Does my arse look too large in this dress?

When you shine from within,
it doesn’t matter what you wear.

An un-edited (RAW) image from Richard Alexander. Model is yours truly, pin-up Christina Michelle.

What’s cooking, good looking?

Behind the scenes with Mitzi & co and Adorabella Christina. Wearing Rocksteady and Mitzi’s vintage flare. Hair and make-up by Fiona.

Gloves are a really cool accessory, especially if you’ve been too busy to get to the nail salon!

With Scotty Boy’s chopped 51’ Chevy. If you’re wondering what the bulge is on my thigh, that’s my switch blade hidden in my garter. Don’t be fooled by my cute exterior, I will cut you.

Behind the scenes on the salt flats for Bonneville Speed Week with Mitzi&co. I’m feeling the need for speed: breaking records, bitch!

Mooneyed sailor moon pin-up Christina Michelle at the Mooneyes BBQ! Captured by Carlos Gomez ontop of Gary Reid’s BUBBLE CORVETTE! F YA!

Feeling nostalgic. Please enjoy my photo collage with music “Dark Night” as performed by ‘The Blasters’.