Fire signs usually come from houses that are filled with emotions and activities but lack stability and structure

Air signs usually come from houses filled ed with education and intellectual focus or at least curiosity but lacked both stability and emotional needs

Earth signs usually come from houses filled with work, responsibility and structure but lacked warmth or relaxation

Water signs usually come from houses that are moody, emotional and private but lacked stability emotionally and physically

Cheat Sheet: The Signs Crushing

I got a lot of asks on this, so here’s a quick cheat sheet on tell tale signs the signs like you!

💜Check Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars💜

♈️Aries♈️: Passionate to be with you; Finds reasons to spend time with you; Asks lots of questions; Finds time for you
♉️Taurus♉️: Cares about you actively; Offers to pay for something or lend you something; Subtle compliments; Pays attention
♊️Gemini♊️: Talkative; Actively engages with you; Playful insults; Seems to enjoy lengthy discussion with you
♋️Cancer♋️: Discovers your emotions; Physical contact or want for it; Shy with you; Wants to uncover the you behind the scenes
♌️Leo♌️: Impresses you; Tries to be the light of a room you’re in; Competitive with you; A lot of grins
♍️Virgo♍️: Wishes to be helpful; Wants to know your faults; Pep talks; Reciprocated flirting
♎️Libra♎️: Flirtatious; Agrees with you; Compliments you; Shies away slightly
♏️Scorpio♏️: Gazing; Tries uncovering deeper parts of you; Flirts; Deep eye contact
♐️Sagittarius♐️: Wants to know about your dreams; Shows off their energy; Talks about big ideas with you; Questioning
♑️Capricorn♑️: Slightly competitive; Tries remaining classy and well-mannered; Shows off their more nurturing side with you; Wants to know your desires
♒️Aquarius♒️: Asks you strange questions; Appears to actively engage with you; Asks your opinions; Shares their own in discussion
♓️Pisces♓️: Wants to find reasons to have physical contact; Asks you about your emotions; Finds out your worries; Actively tries to help you a lot

Of course, no one will do all of these, and there are probably more ideas, but these are the key ones that stick out for each sign!

You can also try using their Rising and Mercury.

Happy crushing✨

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