Pioneer To The Falls // Self

What is human contact? More when you aren’t human anymore… You have in your head what was be human, but now, you are like… transparent air. Richard was hidden for the entire holidays. Why? Because in some way he felt this new life wasn’t for him. For him, was hard to understand why everybody is so happy in this date. Maybe is because everybody in Huntsdale looks so young. Look. He barely can bet if they are young, or only looks young.

Alexander did his best and Marcy was a good companion for a few days, but Richard returned to his solitude. He began to feel, after travelling around the world, he has no place. And for first time, that affected deep inside. He doesn’t see himself like a romantic man, but he can deny, even when his body isn’t human, he conserves one characteristic: sensitivity.

Wasn’t depression. Was like be hidden. Save, and inside alive. Because he felt alive. Only, he felt so incapable to comunicate with others, humans or… the surprises what this town has. Maybe is only him. For first time his old friend is in a long while in the same place, and Marcy could make happy his life. And maybe other surprise is expecting to Richard. So many maybes. For that he decided to leave the silence and try to get some social interaction: in the end, that can’t kill him.