- Name: Mint Starberry
- Age: 16
- Birthday: May 13
- Height: 5,2 ft
- Weight: 115 lbs
- Specie: Neutral lvl 2 with animal features

Who is she? – Origins  
Mint is a very sweet and gentle girl (and a bit clumsy too). She is Spaicy’s best friend, knowing each other since they were little. She lives with her parents and her two sisters. The eldest, Pepper (18 years old) is an emo girl and Sugar (5 years old) is a very sweet girl, just like Mint.
Mint’s parents, Piocha and Albert Starberry, are very responsible and overprotective. They forbid their daughters to play videogames and having an atypical girl behavior. This is why, for Mint, Spaicy is an example to follow, as she is an adventurous and liberal girl, who can play videogames and do whatever she wants. Mint feels healthy envy for her. 

She doesn’t have a weapon.

Things she likes
Mint loves to make thing like crafts, drawing, writing stories, playing videogames, yaoi, watching cartoons, pastries, animals, nature and grabbing her friend’s butts when in confidence.

Things she doesn’t like
Mint doesn’t like spiders, homophobes, injustice and spicy food. 

Her current goal
Her current goal is to work to help her family, write a romance novel and be happy every day.