“So i was playing SalsaKnightTM and making my way with my team sans healer back from spawn to the payload. Our Pip was single-handedly making sure we were on constant overtime against the whole (WHOLE) enemy team. i literally shouted ‘HOLD ON I’M COMING PIP’, popped my ult, and made sure to shield him after it was finished. It worked, because the rest of our team flanked and ambushed, scattering our enemies and helping the cart move forwards, winning the round!!”

-Submitted by @charmemes

Paladins First Impressions (Slight OW Trigger)

Paladins was better than I thought at first. The internet deeming it an “Overwatch clone”, I had to check it out for myself and form my own opinion.

Hi-Rez Studios. the creators behind the wildly popular MOBA SMITE, launched the open beta on September 26,2016. I had recently received an invite to play and as Eve took of the fruit from Satan, I bit the proverbial apple. Going through the tutorial, there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary I’d expect with this genre. The real learning curve came in the standout feature of both SMITE and Paladin : A card system. These cards imbue your characters with stronger buffs using projectiles and advanced healing amongst other things.

My first initial playthrough was by all means intense. I played with a team of four in a payload match on  Outpost, an abandoned mining town. My team consisted of Viktor( we can ride horses!), Barik, Seris, Tyra, and lastly me playing as the adorable-yet-might-shoot-your-face-off furry creature known as Pip.

The rounds go to four and it was nail bitingly close. As players of Overwatch know, if your team does not have discipline they will surely fail. Internal screaming aside, my team managed to put up a good lead against the bot team. One part particularly in the match made me a fan. Here I am after being revived rushing to the objective capture point to turn it into a payload when all of a sudden my view limits and gets dark til I can no longer see 2 feet in front of me. Wondering who’s ultimate this is it becomes very clear: Maeve. While a hauntingly “good niiiight’ fills my headset, two glowing red eyes glare at me from the top of the screen. While horrified, Drogoz the dragon  flies down as if a hawk were collecting its prey and kills me. I was floored in amazement staring at what just happened. The ultimates in this game are something that sets them miles apart from Overwatch (Don’t crucify me Reinhardt mains). Overall, we achieved victory after that long arduous battle.

 Paladins the beta I believe is now officially open for all players on both consoles (Xbox 1 and PS4). Jump in today and let me know your opinions! Share this with your friends!

Favourite stationery stores in Amsterdam

Since I live in the Netherlands and pretty close to Amsterdam, I thought it might be fun to share some of my favourite (dutch) stationery stores in Amsterdam :)

1. De Bijenkorf

Dam 1, 1012 JS Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Where do I even start? De Bijenkorf is the biggest department store of the Netherlands and is located in the heart of Amsterdam: De dam. The building is really pretty and old. On the 4th floor is their stationery located. It has got famous brands like Moleskine, Stabilo, Paperchase but during the back to school period dutch brands like Blond Amsterdam and Pip studio as well. 


Nieuwendijk 174-176, 1012 MT Amsterdam , The Netherlands

A real typical dutch store. It is located in almost every dutch town. You should take a look at the food court because there is much Dutch food and candy. But the stationery department is definitely the best part of the shop. Many dutch people have stationery from the HEMA because HEMA’s stationery is inexpensive and cute.

3. Vlieger

Amstel 34, 1017 AB Amsterdam, the Netherlands

This store is located inside an old canal house along one of Amsterdam’s canals. It is foundend in 1869 and still has this old atmosphere. It focuses mainly on paper and art stuff but sells some nice stationey too. 

3. V&D (Vroom & Dreesman)

Kalverstraat 203, Amsterdam , the Netherlands

A real dutch department store with a great ‘’back to school’’ department. It sells many,many pens (stabilo, papermate, sharpie etc.) notebooks, binders, backpacks, planners and more school related stuff. Once again, you should take a look at the blond amsterdam and Pip studio.

4. Sissy Boy (homeland)

KNSM-Laan 19, 1019 LA Amsterdam, the Netherlands

A concept store comparable to urban outfitters. It owns more vintage themed stationery noticeable due to french titles, brown paper etc. 

5. The museum shop

Museumplein, Amsterdam

This shop is located on “Museum plein’’ between the museums: ‘’Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh museum and Stedelijk museum and the ‘’I am amsterdam sign’’. Although this shop doesn’t sell much stationery, it does sell fun stationery. Mostly art themed and related to the paintings of the museums. Quite expensive unfortunately.

I hope you liked this post and thought it was handy.

 If you are planning to go to Amsterdam, Have Fun!


“Honestly, the most annoying thing for me is when I’m playing as Ying (or sometimes pip) and I’m working my literal ass off to make sure everyone is alive and healthy and then suddenly I’m being targeted and chased down by characters who CLEARLY have stronger attacks than I do and my team just kind of stands there and watches as I struggle to keep myself alive.”

-Confession created by @filaceous