pioneers of country music

  • Mike Nesmith: songwriter, musician, singer, producer, actor, author.
  • Mike Nesmith: grew up with basically nothing.
  • Mike Nesmith: joined The Monkees while trying to support his young family.
  • Mike Nesmith: stood up for himself and the Monkees talents and fought for control over the music they were making.
  • Mike Nesmith: a pioneer of country rock music.
  • Mike Nesmith: came up with the original concept of MTV.
  • Mike Nesmith: won the first Grammy Award for (Long Form) Music Video of the Year.
  • Mike Nesmith: executive produced the cult movie 'Repo Man'.
  • Mike Nesmith: produced music videos for the likes of Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie.
  • Mike Nesmith: known as being one of the "talentless" Monkees.

Johnny Cash, 1968, hotel room, London. Johnny was in town with his wife, June; her sister; and their mother, Maybelle Carter. The Carter family was an early pioneer of folk and country music, and Johnny seemed honoured to include them in his shows. He was serious and commanding as he sat there speaking about his music and how much he appreciated the family’s support. A very respectful and humble guy who was just beginning to make his impression on the world’s stage, and what an impression he did make. This image seems like one of the giant heads of stone at Mount Rushmore carved out of bare rock. It truly should be added, as Johnny was a man made of true grit and granite. © Barrie Wentzell