pinup friday

So I started play Friday the 13th: The Game recently and I’ve been having a blast with it.  Had to draw my favorite camp counselor in her Spring Break ‘84 swimsuit.

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Pinup piñata!! 


The idea for this illustration is based on the gift of my good friend Andrew Hickinbottom who made me an incredible drawing of a bunny hitting a piñata and I decided to make my own interpretation of this because I really liked the idea of a bunny piñata I Hope you like it, especially you Andrew 


Fun story, when you are setting up a tripod in a gazebo, people will assume you know things about said gazebo and start asking you questions about it.

👊 Riddle’s Snowkura Cosplay Commission! 👊

It’s been a long time! Sorry for disappearing for a little while there everyone. This is one of the last commissions I did before I went missing - and was done for the amazing cosplayer Riki “Riddle” Lecoy whom I met at a convention earlier this year! It features her own Sakura/Snow White mashup, kickin princess butt~~

(You can find her amazing stuff here:

Now! Where have I been and what’s been going on?!
Just when I thought I had a handle on the freelance work I had just started getting into full-time, it came at me full force and left me too busy to do personal stuff for a spell.

But! It’s gotten better once again (and I hope I can keep it this way), and I have since been working on a bunch of original characters, and put lots of thought into a universe for said characters that I now can’t wait to explore and draw the heck out of.

So, maybe as soon as in a couple days time - I’ll be making some changes to this tumblr, and expanding it so I don’t just do these fan art pin-ups, but also do a lot of original art too.

Stay tuned! And I just want to say as well, to everyone who’s stuck around (seems like, the numbers have grown in fact!), thank you so so much and I will bring more artwork to the table once again!! <3