stick to. I got a big flower pot and used hot water to dissolve two boxes of 20 mule team borax before hanging the skull upside-down so that the antlers were submerged.

I let him sit overnight, and this is the result. Here’s a step by step gif of how it went:

Originally I just scrubbed him off and was going to sell him for a measly $10, but after handling him and thinking about how he was just dumped as garbage after having his antlers sawn off I felt bad for him. I felt that he needed to be honored and made beautiful again. Others may view him as broken and ruined garbage that should be thrown away, but to me he’s still a beautiful prince.

  • Let Me Drown
  • Idina Menzel, Brian d'Arcy James,& Ensemble
  • The Wild Party (2000/03/17)

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Let Me Drown - From The Wild Party (Andrew Lippa), March 17th, 2000

aka Brian creeps the f*** out of everyone

I’m not complaining tho; he totally should. Just another evidence of how AWESOME this man is (yes pun intended).