Bar Gorriti | Los Mejores Croquetas

This was one of the first bars we entered on our pintxo crawl. The best bite by far were the croquetas - they had the most ethereally light yet substantive filling. Think of the fluffiest mashed potatoes you’ve ever had and this is better (lighter) than that. Apparently, it is filled with a béchamel (so no potato at all!) and fried off. The contrast of the lightly crisp exterior with that béchamel filling is what makes the croquets at this place sing.

Pintxos: The Flavors Of Spain, On A Toothpick

Pintxos embody everything I love about food: beauty, flavor, imagination, fresh ingredients and community. You do not eat pintxos alone. You eat them in a bar filled with people just off work, hungry and eager to share the day’s gossip. You eat pintxos with friends or new acquaintances, following the traditions of txikiteo (pronounced chee-kee-tay-oh), a pintxo pub crawl, eating one or two pintxos in each bar and paying by toothpick on the way out (each toothpick representing one pintxo) before moving to the next destination. In pintxo bars, plates of these skewered delicacies, croquettes, small sandwiches or montaditos (miniature, open-faced sandwiches) are organized on bar tops, so diners can revisit the counter every few minutes to choose a new bite, return to their tables to indulge, sip beer or txakoli (a sparkling Basque wine), count toothpicks and move on.

-Eve Turow

Farewell, Txori...

Very sad… they were out of the galician octopus too :(

Serrano ham wrapped around potato omelete

Egg over salted cod and potato mousse on a baguette

Braised oxtail tartlet over potato and onion

Ham over spiced bread

Serrano ham bocadillo with alioli

Chocolate cake, flan, goat cheese cake, and quince tart

I’m gonna miss it!