pinup dress


DRESS: 1950s Vintage
BAG: Vintage Capelli Straworld
SHOES: Charm Foot
SHAPEWEAR: Maidenform

Wore my hair straight the past week after not touching it with heat for over a year! It was nice, but my natural hair combined with the heat/humidity fought through it. It was nice to feel my hair down my back but honestly it’s better not running around worrying about water messing up my hair. 

I feel just about ready to go on a summer picnic! Straw bags are my favorite next to novelty bags, i’m very picky with purses. I love the cherry + gingham motif. Larme-kei has really inspired me the past few months and I’m hoping to build a small section in my wardrobe for it. 

Also I was always wondering how those 50s/60s models got such tiny waists with smooth lines and it finally came to me: shapewear! I got a couple pieces and man does it class up a garment. Not long ago I also bought a corset and am hoping to tightlace down to 22inches. Sounds crazy right? There’s a lot of misconception about corsets, I plan on writing more about it. 



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