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Spoiler 71 chapters.

1) Hiyori:
- Who are u?!
- Do not come!
Hiyori decides to protect Bishamon. But suddenly comes a one god.- Аh?
- Hey, u.
- You know Yato?
That said the same God who had spoken to Max - Emishi.
- Yato…?
- What heaven made with him ?!
- Perhaps they want his death.
- They’ve already figured out with his hafuri.
- They want to deaths.
Hiyori listens Emishi story.
- All is well.
- Will Yato escape punishment Heaven’s?
- This time, everything can happen.
Hiyori finally understands what is happening.
2) Yukine tried to protect Yato, but it did not work out… Meanwhile, the atmosphere is heating up among the gods. This is followed by a dialogue between gods, shinki and Heaven.
3) Daikoku realizes that Yukine is important to him. He wants to help him. This is followed by a conversation Daikoku and Kofuku.

Fairy Tail Chapter 513 Reaction

Minerva Apologize To Kagura About What Happened At The Grand Magic Games And Kagura Accepts.

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Erza And Wendy Vs. Eileen.

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WHAT!!! Eileen Dodged All The Swords Erza Threw At Her And Arranged Them In A Flower Circle.

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Eileen Reveals She Is Erza’s Mother.

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Erza Says The Only One She Is Calling Her Parent Is Makarov, And No Matter What, She Sees Eileen As Her Enemy.

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