pip gets estella

here’s what we gotta discuss. as soon as ali begins saying how she really feels, emily catherine fields, who defends ali from anything, became as soft as the teddy bear she was holding in her hand. shays acting was so beautifully shown in the most subtle way here. like, imagine the amount of butterflies that would run through her stomach at the sound of alison’s voice. the intense palpitating of her strong heart as the woman she’s been in love with for more than a decade approaches her softly, touches her face and confesses her love. the speechlessness of this moment and brush of confusion and maybe fear because, could this really be happening? how many times has emily without a doubt, thought about this exact thing happening and believing it would come true?

well baby em, keep up the faith, pip truly gets estella in the end.

anonymous asked:

Hey, this may be a weird question but do you have any good dip fics you could recommend?

Boi…. Yes… Plenty…

Even in Dreams by Society’s Cavity (COMPLETE)

Darkhearted Damien has been haunting Pip’s dreams for nearly nine years, and Pip is bent on ending the nightmare. However, when the two are finally reunited in an explosive encounter, Pip realizes he needs a lot more closure than previously thought.

Stairway to Paradise by AestheticAcoustics (COMPLETE)

Damien was sick and tired of being treated like dirt by his father. He decided it was high time to hop on the bus and head out of town. Sadly, he missed the bus the first night, but it did lead him to a chance encounter with a pretty blonde who seemed to be having the same troubles and an unlikely friendship was formed. DamienPip romance or friendship.

Dearest Darling We’re Damned to Hell by EranthyaeNoire (INCOMPLETE)

To be acquainted with Damien, even briefly, could be dangerous. Pip, very soon, was going to find out the depths of that danger. Will Damien save Pip when it matters most, or will the Anti-Christ leave Pip to his death?

How the Stars Came to Be by Craigstalldaddy (COMPLETE, ALSO A FAV!!!)

It is not a tale of war, or of lovers, ill-fated or otherwise. Be it a tale of the stars, and how they came into the heavens above. Their origin be not from thy heart, or thy soul, but from the eyes of two younglings, an angel and a demon.

An English Rose Covered in Mud by princepip (INCOMPLETE)

Pip Is alone, until he meets Damien, and for a few brief months it seems that the two are going to be together forever. But when Pip is betrayed, will he be able to forgive Damien?

The Damned and Forgotten by @nightingalelost​ (a friend of mine! COMPLETE and a fav!)

Damien almost wished God could smite him down, just to get away from this idiot. Almost.

Time Unwasted also by @nightingalelost​ (COMPLETE!) 

He never once thought of it as time wasted. Song fic.

Tune Box by ToniTheTerror (COMPLETE)

Damien has a mysterious secret to show Pip. Ancient Stories of forbidden love enthralls the two magically. A tale of love between two opposites reoccurs as Damien asks Pip to dance. DAMIENxPIP // MYTHOLOGY // HELL-HEAVEN

Cornflower  by Akastuki Feather (COMPLETE)

“Does this feel fictional to you? Does this heat you feel from me actually seem unreal?” He asked, resting his head against the other boy’s shoulder. *Damien/Pip, oneshot, AU-ish*

AND FUCK THERES THIS DIP FIC ITS ON MY TOP 10 UH if anyone can help me recall it its a dip fic and Pip is getting married to Estella and it’s raining and its like I think a hotel lobby or elevator and Damien and Pip talk all night and stuff and Pip ends up marrying Estella anyways and leaves I think it had something to do with Benjamin Button?? 

Anyways, hope these help you out!!

“Great Expectations”

I was quoted by some hater so I went to snoop and I saw a tweet reminding me of something pretty amusing.

The tweet was from the Emison library scene where Alison reads a quote from “Great Expectations” to Emily and then says “You’re big on happy endings and so is Dickens by the way. Pip gets Estella in the end.”

*buzzer sound* WRONG. Well, technically. At least it’s not the “big happy ending” Alison is talking about, and that takes us to that quite interesting fact.

First just a quick reminder about the characters:

Estella treats Pip like shit, Pip only admires Estella because she is beautiful and he can’t have her. Their whole relationship is based on appearances: he wants her because she is dressed fancy and she called her “common” and the guy is upset but despite her cruel ways he falls in love with her. He then works hard to become a gentleman, hoping that his raise of station will get him Estella.

Now back to the interesting fact:

There are TWO different endings to “Great Expectations”.

The original one isn’t a happy ending for the couple. Pip doesn’t get the girl at the end and more so, they meet years later and Pip is quite disappointed by Pipa. She isn’t the girl he once longed for, she got married twice and basically, he just doesn’t care. They then go their separate ways and that’s it.

And now you must be like “wtf is she talking about, that’s not right.’

WAIT. There’s more.

While checking this (I read it something like 12 years ago…) I came across an AMAZING fact.

“Great Expectations” was serialized, meaning it wasn’t out all at once but as “episodes”, and a friend of Dickens’ told him that the public would prefer it if Pip and Estella ended up together. Dickens agreed while not making the end very clear nor romantic. For example Pip says “I saw no shadow of another parting from her”, I mean that’s not really the kind of things you say when you are madly in love. You talk about light, not the absence of shadows.

So basically, Dickens and I. Marlene King have something in common, and that’s called fanservice.