pipe hand

Worth Part 2

The next morning you were woken up by the clashing sound of metal against metal. Tobias was standing in the door, pipe in hand as he told you to meet him in the pit in less than five minutes.
Scrambling to get your stuff together, you got up and hurriedly got dressed before you followed the other initiates out of the dorms.
You and Mel almost ran to the Pit, like the other initiates, where Four and Eric were both waiting for you. While you were out of breath and already slightly sweaty, the two men seemed to have kept their cool.
If you looked closer, paying attention to their body language you soon thought that the atmosphere between them was more than frosty.

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Frank Ocean added an annotation to Slide’s page on Genius, breaking down a lyric off of his verse.

“Boy With A Pipe” is a painting by Pablo Picasso, which was painted in 1905 during his Rose Period. The oil on canvas painting shows a Parisian boy holding a pipe in his left hand. “Boy With A Pipe” sold for a record-breaking $104.2 million.