pip gets estella

“I loved her against reason, against promise, against peace, against hope, against happiness, against all discouragement that could be.” Pip gets Estella
“Great Expectations”

I was quoted by some hater so I went to snoop and I saw a tweet reminding me of something pretty amusing.

The tweet was from the Emison library scene where Alison reads a quote from “Great Expectations” to Emily and then says “You’re big on happy endings and so is Dickens by the way. Pip gets Estella in the end.”

*buzzer sound* WRONG. Well, technically. At least it’s not the “big happy ending” Alison is talking about, and that takes us to that quite interesting fact.

First just a quick reminder about the characters:

Estella treats Pip like shit, Pip only admires Estella because she is beautiful and he can’t have her. Their whole relationship is based on appearances: he wants her because she is dressed fancy and she called her “common” and the guy is upset but despite her cruel ways he falls in love with her. He then works hard to become a gentleman, hoping that his raise of station will get him Estella.

Now back to the interesting fact:

There are TWO different endings to “Great Expectations”.

The original one isn’t a happy ending for the couple. Pip doesn’t get the girl at the end and more so, they meet years later and Pip is quite disappointed by Pipa. She isn’t the girl he once longed for, she got married twice and basically, he just doesn’t care. They then go their separate ways and that’s it.

And now you must be like “wtf is she talking about, that’s not right.’

WAIT. There’s more.

While checking this (I read it something like 12 years ago…) I came across an AMAZING fact.

“Great Expectations” was serialized, meaning it wasn’t out all at once but as “episodes”, and a friend of Dickens’ told him that the public would prefer it if Pip and Estella ended up together. Dickens agreed while not making the end very clear nor romantic. For example Pip says “I saw no shadow of another parting from her”, I mean that’s not really the kind of things you say when you are madly in love. You talk about light, not the absence of shadows.

So basically, Dickens and I. Marlene King have something in common, and that’s called fanservice.

We ship Emison Against reason, against promise, against peace, against hope, against happiness, against all discouragement that could be.

Are the writers just gonna completely forget all the build up and chemistry with Emison like?

“You and me in sweet Paris, how does that sound?”

“How about forever?”

“That’s why I love you. You’re big on happy endings.”

“I always made you think your feelings for me were totally one-sided, that wasn’t true. Those kisses weren’t just for practice.”

“I think about what she’d be like if she was as tough as she is beautiful.”

“Look at my mermaid. If only she knew how much power she had. She could have whoever she wants. But she’s afraid…”

“Pip gets Estella in the end.”

“You were the hardest one to leave behind.”

“I loved her against reason, against promise, against peace, against hope, against happiness, against all discouragement that could be.”

Emison is Great  Expectations asf

Emison is so perfectly and delicately crafted, the love isn’t up front and center, it’s the little things, in between scenes, that make this ship so beautiful. The Emison ship has always been there, I started rewatching PLL and let me explain what I found. Alison and Emily are just like Pip and Estella from Great Expectations. Here’s why:

Estella is stuck up and haughty when Pip first meets her at the beginning of the novel, Just like Ali. Estella tells Pip he is “simply common” While Alison rudely tells Emily “If I’m kissing you, it’s just practice, for the real thing.”

Despite this, both Pip, and our girl Emily, are immediately attracted to them. Both are able to see past the icy exterior to who really lies beneath.

Also, Like Pip, Emily continues to see and interact with Alison despite being emotionally abused and hurt.

Both Pip and Emily earn a kiss from Ali and Estella, but nothing emerges romantically.

Emily and Pip both become attracted to other girls, not as “Polished and educated”

Emily meets Alison again in New York, while Pip once again sees Estella in London.

Alison and Estella become involved with other people, leaving Pip and Emily, Jealous

Emily and Pip are crushed after finding out that Ali and Estella are married/getting married

Both Alison and Estella end up widows, and victims of domestic abuse at the hands of their late husbands.

After the aftermath of these Marriages, Pip/Estella and Ali/Emily part ways, but it seems likely that this time, they’ll end up together.

You guys, They’ve been planning this since the beginning! it’s been in front of us for years, and no one picked up on it! Alison’s message in 1x09 wasn’t just a cute line, it was foreshadowing for the future. Alison’s “Pip gets Estella in the end.” is important to the Emison timeline, Emily and Alison’s story isn’t finished yet. They will be together in the final chapter.

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