pinup for dangerous girls

Welcome to Pinup For Dangerous Girls!

Hello everyone!

My name is Suzie, and this is my new blog I’ve created called “Pinup For Dangerous Girls." 

A few months ago when I graduated college, I dedicated myself to completely overhauling my wardrobe. I had a lot of grungy, hipster clothes that totally had a place on my liberal arts campus, but wouldn’t in my professional life. 

I had always admired the fashions of the 50’s and 60’s, so I started following wonderful pinup models on Tumblr and Youtube to gain inspiration from them.

The problem was, many of these models looked nothing like me. I am plus size (US 22), multiracial, tattooed, pierced - you name it. To put myself out in the world as a beautiful person would be dangerous for so many reasons. So many people would reject me and make fun of me.

For a long time, I got down on myself about these things. How could I ever look like Joan Holloway if I wasn’t white and "pleasantly” curvy? How could I ever dress classically if I didn’t have hours to do my hair and make up?

The answer is…I just did. 

I started by donating a lot of my old clothes and keeping pieces that were versatile, classic and simple. Or just plain cute or pretty. Eventually, dressing in a semi-casual pin up style came naturally to me. I watched tutorials online to speed up my makeup process, and while I never totally figured out how to do my hair, I’m learning along the way.

Now, even if I might be dangerous, I’m a dangerous pinup girl. And to be completely honest - it’s fucking awesome.

Even if you aren’t crazy about dressing in pinup style, you should still feel wonderful and beautiful every day. We all should. So no matter what race you are; whether you have a penis, vagina, both or neither; and no matter HOW you identify yourself in this world, you can come here and feel pretty for as long as you’d like.

Come feel lovely and learn with me <3