I finally made a Hair Tutorial for yall! Unfortunately I was extremely awkward but hey, I will do better next time. We are all learning, right!? ENJOY, DOLLS! <3 (Please watch in 720p!)

Pin-Curl Hair Tutorial using a Curling Iron: Rita Hayworth Inspired (by Kari Devereaux)

Great story about my house: during the Civil War, a woman had two sons, one that fought for the North, and one for the South. When the Rebels came, they told her they were going to burn her house down. “No, please!” she begged, “I have a son that fights in your army.”  The Rebs took pity, and left without burning the house. When the Yankees came, they told the woman they were going to have to burn her house, to deny its use to the enemy. “No, please,” she said once again, “I have a son that fights in your army.” The Yankees too left without torching her home.  The woman and her house survived the war. Not sure whether her sons did or not.


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