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I just love your blog. No one in my family can cook beyond very bland basics, so I've had to teach myself everything (including just basic spice usage), and magazines/books often leave out the important hints that can make or break a dish. Thank you for making a nice gathering place for recipes and helpful individuals to aid people like me <3

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It’s not art, but it’s something I am personally invested in: me! 

I bought a new curling iron and some expensive conditioner yesterday, so I dressed up today to make myself feel extra pretty <3 Lower right photo features my adorable (he’s evil, don’t let him fool you) cockatiel, Cricket. He loves the camera, and always makes a ham of himself when I have it on.

Just in time to celebrate the lovely pinxiedust‘s birthday, here is a piece for her original character, the Night Elf Kistra! Here’s a little description of the character provided by her lovely creator:

“Kistra’s entire theme is that she is emotionally exhausted, but over the course of the story, she becomes tired of living that way. She tries to seek out friendships, just any kind of companionship that might put the light back in her eyes, and she makes a lot of mistakes because she functions a little bit oddly compared to the normal elves. She’s got many anxieties, has a fear of dark water and oceans, and is fond of mobiles and shiny baubles. She lives with a wisp that sort of reminds her to take care of herself and wards off the phantoms that haunt her. She’s much, much older than she looks, and prefers to keep people at a distance until she is sure that they are safe. She is a healer, a priestess…and all that, and very soft and subtle in literally everything she does. She comes and goes like the wind.”

The work focuses on only a select amount of sounds and instruments, those being strings, piano, celesta, harp, choir, and percussion in order to get the soft sound that I think best represents the character.

Thanks so much, pinxiedust, for sharing Kistra with me and allowing me the chance to write something for her, and I wish you the happiest of birthdays! :D
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Happy 2015, everyone!  It’s finally time – time to start anew, time to grow our minds and hearts, and time to stretch our limits…or define new ones!

2014 was my first year doing commissions with any real success.  I have had ENORMOUS amounts of support, and let me tell you, I absolutely adore each and every one of you who has liked, reblogged, commissioned or advertised/endorsed my art.  You’ve all helped me build a name for myself – an identity I can keep, and regular demand keeps me building my skill.

For 2015, I have a dream of being even better, delivering more content, and making my deliveries in general shine that much brighter.  One way that I can do this is through the system known as Patreon.  It allows me to release rewards based on a tier system of support.  It’s a monthly subscription kind of thing, meaning the idea is to have patrons pledge a recurring amount to help me move towards success.  There are all kinds of options, and everything helps.  Everything.

I thought many months about this, and I declined several times due to possible implications…but I have seen such success and happiness for creators who really needed the help that I have decided to try.

So let me get this out of the way right now.  I’d be honored to have your support!  Options exist to donate as little as $1 a month.  

Next, I have a $3 tier and a $5 tier, and from there is a $10 tier.  I also have two slots for guaranteed portrait commissions every month, and (currently) one half-body slot.  

Exclusive content begins at $5, but the $1 and $3 tiers will see increased volume of WIPs and cute doodles that tumblr won’t.  I’ve got fun things planned like voting on a WoW race to see drawn every month (exclusive to Patreon save for 1 or 2 to advertise with), and race/class DESIGNS where I flex my creative muscle!  

All of my current work will stay the same. 

All commissions I draw will remain free to view by everyone. It’s very important to me that what got me to this point remains in reach by the people who helped me get there, so just because I’m launching a Patreon, that doesn’t mean I’m going to pull the plug on anything I’m doing right now.  I couldn’t.

Please check it out!  It would mean so much to me, and could help me get over some hurdles as I work towards making art my job.

If you’re new here, or aren’t sure what kind of artwork I do, you can find all of my artwork on my art tag or on my art-only blog.