pioneer & the good love


i think that is what is really inspiring about creating art, in general, is that a billion people can paint a picture, but they can’t paint it exactly how you have painted it and exactly how you have envisioned it. - john o’callaghan


In celebration of the release of American Candy and the American Candy Tour I’ve decided to do a giveaway! I always end up with multiple copies of every The Maine album due to bundles and deluxe editions, that sort of thing. I have a full set of unopened duplicates (right) and as much as I love The Maine, I don’t need more than one set of their albums. I thought a giveaway would be a cool way to share the duplicate set with someone who will give them the love and play time they deserve.

One winner will receive an unopened copy of:

- The Way We Talk

- Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

- …And A Happy New Year

- Black & White

- Pioneer

- Pioneer & The Good Love

- Forever Halloween

- Imaginary Numbers

- Forever Halloween Deluxe

- American Candy (or an opened and signed copy, your choice)

Two additional winners will receive a single copy of American Candy, signed by all 5 members of The Maine (not currently in my possession but I will pick them up while following the tour).

Must be following me!

Each reblog and each like count as a separate entry. You may enter as many times as you want but no giveaway blogs, please!

One winner will be chosen randomly and I will contact them via ask so make sure your ask is open! If the winner doesn’t reply within 24 hours I will pick another winner. I will ship anywhere, including internationally.

Giveaway ends Friday, May 22, after the end of the American Candy tour.

Feel free to contact me with any questions! Good luck! - Brandyn

Top five non-album tracks.
  • Sometimes when you make an album the songs you pick to make that album are chosen to better fit that record. Maybe there are too many slow songs, maybe there are some songs that haven't really reached their full potential. This doesn't mean these songs are worse and less exciting than the album tracks but it's all about what works best for the album. Here are my top five non-album tracks.
  • 5. Vanilla: This song was part of the Forever Halloween B-sides. We originally wrote it at Jared's cabin during the writing session for that album. The original demo felt all over the place, the chorus and verse felt like two different songs. After sitting on the tune for a year or so we ended up bringing it into the studio with Colby Wedgeworth and turned it into the driving tune it is now. The song never really gives up.
  • 4. Last Dance: This tune we opened a few tours with over the years. It was one of the first songs we wrote for the Pioneer sessions. We've tried to record it a few different times but some songs just aren't meant to be put on tape. I think when we play it live there is a gradual tempo increase throughout the song that just doesn't feel the same when recorded. Some songs can do that, they're just better in a live setting. Still a great tune that we could pull out in a set whenever and have a great time with it.
  • 3. Inside of You(Daytrotter version): This was from the first daytrotter session we did. We really had no idea what this session was going to be like. At that point we had never done a live recording. I remember feeling a bit nervous before hand. We went in and played four tunes loud just like we do in our live set. We quickly figured out that was not really how to make daytrotter sound the best. The whole day John was messing around with this piano they had in the room. We were about to wrap up the day when John asked if we could get one take on a version of Inside of You he was toying around with. He told us all the chords really quick and how he wanted the feel of the tune to be a lot like Ryan Adam's song "The Shadowlands". We got one take at it and that is what came out. It really was one of the first times we just jammed like that. No rules just using our instinct, our ability to jam together, and our own personal feel as musicians to create something in one try.
  • 2. Ice Cave: This tune has a life of it's own, people knew it before we even thought about recording it. It's probably our best live song we've ever written. We wrote it on a farm in Gilbert, Az late at night when it was only John, Ken, and I. I played drums. We never wanted to record it because it had a special place in our live set and that's where it felt the best. People started to ask us constantly to play it live. After years of refusing to record it we finally did for the Forever Halloween B-sides. It was just a basic blues song with the energy of a dragon and my favorite tune to play live.
  • 1. Good Love: Good love changed everything for us. When we were writing for Pioneer this was the song that made us think we could record an album on our own. It was written in the most productive time of our band. Written in the same few days as Identify, Don't Give Up on Us, Jenny, and Time. Good Love seemed like the peak of the mountain top. With a bizarre song structure all leading to one of our most triumphant endings of a song we've ever put together it shined the light over Pioneer. I'll never forget listening back to the finished version of this song and just being completely covered in goosebumps. It made me realize we had something really special happening and no one could tell us not to do it. Good Love is Pioneer all wrapped up in one song. It had mood, the words, and the energy of a great tune. My only regret about this song is that it wasn't on Pioneer.

anonymous asked:

Maybe I'm being dumb here but I don't understand this pioneer/good love situation. Are they re-releasing the cd, but with some new songs? Or are the new songs already out? Or are they already out, just not in the US?

You’re not being dumb! :)
They are re-releasing Pioneer with 6 new songs and calling it Pioneer & The Good Love.
The only song that we’ve heard is Good Love but live in concert & a fifty second clip of the song. The songs aren’t out yet. They’ll be out September 11, the CD will be out as a physical copy and on iTunes, but I am not sure if on iTunes they’ll release the album September 11 for the US + other countries.
I hope that helped!