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This made me cry.

I’ve been seeing this video on Facebook and on Tumblr but didn’t actually watch it till now for it’s too long and I thought that this is just a waste of time. But noooo, it’s not. Seriously.


This is a very amazing wedding proposal. One of the bests that I’ve seen, I must say. Men should start giving time and great importance to this thing. I even remember myself thinking about getting a crappy wedding proposal from the man I really love and a wonderful one from the one I just like, I thought before that I’d choose the one who’d pour out all his creativity and hardwork in the proposal. Idk whyyy.

There is never anything too much for the person whom you love most in this world. Anything for the person whom you would want to spend the rest of your life with, it is!

I can’t wait for the day that the person whom I love and who loves me more than anyone in this world would pour his heart out in a wedding proposal just to hear me say “YES”.

Hiiiii future fiance/hubby, be pressured. Better be ready with something as great as this or more grandiose than this. LOLJK, anything from your heart will be greatly appreciated. Or not. Kidding!

It seems life is constructed in a way that no one can fulfill it alone. Life contains its own absence, which only an other can fulfill. It seems the world is the summation of others, and yet we neither know nor are told that we will fulfill each other. We lead our scattered lives, perfectly unaware of each other. Or at times, allowed to find the other’s presence disagreeable. Why is it, that the world is constructed so loosely? A horse fly, bathed in light, flies in close to a blooming flower. I, too, might have been someone’s horse fly. Perhaps you, too, had once been my breeze.
—  Nozomi, Air Doll

This song shows how my heart had been so cold until you filled me with warmth… Merry Christmas! I love you!

이 노래는 당신이 따뜻한 날 가득 때까지 내 마음이 너무 추워 있었는지 보여줍니다… 메리 크리스마스! 난 널 사랑해!

Just because it has always been my dream to have someone write a song for me. <3 Obsessing on this Korean drama as of the moment. A must-watch! 

… It’s just that I don’t want to be somebody’s crush. If somebody likes me, I want them to like the real me, not what they think I am. And I don’t want them to carry it around inside. I want them to show me, so I can feel it, too. I want them to be able to do whatever they want around me. And if they do something I don’t like, I’ll tell them.
—  Sam, The Perks of being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

Bic Runga - Sway (by dublin75)

Don’t stray, don’t ever go away
I should be much too smart for this
You know it gets the better of me
Sometimes, when you and I collide
I fall into an ocean of you, pull me out in time
Don’t let me drown, let me down
I say it’s all because of you

Say you’ll stay, don’t come and go
Like you do
Sway my way, yeah I need to know
All about you


is feeling the urge to immediately tell this person whom you’re attached to the details when something really good or terribly bad happens. It is the constant wanting to be with that person–missing the person when you’re not together.

Gaaahh. I think I’m getting emotionally and physically attached to you already (that is, if I’m not yet). Kthanksbye.

Manila is awesome!

K, so one of the things that made my summer awesome is my summer classes. I took two classes and one of them is PI 100, more known as Rizal. 

I never thought that I’d actually enjoy this class since I pratically don’t care anything about the nationalism shizz. I mean, I do care but not to the point that I get to be interested on things. Well, this course is definitely an eye-opener. Good thing that this is required for all college students to take. Hope that all of those who haven’t taken it yet, be able to get it under an amazing professor, just like mine (Dr. Siao Campoamor).

The very highlight of this summer class is our group’s field trip to Intramuros, Manila.

I remember having gone to Intramuros few years ago when we went for a Visita Iglesia. Or probably going there on a field trip way before. Man, I didn’t know then that it was that beautiful. 

And oh, we were required to do a little documentation of our Manila Trip and here it is!

*Sorry for poor photo quality.

King Carlos IV : The Spanish Prometheus

King Carlos IV of Spain introduced the smallpox vaccine to the Philippines.

The monument was built in 1824 to honor King Carlos IV of Spain for his introduction of the smallpox vaccine in the Philippines.  Europeans often build monuments in honor of great people, putting up statues of their kings and warriors. This way, their works and contributions to their countries would not be forgotten. Today, the many monuments of our heroes that we see would always remind us that they died for the country, and that they should always be honored and remembered. 

Sangleys of Today

Sangleys were immigrant Chinese who came to the Philippines to do business.

The woman is selling rosaries.  

The woman is selling hats and bags.

Rayadillos: Guards Wearing Spanish Military Attire

Rayadillo is the cotton fabric used to make the military uniforms of Spanish colonial soldiers.  

The first encounter with a rayadillo

Group picture with a Rayadillo at the Gate of Intramuros

Picture with a Rayadillo before exiting Rizal Shrine

At first, the group had a hard time understanding what rayadillos were. They tried asking several coachmen / tourist guides; none whom gave a credible answer. The group even wished that they brought a Spanish-English dictionary with them. Luckily, they happened to ask the guard near the Manila Cathedral, who finally gave them the answer they needed - rayadillos are Filipino guards dressed as Spanish Guardia Civil. With this knowledge, the group went out in search of the rayadillos. Each rayadillo is a hurray, a photo opportunity! However, when you think of it on a deeper level, the group finds it odd that the ones protecting the core place that shouts of our Filipino being are Spanish (or at least, dressed as Spaniards). It could imply that the Spaniards are still the ones who are stronger and who are able to give us refuge.

On the lighter perspective, they are probably asked to dress as Spanish Guardia Civil to make the environment of Intramuros be more like what it was during the Spanish era. In this way, visitors are able to feel what Intramuros was like during the Spanish colonial period.

“The Lady Med”

The artwork “Triumph of Science over Death” is a sculpture by Rizal.

When we took a look at the artwork of Rizal entitled “Triumph of Science Over Death” we realized that this is the female version of the Oblation in UP Manila, Lady Med.  It is apt that this statue be placed in the UP College of Medicine, as Rizal was an ophthalmologist. 

A quote engraved on the glass by Francis Burton Harrison says “Rizal’s greatest services to the cause of the human race were those scientific impulses which he gave to the world of his duty…” This brings to mind the statement of Basilio in the El Fili that ultimately, Science would triumph over nationalism, bringing the world together as one and erasing racial distinctions. Our group thought that Rizal’s ultimate works, though of literature and not of science, were ahead of his time, and led to the pioneering of a field in social science – the science of man.

This work of art also reflects the main theme of Rizal’s works – that education, and the teaching of science and truth, is the key to a nation’s freedom. Rizal may have made this work in anticipation of the eventual victory of science and education over the monopoly of the Church on life after death, and by extension, life in this world; which taught indios to accept oppression as a cross they must bear.

What was the height of Rizal?

It’s really hard to figure what the height of Rizal really was–even his clothes do not clear up this confusion. His coat suggests that he stood more than 5 foot and 5 inches while his vests, which are too small, indicate a petite figure of our national hero. With this, the group has come up with a unanimous opinion that he stood 4 feet and 11 inches.

The Alcohol Lamp: The Fire of Nationalism is Passed on

Rizal’s Mi Ultimo Adios was hidden in a copper alcohol lamp and given to Trinidad.

Dr. Jose Rizal hid his last poem, Mi Ultimo Adios, inside the alcohol lamp. The day before he was executed, he gave the lamp to his sister Trinidad, and told her “There is something inside.”   If he did not conceal the letter in this lamp, the guards could have confiscated Rizal’s poem, suspecting that it was a letter connected to the revolution.  If that happened, we would have not known of the existence of this very moving poem of Rizal, his last farewell to the struggling nation.

An introspection on Binondo and Intramuros

In Rizal’s El Filibusterismo, Basilio resided in Capitan Tiago’s house on Calle Anloague.

The view from the Baluarte de San Gabriel faces Binondo, a place where Rizal resided while he was studying. It is certainly a scenic spot, with an excellent view fronting the Pasig River. Our group thought that the beauty of the place may have been a source of inspiration for Rizal; and that he truly considered this place his motherland.

We then realized that the Binondo of old is very similar to the Binondo we know today – enterprising Chinese businessmen still reside there, and, like Intramuros, kalesas abound. However, in Rizal’s time, the cannons of Intramuros were ever ready to quell a possible foreign uprising; while today, racial lines muddle as Filipinos absorb immigrants of all races.

Rizal: The Educator

Rizal is often perceived as an advocate of an educated nation.

Our group sees this statue as a depiction of Rizal, the advocate of education. Here, Rizal is holding an open book, which could possibly symbolize the attainment of wisdom through education.  This book is outstretched in the palm of his hand, an indication of the enlightenment he wished to give to the Philippines along with his works and his life. 

Some wags say that since the statue is facing the Manila Cathedral, the artist believes that Rizal recanted his works immediately prior to his death. However, our group believes that Rizal thought of his cause with utmost importance, and made the supreme sacrifice defending his beliefs.

300: Enough Money to Keep Rizal Alive

Rizal was held in this cell the night before his execution.

The group estimated that the money scattered on the ground amounted to around Php300. It is a mere guess, relating to the pocket money Paciano sent to Rizal monthly when the latter was away abroad. This amount of money was enough to have him survive and for him to sustain a stay wherever he was. 

Here, Rizal seems to take on a most forlorn, un-heroic look. His hands are bound by ropes behind his back, and even the face may be interpreted to show a sense of resignation prior to his death. As this cell was the one he stayed in the night before, and there are bronze footsteps to mark his path to Bagumbayan, we could almost imagine our national hero walking to his execution.  

The group saw three of the ducks that Doña Victorina ridiculed.


Must go here, I tell you!

Lugar 1: Escolta Real

The Calle Real was one of the major thoroughfares of Intramuros. During the Spanish colonial period, it was a street that flourished due to commerce and trade, and could be compared to the present day Ortigas or Makati Central Business Districts. However, when our group took a picture by the sign, our group noticed that the street was quiet, lacking none of the business and bustle of its former life. The street seems to have diminished in utility, both in governance and commerce, since the days of Rizal. We think that the Real Street has taken the opposite path our national hero Rizal took, who, honored in life, was glorified in death. On the other hand, the Calle Real was respected in other times, but forsaken in this age.

Lugar 2: Ateneo de Manila

Jose Rizal studied at the Ateneo de Manila, and as he spent his formative years here, he received a liberal education from the Jesuits. Our group thought that the site of the school was well situated – near the Calle Real. However, there was no other marker indicating that Ateneo used to be there, unlike the second location of the school in Ermita, Manila, which has a small monument to indicate its past there. However, we think that the most important part of a school is not the location, but the educators and their principles, as was shown by the influence the Jesuits had on Rizal’s thinking.

Lugar 3: Galeria de los Presedentes de la Republica Pilipina

Along Sta. Lucia Street, there is a display of metal artworks, including bas relief portraits of the Presidents of the Republic of the Philippines, from Aguinaldo up to Arroyo. However, when our group arrived, some of the portraits were being relocated because of the recent typhoon. Our group wondered whether all of the Presidents deserved to lead from their office, and various honors they received afterwards, just as Rizal was deserving of the title national hero. We also mused on the possibility of Rizal’s being a role model for these Presidents. Perhaps some of them have. As the theme of Rizal’s 150th Anniversary says, he is the “Haligi ng Bayan.”

Lugar 4: Baluarte de Dilao

The Baluarte de Dilao was also known as the Baluarte de San Lorenzo. However, because it fronted the suburb area of Dilao, where Japanese communities were, it was simply called Baluarte de Dilao. This place brought to our minds the discussion on social class during the time of Rizal, which was determined not only by economy but also by race. The foreigners, including Sangley Chinese and Japanese, most of whom were non-Christians, were feared and distrusted. Our group, in analyzing society today, realized that the element of race is not vital to social class anymore. However, the poor are still oppressed, and their rights trampled upon.

Lugar 5: San Diego Garden

The Baluarte de San Diego was the first stone fort established in the Philippines. Even though it was strategically located, fronting both land and sea, the fort was poorly built. Perhaps, our group thought that this was an appropriate analogy for the Philippines (like El Fili’s Tabo). Our country has one of the most abundant natural resources in the region, both land and sea, and yet the nation is in disrepair, because it was built of inferior men who rob their countrymen.

And we got to pick makopas there. It felt so badass. Yaaayy. First time to try this fruit. It tastes weird but yum when dipped in some salt. Nomnomnom~

See. It’s a very beautiful place, isn’t it? I plan on going back there for more photo sessions with friends. Moreover, I want to try out the Ferry Boat Ride and have a food trip. <3



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23 September 2011

Weee~ Chilled at Sunken Garden (bonded with the worms!). Ate at Wicked Kitchen. Gaaahhd. We were all so bloated and felt like our tummies were gonna explode. But it was a very good dessert, though. Happiness~ Sugar rush~ :D Played Rock Band (sang songs which we don’t even know how their tunes go, lols). Can’t wait for v.2, v.3, v.infinity. Lols. Arribalove! <3

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Kids Talk About True Love (by OfficialTiffanyAndCo)


What exactly is true love?

It is kissing? I don’t know. 


What happens next?

When they have more family and they want to have a baby. I don’t know how you get a baby. Maybe it just comes by itself. Maybe just… it’s from magic? And it’s love. And… that’s it!


Very adorable how these kids give so innocent answers when asked about what exactly love is. Oh, true love.