pip malone


Pip Malone :) 


Scarlet 'Pip' Malone is seventeen years old and a junior at GHS. She sometimes gets mistaken for Juno Temple and is currently RETIRED.

Pip Malone is an ever-changeing whirlwind of contradictions. Originally from Harlem, New York, the retro enthusiast simply doesn’t fit into any niche or clique. Most find it hard to communicate with her, as she is generally easy to distract. But she is in no way rude or socially inept; Pip just prefers to talk to people who catch her attention and she isn’t afraid to tell someone if they bore her.

Growing up, Pip had always been described as a ‘bright girl, with a bright future ahead of her’ as she had always been an exceptionally gifted artist. However, when Pip turned sixteen, she suddenly stopped attending most classes and making art. Now, Pip spends the majority of her time in a drug-fuelled haze while she simply watches the world go by.

She’s moving to Greensville to live with her father after her parents divorce last year. Unsurprisingly, Pip has no intentions whatsoever of starting afresh and focussing on her studies when she moves to Greensville. She just wants to carry on as she did before, happily wasting her life away.




Such an inspirational video! Pip Malone <3 you forever have my respect