Emrinn Evenlight, priestess of a fallen house, widow, wife, and mother. High elf resident of Dalaran, Wrath of the Lich King era.

Even so many years after losing the Sunwell and her home, the burns inflicted by shadow magic still haven’t faded. Perhaps they stay because Emrinn herself can’t let go. 

She wears a veil to diffuse the light shining upon her face, and hopefully, hide the scars. 


Hey Pinx ;W; I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday >W<!! I hope you have a great day today, and I hope you have a rockin time on your mini vacation <3!!

I’m sorry I don’t have something to give you today ;w; But soon <3 I have the trades I owe you, and your birthday gift in the works still >W<! You rock, and I hope you know what a sweet, honest, and wonderful person you are! May your day be freaking amazing like you are <3!!!
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Just in time to celebrate the lovely pinxiedust‘s birthday, here is a piece for her original character, the Night Elf Kistra! Here’s a little description of the character provided by her lovely creator:

“Kistra’s entire theme is that she is emotionally exhausted, but over the course of the story, she becomes tired of living that way. She tries to seek out friendships, just any kind of companionship that might put the light back in her eyes, and she makes a lot of mistakes because she functions a little bit oddly compared to the normal elves. She’s got many anxieties, has a fear of dark water and oceans, and is fond of mobiles and shiny baubles. She lives with a wisp that sort of reminds her to take care of herself and wards off the phantoms that haunt her. She’s much, much older than she looks, and prefers to keep people at a distance until she is sure that they are safe. She is a healer, a priestess…and all that, and very soft and subtle in literally everything she does. She comes and goes like the wind.”

The work focuses on only a select amount of sounds and instruments, those being strings, piano, celesta, harp, choir, and percussion in order to get the soft sound that I think best represents the character.

Thanks so much, pinxiedust, for sharing Kistra with me and allowing me the chance to write something for her, and I wish you the happiest of birthdays! :D

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Pinxiedust here, showing you one of my most important airbrush techniques! In GIF form!  This is an extremely rough sketch made -just- for this demonstration. 

Working fast is perfect for when you have an idea but not enough stamina to sit down for a 6-hour art session. Every color was worked on the same layer – lines are set to “shade”, and the sparkles and eyes are luminosity. By coloring everything else on one layer, your blending potential is greatly increased! You’ll get some very pretty effects if you do it this way, and it really doesn’t take that much effort at all!

Gwenya Rants About Harassment and Bullying for the Thousandth Time

I tried to reblog this post about bullying and whatnot from @percy-dewdancer, with some additional text by @pinxiedust , but I think I’m blocked, so I can’t reblog it. I’ll instead add a bit on the topic here. Please, go and read it, it’s pretty good. I’ve said this before, over and over, for nearly two years now, but I guess I gotta keep saying it.

The people in this community that harass others, bully others, use their influence over others, attack, troll, harm, threaten, and ruin the community by their actions, are not shadowy loners hiding behind anonymity on niche secret blogs. They’re the people standing beside you in-game, at the top of the podium at speeches, their names are on people’s lips, and their guilds are well known. They’re not outcasts; they’re accepted. They’re celebrated.

When we think of people like that we never understand just how accepted it is to do what they do. Last year when I approached some notable, respected people in the community with what some had done. Do you think it went well?

How about a guild leader telling my friend to kill herself? Do you think people cared?

And when called out, their names posted, logs provided, do you think anyone gave half a shit?

No. Nobody cares.

When you’re raging against some unknown outcast troll, everybody is willing to take up arms and scream until their face turns blue. It’s meaningless. No change will be made, the perpetrators will not face consequences, and the community will continue to suffer in silence. That’s what yelling at nothing does; it accomplishes nothing.

Put a face to it, a name, and it’s bound to be someone’s friend, someone’s guildmate or leader, someone’s partner, and all hell is not going to break on them. It’s going to be on the accuser. How dare they start drama with this ridiculous callout post? These lies are just bullshit mean girls pettiness! So what if she told her to kill herself? It was a joke! Who cares if he doxed her and told her she deserved to be raped to death, it’s funny! You’re just a drama-monger!

People are bastards. Tribalism beats out over every other form of thinking, with reason taking a backseat to every form of prejudice and idiocy one can name. Maybe I’m cynical, but then, I’ve seen absolutely nothing in my two years of playing on WrA to make me think any better of it. I stick to myself. I won’t even RP with the guild I’m in mainly because I know I’ll either be kicked, forced to leave, or alienated because of the popular loving inclusive amazing pillars of our community and their need to control everything. And if I’m not? The guild’s prize is putting up with the depressing minefield of caution I’ve become due to this treatment.

Yeah, I’m pretty salty. I’ve had a lot of friends run out of WrA because of them. I’ve heard so many horror stories, seen so many abandoned plots, and been on the receiving end of so much hell, that I just can’t stay calm about it. Maybe if they were all just who-cares nobody randoms in a small clique. Not the most influential crowd on the server (ally side at least). Hypocrites anger me more than, perhaps, any other type of person. I can at least respect an asshole who sticks to their guns and holds their head high. I can’t respect someone that claims to be amazing and perfect and then turns around and tries to be Satan in their spare time.

Nobody wants to hear this. It doesn’t fit the picture others want to frame. I’ll get a lot of hate for posting this, which is ironic, but I’m not replying to any of it. All the asks I get referencing it are going in the trash. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been told to kill myself, so I guess I’m due for it to continue.

I’ve posted, essentially, this exact same rant over and over again. Every time another person is run out of WrA, or commits suicide, or disappears due to their treatment, I remind others of why it happens. Not because of a few unconnected, unpopular assholes. It’s because of the big ones.

I don’t know why people even need to wonder why I stopped writing so many stories and RPing in Stormwind. It’s hard to want to when your biggest response is always “fuck off and die”.

Someday I wish people would learn to just not be douchebags instead of trying their damnedest to be and then pretending their bullshit smells nice when some unfortunate soul suffers the most from it. 99.99% of the world manages to go through life without being colossal fuckwits. It’s that 0.01% that continously lowers the bar for what acceptable human behavior means by surprising life with the span of their fuckwittedness.

The Gravekeep
  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Recently Resurrected Forsaken Construct
  • Height: 5′ 6″
  • Eye Color: Lantern Yellow
  • Hair Color: Shadow Violet

The Facts -

  • Birthday: Unknown
    Occupation: Gravekeeper of the Ruins of Lordaeron
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Criminal History:  Being Undead
    Documented: See Above
    Undocumented: See Above
  • Relationship Status: Devoted to the Grave

Favorites –

  • Favorite food: Her own tea
  • Favorite drink: Tea!
  • Favorite artist: Unknown
  • Favorite scents:Tea?
  • Favorite person: Anyone that comes to sit for tea

Randoms –

Ten facts about your muse:

⚫ The Gravekeep is of Gilnean descent. Her accent is traditional and mildly intact, even if the rest of her really isn’t so much.

⚫  ‘Anna’ is all she is known by, called this fondly by an Undead Baron in the Ghostlands responsible for her resurrection.

⚫ The Gravekeep is the discarded remains of a certain Warlock’s previous existence after a failed experiment with Sha energies. 

⚫ Anna is a soulless husk, but likely one of the nicest soulless husks you’ll ever meet! She is a devoted overseer to putting the dead to rest or resurrecting them in the Dark Lady’s name by request to live out lives they feel were cut too short.

⚫ Bound strongly to the Lost of Lordaeron, the Gravekeep often can see and hear through those in her local vicinity. Sometimes she is able to stay connected to those that are taken as ‘pets’ for a withering amount of time, learning a little more about Azeroth this way.

⚫ The Gravekeep is bound much like a roaming spirit to the Ruins of Lordaeron and Tirasfal, as is her power over the dead as a necromancer. It is assumed her sway over the stray dead she collects would not be as powerful were she released from her haunt to see the rest of Azeroth.

⚫ Anna loves music, especially that created by unnatural sources which persist through death. She can sing notably herself, and has often been mistaken for one of Lady Sylvanas’ banshees, albeit granted form. Her haunting melodies have a calming, entrancing effect on Undead in particular, calling them to her. It is often how she pulls visitors to her when particularly lonely.

⚫ As a Necromancer, the Gravekeep’s focus is in the repair of physiology of Undead, as such an effective healer.

⚫ The Keeper often allows herself to become a target of possession in the effort to help a ghost, though she is entirely capable of ejecting them of her own will. A part of the possessor’s essence is often left to her in their passing, a gift of humanity given to better understand those she puts to rest.

⚫ Anna’s weapon of choice is a simple shovel, enchanted with Necromantic runic power. 

Five Things

Things they like:

  • Tea and Tea Sets
  • Gravestones, Monuments and Statues
  • Assisting the Undead
  • Haunting Music
  • The Randomnosity of Visitors

Things they dislike:

  • Being buried alive/conscience
  • The destruction of her work around the Ruins
  • Being attacked by the living
  • Seeing her innocent ghostlings be mistreated
  • Uncouth profanity

Good traits/habits:

  • Cheery
  • Helpful
  • Amiable
  • Creative
  • Gentle

Bad traits/habits:

  • Naive
  • Morally Ambiguous
  • Too trusting
  • Obsessive-Compulsive
  • Prone to losing body parts

Personalities they gravitate toward:

  • The Lost
  • Survivors
  • Mysterious
  • Outside-the-box
  • Any with a respect for the grave

Personality types they avoid:

  • Religious zealots
  • Needlessly Violent
  • Bullies
  • Lecherous
  • Disrespectful


  • Being buried while conscious
  • Her lost memories
  • Being abandoned
  • Having no purpose
  • Rejection

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