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Mle 1886 ‘Lebel’ Rifle - “Fusil de 8mm Modèle 1886″

Designed in 1886, produced from 1887 to 1920 by MAC, MAT and MAS.
8x50mmR Lebel, 8+1+1 rounds.

Read below for everything you wanted to know about this rifle, and then more, and then even more, Jippers you didn’t need to know all that, what the fuck it’s still going, why did they keep it for this long, just let the fucking thing die already.

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A 1877 color photographic print on paper by Louis Ducos du Hauron, the foremost early French pioneer of color photography. The overlapping yellow, cyan and red subtractive color elements are apparent. from wikipedia


Happy 200th Birthday Julia Margaret Cameron
Pioneering Pre-Raphaelite/Victorian photographer.

Cameron was a controversial photographer, rebelling against what was seen as a good photograph in favour of a more ‘painterly’ approach, by breaking the mould she created some of the most beautiful images of the 19th Century. She was also the great-aunt of Virginia Woolf & Vanessa Bell.

Freddy Gould, 1866
Prince Alamayu
Beatrice Cenci (model: Kate Keown),1898
Mary Ryan, 1867
Marie Spartali, 1867-8
Julia Jackson, 1864
Thomas Carlyle, 1867