pinup legs

Another dump of Aubrey sketches, and a brief profile!

Born an only child in Essex, England, Aubrey has been used to getting things her own way, and is rather spoiled and stubborn, even if she’s a generally well meaning person. She likes to project an image of self confidence, but is deep down very self conscious, but despite this, she always sticks up for herself. She’s generally very unambitious and has a short attention span, but can be very enthusiastic and energetic when in specific circumstances. Aubrey is currently attending classes at a University in Essex and lives on campus with her roommate, Elise. On her first day of a newly acquired lifeguard job, Aubrey is captured by invading pirates and soon discovers a new world of interesting and equally frightening characters. What dangers await Aubrey on the seas?  Find out in Sea Legs, coming soon(I hope)!

Stay tuned for more Sea Legs stuff soon!

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