pioneers life


Reading a book newly published, written by my dear friend Eleanor, and I come upon this quote:
“the regular taking hold of the pen”
and I think it is beautiful.
The words were written by Eleanor’s great-great-grandfather in the 1850s and refer to his keeping a journal. His diary entries were his means of practicing the art of writing as well as a way to record events and hold on to memories.
I love reading the journals of others, and seeing the different purposes the writing served.
To think that this man, A.J. Smith, made the time in his amazingly busy life to record his thoughts, ideas, actions, and details of his daily life inspires me. I, too, must find the time to write. His journals, now, all these years later, are being read and used to tell a larger story - they have become a tool for the historian, researcher, and writer.
Yet his story, told in words sometimes meager, often eloquent and poetic, in and of itself is important. He existed. He lived. He thought and felt emotions and did things. He wrote about it.
My own journals pile up, collect dust. What will become of them in a hundred, two hundred years?