pip x lindsay

Pip and Lindsay

“Je t'aime,” he says, through gritted teeth, to shut the kid up. “Je ne sais pas pourquoi. Tu es… complètement bête, tu t'habilles comme une pute travestie, jehais ta musique, tu es fou, tu me rends fou, mais je suis fou de toi et je pense à toi tout le temps et je t'aime, oui. Tu comprends? Je t'aime. Seulement… pas en anglais. Je ne peux pas.”
Valentine’s shifting about like he’s uncomfortable. “I ain’t got no idea what you just said but I think I need to change my pants.”
“Maintenant, ta gueule.”

Ne Me Quitte Pas - A Stockholm Syndrome Fic

Title: Ne Me Quitte Pas (Don’t Leave Me)
Pip Valentine x Lindsay Brown
Summary: Quick one-shot, an idea that wouldn’t leave me alone. Valentine is in the hospital again, Lindsay tries to cope. 1 year post NB-NE, angsty-fluffy. 
Word Count: 2700+
Rating: PG-13/T
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters involved in this fic, they are the property of Richard Rider who writes the SS series. I’m merely borrowing them for a little test drive. 
—-This is my first fic in the SS/Noelian/Howince genre of fanfiction. To be honest I was quite nervous about posting this…. I’d really love your feedback, so feel free to drop me an ask/submit or something. I just couldn’t stop writing it and had to post it. Beta’d by myself, so please excuse minor errors, and sorry if it’s ooc, I tried. x —-

February 2016

He wasn’t sure how things had gotten so fucked again. One minute he’s fixing the kid a cuppa and the next he’s on his way to A&E. Lindsay’s hands are white knuckled on the steering wheel as he takes the all too familiar route, mouth dry and palms sweating. They didn’t tell him enough on the phone, but they had used the word “critical” and it was enough to drive his stomach to the floor. 

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