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Tumblr family? Or your Thirteen?

I love my Tumblr family. Or Tumblr Thirteen. I’ve never met such a supportive bunch who have alleviated my moods during rough spots and made me laugh, cry, and just smile. The skies clear when we unite. Anyone in any branching fandom is just my extended family.

I am cyber (group) hugging @the-little-dragon-faery, @court-of-wildfire, @daeniran, @katgirl05, @oyasumi-wyrds, @maachan-is-hungry, @miss-phengophobia  and @winged-defender-of-deltora. I LOVE YOU ALL THANK YOU FOR BEARING WITH ME AND BEING THE LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS. You’ve all influenced me someway during my two months here, and I am forever grateful for every one of you beautiful souls.  


HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE 🐣🐰 its been a rlly great week and i was able to accomplish lots of things + design my bullet journal hehe

taken from my instagram @europhias 💓


not today by bts [yuri on ice] 

brb picking up my jaw off the floor 


week 17. its a brand new week once again. iim honestly scared by how fast the days are going by 😓 and theres only a month or two month left till graduation!!! I’m slowly realizing how the my days as a high schooler are coming to an end and ill be saying goodbye to this life, I’m gonna miss and treasure it a lot 💞


Why the MBTI types don't do prank calls
  • INTJ: they got too frustrated when their recipients were so gullible.
  • INTP: they are forcibly prevented from doing so since the last incident.
  • ENTJ: they're too busy at business meetings.
  • ENTP: no one knows the difference between their normal calls and prank calls. they seem to always be pranking.
  • INFJ: they have no idea how to hide their caller id.
  • INFP: they don't currently have a phone.
  • ENFJ: they came up with something too obscure and inoffensive that no one would even let them do it.
  • ENFP: they just burst into random maniacal laughter halfway through, giving themselves away.
  • ISTJ: they're afraid of being caught.
  • ISFJ: they're afraid of hurting someone's feelings.
  • ESTJ: so that they can tell others not to do so and seem like the better person.
  • ESFJ: they're always on the receiving end because they're so gullible.
  • ISTP: their phone isn't currently functioning because they pulled it just apart so they could put it back together again.
  • ISFP: a teacher confiscated their mobile three years ago and they never got it back.
  • ESTP: they haven't payed their phone bill yet.
  • ESFP: everyone knows it's them.
Dúvidas. Acho que depois que finalmente consegui parar de pensar em você, foi só isso que ficou.. Aliás, eu só te trouxe a memória agora, pois precisava sentir algo e saber que ainda to aqui, ter a consciência que ainda sei pensar em algo ou alguém. Não que eu esteja exatamente sentindo sua falta, pois não estou. É só que.. antes de você, eu já me sentia “completo”,  daí quando você apareceu, vi que estava errado e que eu podia estar sempre me completando mais, sabe? Mas parece que você levou isso, essa sensação de querer ir adiante e tentar de novo, buscando sempre coisas novas, entende? Aliás,  não me entenda mal, não me sinto incompleto sem você, como eu já disse, eu já me sentia completo antes de você, na verdade, sinto que você levou algo que eu já possuía. A questão é: O que foi? Não era o bastante ir e levar apenas aquilo que trouxe? Eu não consigo mais ter expectativas em algumas coisas, outras sequer chego a tentar. Daí fico me perguntando “Por que estou assim ultimamente?”“Porque não consigo simplesmente gostar de novo de alguém?” Bom.. são questão que ainda não encontrei uma resposta, mas acredito que você possa responde-las esse algo que levou de mim. Então.. se por acaso passar por aqui de novo, por favor, devolva.
—  Allan Moura